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Paris, Ile-de-France France

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Currently Development Architect at Softeam: contractor at HSBC GBM Paris.

I have always been involved with Development Support, dealing with various tools, IDEs and frameworks for many years. (The term "Development Architect" is explained here)

My goal is to be in direct contact with Developers, helping them managing the complexity of their projects through:

  • CM: Change Management system (requests, changes, incidents)
  • SCM: Software Configuration Management, including various Version Control Systems tools
  • RM: Release Management (schedulers, builders, deployment)

As a support guy, Stack Overflow was a natural fit, from its very beginning.



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Development Architect, Softeam: contractor at HSBC GBM Paris

October 2014 - Current

Same client (HSBC GBM - Global Banking Market), different transversal team: Core Services for Equity Derivatives.

I am still acting as the French correspondant of an English team, and I am putting in place the continuous integration platform for all Equity Derivatives. It involves Jenkins and Nexus (to publish the deliveries builts by Jenkins jobs), both for Java and C++ projects.

Development Architect, Softeam: contractor at HSBC GBM Paris

April 2013 - September 2014

HSBC GBM Paris is part of the investment bank (Global Banking & Markets) of HSBC.
My team (see previous experience) has been reassigned to ITO (Information Technology Operations).
I am still the French correspondent for that team, managed by the global department of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), and under the local supervision of GBM Paris ITO team.

I am studying the deployment and usage of a DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) like Git, with links to RTC - Rational Team Concert, both for HSBC developers and for external third-party collaboration.
This study is based on the general presentation I gave at "CodeKen 2011 - DVCS in BIG CORPORATION (YouTube)" (slides at, session mentioned at lanyrd).

It involves being compliant with ISR (Internet Security Review) recommendations. It also required patching Apache Http 2.4.x (See

Development Architect, Softeam: contractor at HSBC GBM Paris

August 2011 - March 2013

HSBC GBM Paris is part of the investment bank (Global Banking & Markets) of HSBC.
I am the French correspondent of the IT Quality GBM department, managed from HSBC London. I work with the IT Quality team of GBM Paris.

I am studying the transition from SVN-ClearCase to IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) in order to integrate in one tool various development aspects (from requirements to source code versioning to build, test, and releases).
That will help the development and release process, but also legal obligations like SOX audits.

Development Architect, Softeam: contractor at SGCIB ITEC

January 2010 - July 2011

I helped defining and implementing a common development platform on centralized servers (Solaris and Linux), used by the various teams within the ITEC (IT support department) of the SGCIB (Investment Banking) of Société Générale.
Compared to my previous experience, this was a transversal role for all ITEC teams, not just GEDS, and included support and services for Bengalore teams as well.

The global development platform was composed of:

I introduced Git (a DVCS) and made it compliant with the high security standard of a large corporation (see this SO answer for general details)

Development Architect, Softeam: contractor at SGCIB ITEC/GEDS

January 2007 - December 2009

I managed versioning tools (ClearCase and SVN) for the GEDS: Global Equities Derivative Solution department of the ITEC (IT support) team in SGCIB (Investment Banking) of Société Générale.
Compared to my previous experience, this was a transversal role for all GEDS teams, not just the IDEA program.

I validated and regularly tested the DRP (Disastry Recovery Plan) for ClearCase.

I also supported the Java development environment, helping with Eclipse settings and plugins environments.
I validated on that IDE various static code analysis tools settings, like Findbugs, PMD and Checkstyle.

Development Architect, Softeam: contractor at SGCIB ITEC/GEDS/DAI

February 2002 - December 2006

I helped define the development environment for a large refactoring project called "IDEA" (middle & bac-office IS for derivative product), within the ITEC (IT support) department of GEDS: Global Equities Derivative Solution department of the ITEC (IT support) team in SGCIB (Investment Banking) of [Société Générale].

I introduced Eclipse, and installed Rational ClearCase, rapidly moving from base ClearCase to UCM (Unified Change Management).

I developed a Java library for wrapping all cleartool (ClearCase API) calls and helping make complex scripts for ClearCase.

Technical Architect, Softeam: contractor at BNP-Paribas

March 2001 - January 2002

(IT support department of BNPParisbas bank.

I was studying/validating various web portal solution and EC products, including Hummingbird EIP.

Technical Architect, Softeam: contractor at CCF-HSBC

January 2000 - February 2001

IS Direction department of CCF (just bought by HSBC)

I was studying the communication bus based on MQ Series, developped in C++.
I made several evolutions, as well as a Java interface based on JNI.

Developer, Softeam: contractor at BNP

January 1999 - December 1999

I was in the Investment Banking department of BNP

I introduced UML through Rational Rose, and developed in C++ a data translation engine between market products data and internal BNP format.

I also introduced Java, and used for the internal format XML, based on the Xalan parser.

Developer, Altran: contractor at Thomson TCC

January 1997 - December 1998

Part of the development team of SICF, a cartography-based application for military deployment on the field, described in this article "Armies Pursue the Digital Dream", at the "France" section.
SICF ("Systemes d'Information pour le Commandement des Forces" or "Information System for Force Command") was realized by Thomson CSF.

I discovered the importance of minimizing the inter-dependencies and the use of modelization (first version of Rational Rose) on such a large project.

Officer in charge of Computer Cell at 3d Corp HQ, French Army

January 1995 - December 1996

Officer (Aspirant, then Second Lieutenant) in charge of the Computer Cell in the logistic section of the 3rd Corp HQ at Lille.

I realized with a team of 3 to 5 people an road trip panning software for editing time sheet with start, stops and arrival times.
I tested and deployed that application during two short trips in Kiseljak in the Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) HQ of IFOR.

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Diploma of advanced studies in computer sciences AND bachelor engineer from ESIAL, ESIAL - Nancy

1991 - 1994

ESIAL (college of engineering in Computer Science in Nancy) being within an university campus, I passed both degrees (Diploma of advanced studies and bachelor of Engineering) during my fifth year after the Baccalauréat.

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GitHub, Jun 2011; followed by 2 people; forked 2 times

simple xsbt project to be cloned and customized

Main contributor, for small Scala projects and tests at home.


GitHub, Jun 2011 - Current; followed by 18 people; forked 7 times

Download sources, configure, build and install usual libs and apps on Linux and Solaris

Main contributor.


GitHub, May 2010 - Jul 2011

Add custom environment PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH: standalone, souped-up (started with per-branch permissions as the only extra feature, now lots more), version of gitosis. In perl. NOTE 1: ALL branches except master are subject to rebase/rewind. NOTE 2: See the "Wiki" link above if you need help

Observer, tweak depending on new Gitolite evolutions.


GitHub, Apr 2009 - May 2010; followed by 4 people


Support, Help Gilles Philippart with his implementation of TCC.
I help him on Stackoverflow too!

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Why do large IT projects tend to fail or have big cost/schedule overruns?

Programmers - Stack Exchange

The main reason is an increase in scope, which the book "The Pragmatic Programmer" describes as:

  • feature bloats
  • creeping featurism
  • requirement creep

word choice - "Geek" vs. "Nerd"

English Language and Usage - Stack Exchange

The most probable term would be "geek", as in "computer geek" (roughly "computer whiz"). ...

What is the fascination with code metrics?

Stack Overflow

The answers in this thread are kind of odd as they speak of:

  • "the team", like "the one and only beneficiary" of those said metrics;
  • "the metrics", like they mean anything in themselves.


  1. Metrics is not for one population, but for three
  2. Metrics, by themselves, represent a snapshot of the code, and that means... nothing!

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Programming in Scala: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide, 2nd Edition

Programming in Scala

A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide, 2nd Edition

Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon, Bill Venners

I am learning Scala, both through this book, and by answering Scala questions on SO.

Pro Git (Expert's Voice in Software Development)

Pro Git


I literary learned about DVCS and Git through Stack Overflow, by answering many questions on Git.

This book helped me to consolidate the notions I was using in my SO answers, and to illustrate them efficiently (like this filter manager answer).

Eiffel : The Language (Prentice Hall Object-Oriented Series)


The Language

Bertrand Meyer

This is where I come from. I was introduced to OOP with Eiffel, back in 1991!


Sinclair ZX80