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I'm an independent software consultant specialized in managing small development teams, while still actively taking part of the daily coding tasks.

My recent experience includes the development of high performance, low latency Web services, complex database applications, cross-platform desktop applications (Windows, Mac OS-X, Linux) and all kind of related system integration tasks.

Motto: Doing things the right way is equally important as doing them in time.


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Quality Engineer

2012 – Current

Software Development Engineer in Test II, Resource Management

software consultant
Internet Chess Club

2008 – 2012

Duties of a senior software developer, like managing the work of 2-3 other developers, investigating new technologies and planning ahead. Developing and maintaining server side components and cross-platform desktop products. These server side components include high performance, low latency Web services requiring load balancing and fail-over.

software consultant

2007 – 2012

Development and maintenance of large scale database driven applications written in Python. Developed important parts of an entirely new mobile VAT system for the government of Ghana. Gaining experience in log analysis and maintenance of load balanced production servers.

software developer
Pannon Set Ltd.

2006 – 2008

Developed Web applications in Python, PHP, SQL and JavaScript. Worked on a large ERP system, various Web shops and custom systems mostly based on this single code base. I was also managing development servers and help in the maintenance of production servers as well. I was gaining experience in securing Linux servers.

systems administrator, web developer, teacher
Agrarian, Forestry, Trade School and Dormitory

2003 – 2006

Fixed, extended and enhanced a network of ~150 relatively old computers (running Windows XP and Windows 98). Installed and maintained Debian Linux servers. Managed to keep them in a working state despite the frequent damages caused by students and breakdown of old parts.

Developed internal Web applications for network management, like enabling/disabling access to various resources by teachers like Internet access. Kept track of hardware and software inventory to help the management in reporting to the ministry of education.

CEO, leading architect, software developer
Complex Computing Bt.

2000 – 2003

Took part of software development projects mostly hosted by my former and later employers. Practiced Python development and Linux systems administration.

Completed hardware interfacing projects in Python like an SMS gateway and a PBX interface (Linux, Python) for large clients.

Took part in a large project collecting detailed data on all the industrial parks in Hungary (Windows, wxPython, SQLObject, MySQL on Linux server).

software developer
CompuWorx Inc.

1998 – 2000

Developed software mostly related to chip cards and POS terminals in Visual C++, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML and JavaScript. It included both the Web based user interface and server side component of such secure card systems, like the internal payment system used by all the employees of a local SONY factory.

software developer
PediKom Kft.

1994 – 1998

Developed software to interface medical hardware and manage the patient database in C++ and x86 assembly. Managed the full life cycle of two versions (DOS and Windows NT), ensured backwards compatibility. The largest installation base was around 60 computers.

Managed to transfer medical data including large images without noticeable loss of quality over slow modem connections (36kbps) using highly optimized, custom fractal image compression algorithms.

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M.S. Electrical Engineering
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

1994 – 2002

I started my software development career in 1987, when I was 12 years old. I was a lucky owner of a ZX Spectrum 48k personal computer, so I had to write all of my code in Z80 assembly to achieve reasonable performance. I helped my father to significantly improve the graphics performance of his BASIC extensions.

I won a local game competition in 1989 with a puzzle game displaying eight times the colors on a 8x8 pixel square area than the hardware were officially capable of.

I progressed to x86 assembly, Pascal, C and C++ as soon as I could take my hands on my first PC in 1991. I started to use Microsoft technologies to build applications and services in 1995.

I started my university years at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1994. I did not have to pass an exam for this, since I won my university place as a price on a nationwide competition of secondary school students in electrical engineering and related areas, such as binary logic.

I had been working as a full time software developer well before I finished the university, since there is always such a great demand for experienced programmers. I've accumulated significant experience in administering Linux servers and development of various network services.

I've been working as an independent software consultant since 2007. I'm specialized in fixing and finishing existing software projects and passionate about readable source code and unit testing.

My primary programming language is Python, since I really love to write software in this language. I can deal with any other technologies you can find in my CV, certainly.

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Template compiler mostly compatible with Genshi's XML template syntax

Google Code

Database Abstraction Layer Generator


ZX Spectrum 48k

Wing IDE


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  • My LinkedIn profile with recommendations:

  • Developed the terminal server component of a nationwide VAT system:

  • Finished mxODBC Connect:

  • Open source activity:


I've been developing software since I was 12.

I like

  • readable source code.

  • clean software design.

  • keeping things simple.

  • full unit test coverage.

I hate

  • lack of careful testing.

  • programming languages without proper namespace support.

  • overcomplicated tools and development environments.

I'm very passionate about quality and would like to take part in real test driven development one day.

My first computer was a ZX Spectrum 48k. I enjoyed working with Z80 assembly very much on that machine.

My favorite editor is Wing IDE, since I'm working on Python based projects most of the time. I can also use any editor if needed, certainly. I've past experience with Visual Studio from version 5.0, Eclipse and SciTE.

I love to go out and watch the starry night through my telescope, but I don't treat myself a real amateur astronomer. It is a real fun to be able to find deep sky objects without the help of a computer.