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I let my work do the talking; it's part of why open source has always been appealing.

Through sheer dumb luck I've come to specialize in bug fixing and polishing existing code, be it scheduling daemons, video card drivers, or game engines. I often strive more as a fixer than creator.

I'm good at what I do. When my abilities fall short, though, I will be the first to admit it.


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Application Developer
AMEC Training & Development

June 2012 – Current

  • Develop the next version of AMEC's training management suite from the ground up.

  • Provide on-going upgrades and maintenance for existing tools and services.

Software Engineer
Pirahna Games

July 2010 – November 2011

** Duke Nukem Forever **

  • Single player gameplay, primarily AI
  • Optimization
  • Rendering
  • Physics
  • Xbox 360 specific memory and performance issues
  • Front-end UI, primarily localization related

** Days of Thunder: Arcade, Days of Thunder: NASCAR **

  • Gameplay, primarily racing rules
  • AI
  • Rendering
  • General crash fixes
  • Taking on bugs in other areas whenever needed

Web Services Back-end Specialist
EQO Communications

January 2007 – November 2008

Primarily responsible for what was dubbed the "SMS Router" service (including design, implementation, and on-going maintenance), but had my hands in all aspects of the server-side applications.

SMS Related

  • Designed, implemented, and maintained an in-house multi-provider SMS delivery system for minimizing costs associated with sending SMS all over the world. Implemented in PHP, with MySQL backing.
  • Aid colleagues with anything and everything SMS related, from international calling code conventions to figuring out why delivery was failing for certain customers
  • Implement support for new SMS providers as needed; everything from interfacing with SOAP APIs to simple HTTP interfaces to SMPP servers
  • Understand and make use of SMPP, WML, WAP push, etc
  • Created a SMPP client implementation in PHP
  • Was drafting a new, RESTful system to further enhance the SMS delivery stack when EQO was dissolved

Proprietary Protocol Analysis Tool

  • Developed a small tool to analyze and debug communication done using a in-house proprietary protocol
  • Used Boost Spirit to provide a simple scripting interface
  • Tool was eventually taken up by QA team and used as the core for heartbeat monitoring and conformance testing toolsets

Photo Sharing Service

  • Built the back-end component driving EQO's photo sharing capability, which communicated with Amazon S3

Other Roles

  • Overhauled the task dispatcher daemon used by certain server side components, significantly reducing LoC while simultaneously eliminating several critical bugs
  • Helped to expand the scope of in-house Perl reporting software; required writing complex, highly optimized SQL queries
  • Brief stint with Facebook development as part of an evaluation process on whether full-fledged Facebook support was something desirable for EQO; EBML, Facebook Connect, etc. While on the task, contributed a major patch to pyfacebook to improve its core implementation.

Server Developer
Mantle Software Corporation

December 2009 – May 2010

Brought on the team to handle server-side development of a networked thin-client kiosk entertainment architecture. Primarily responsible for implementing new features on the server application driving the system leading up to first deployment.

  • Brought 64-bit compatibility to the in-house network library which has previously been developed for and tested on 32-bit systems exclusively
  • Updated database backend to use transactions to increase robustness of record keeping and the system in general
  • Performed general clean up of build scripts to better handle diverse environments

Research Assistant

May 2005 – December 2005

  • Advised web team on usability and accessibility
  • Performed technical, comparative evaluations of applications and technologies for potential integration
  • Provided support for users over email


B.S. Computing Science and Linguistics
Simon Fraser University

2003 – 2009

My degree is for an undergraduate programme, but I also took a number of graduate level courses, both in Computing Science and Linguistics.

And, instead of pursuing web programming like a majority of my classmates for a 4th year course, I chose to learn that on my own and pursue things like Computer Music and Multi-core Systems.

Also graduated while on Dean's Honor Roll.

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Projects and links

poit: Simple, Personal OpenID Server: Open source project I started because I wanted a very simple OpenID server that could deal with self-signed SSL Certificates

zabuton: CouchDB view server for Python: Needed to be able to access Python from CouchDB, but wasn't happy with what was available. So, I built my own. As natural to use as writing straight Python code.

xf86-video-radeonhd: X11 video card driver for AMD RadeonHD series of GPUs. I am one of the primary contributers with commit permission.

Latitude/Longitude to UTM/MGRS Converter: Toy site built while learning Google Maps API, GIS basics, and jQuery