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Last seen on Jun 30, 2013

Hamed Al-Khabaz

Montreal, QC, Canada

Currently CEO & Full Stack Developer at Outpost (

There's two sides of me:
- Sometimes I'm feeling creative, and just ship like crazy
- And sometimes, I like to take it slow and have my code look sexy, minimalistic, simple and well documented.

I write JavaScript on a daily basis.



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CEO & Full Stack Developer, Outpost (

April 2013 - Current

Outpost is an online platform that aggregates all Share Economy information. Outpost provides consumers access and discovery of Share Economy information and providers the opportunity for lucrative marketing and distribution partnerships. For users, Outpost organizes information by location, functionality and price. For Share Economy providers, Outpost delivers a turn-key solution to increase visibility and acquire new customers at low cost.

  • Develop the whole product, from design to back-end
  • Manage a small team and divide work appropriatly
  • Market the product and iterate through user feedback
  • Always doing what the user wants
  • Meet and connect with mentors and investors

Freelance Web Development, Lance Mon Site (

January 2009 - December 2012

Why ?

Everyone who has a clue on webdev starts this very young. For me, it was near 17 year old when I decided to make what I like into liquidated assets.


  • Prototype, Design, Implement from scratch original layouts into CMS.
  • Adapt to existing site and being ready to edit from it.
  • Properly commented code for future update upon customer request.
  • Cross browser madness.
  • Able to code custom back-end code in PHP for Wordpress and Joomla.

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Apps & Software

DotA 2 Match Ticker

To help DotA2 players follow the competitive scene more properly. I made it in a browser extension version for fast access and a web/mobile version. Over 25000 total active users and 50k pageviews per day!

I used twitter bootstrap for the front-end and communicated with my own server to deliver fast parsed html. Back-end is done with php with the help of cronjobs to scrap data from websites without a RESTful API.

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Developing Backbone.js Applications

I was already doing some MVC with php in Joomla's CMS. I wanted to go further with javascript MV* which is bit more different. I learned how backbone.js is not a framework but rather a library of utilities and MVC is imposed on the developer. Developed my MVC skills and understanding.

jQuery: Novice to Ninja


Novice to Ninja

Earle Castledine, Craig Sharkie

After self-teaching my self javascript (previous programing language from Java, so it was easier), I knew that I wanted to be a web developer because of the flexibility that the web offers. I learned how to use CSS3 selectors to do most simple DOM manipulation. As I read, I became a jQuery ninja. I was mastering the art of DOM manipulation and AJAX along with XML/JSON with sweet front-end animations.

Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Objects (4th Edition)

Starting Out with Java

From Control Structures through Objects

Tony Gaddis

I was using this book while I was in college for most of my reference. Read through it all or almost. OOP and GUI along with messing around with the Java API. Learned most boring stuff, which helped me a lot to get me where I am today.

The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life

The 4-Hour Chef

The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life

Timothy Ferriss

This book is one of the most influential. Although not a programming book, this book taught me to how to learn, improve my words per minute, speed reading, remembering tricks and how to live the alpha-life.

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