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Professional experience of 7 years. Self-taught, hobbyist programmer since 2001, when I was 15 years old. But I don't think these matter unless I have built something great. I believe it's more important to launch something than learning every shiny little technology.


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Freelance Web Appliaction Developer

October 2009 – November 2012

I have started freelancing in 2009 and I got many clients, it helped me build a rich portfolio.

I have Built many complex web applications with rich UI. At this stage I started working remotely and I got some foreign clients. Most the clients stayed with me for years. I started with $7/hour and went to $40/hour in 3 years.

Software Engineer
C&E Software Solution Ltd.

July 2008 – February 2010

I joined this comapny and built various accounting and business solutions in Microsoft Technologies also worked on few PHP Projects.

Business solutions I developed or contributed: Fuel Station Managment, POS System, Pharmacy Management, Medical Software, Global Accounting Solution, Payroll and Salary Management, Jewelry Management, Real Estate Solutions.

Technoligies Used: Oracle, SQL Server,C# .NET, PHP, MySQL

Software Enginner
Vegan Cuts

November 2012 – June 2015

Proud to be a part of the rise of this company. Among all features in this website, around 80% is developed by me: . Part of this company I built , all alone.

Most challenging part: They deal monthly subscription snack/beauty boxes. I Integrated Stripe subscription. Manually built whole subscription reporting, in many cases discounted boxes were offered with 3-6-12 month upfront payment, which make subscription reporting and current liability calculation complex. Now it's running smoothly.

Founder and Developer

July 2015 – Current

Created and launched , it's currently a one man show. That man is me.

It's a platform that makes use of WebSocket easy and you can build a realtime app without any backend. To use WebSocket you have to setup a daemon and maintain it, Socketize does these little things for you.

Building it all alone and launching it was hard. Now I am focusing on marketing which is even harder.

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Madan Mohan College

2005 – 2010

It helped learn Finance and English which proved to be useful. It also helped me figure out what I hate. Otherwise 60% of this was a waste.

Higher Secondary School Certificate
Madan Mohan College

2002 – 2004

Helped me learn Accounting and English. Made some friends and learned to socialize. Other than these, it was a waste.

Secondary School Certificate
Sylhet Government Pilot High School

1994 – 2002

Taught me basic reading and writing. Helped figure out how I was different, I didn't fit in at all. School was a nightmare for me, as I was always told that I am dumb because I am not like others. I stayed dumb and never regretted.

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GitHub, Aug 2012 - Nov 2015; followed by 2079 people; forked 1163 times

Free, responsive, multiple skin admin template

Creator and Planner

GitHub, Jul 2013 - Current; followed by 238 people; forked 72 times

Database query builder for PHP, framework agnostic, lightweight and expressive.

Planner, Creator

GitHub, Nov 2013; followed by 62 people; forked 18 times

Pagination library for PHP, framework agnostic, with built-in adapters for Doctrine, Eloquent, Pixie and PHP Array.

Planner, Creator

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WebSocket as a Service. Build blazing fast realtime apps. No server, no daemon, just JavaScript.

Founder and Developer

Vegan Cuts' goal is to make it fun and easy for our members to discover new vegan companies and shop vegan.

Team Member.

We turn email addresses into full ambassador profiles. And yeah, we're talking demographic/geographic reports, social profiles, and all the odds and ends to identify your most…

Developer. Built the entire application almost alone, the founder helped me with some design and fronted work.

The fastest way to find your next auto.

Team Member.

Worked 3+ months on this one specially on dealer end work and member pages.

English to Bangla (Bengali) dictionary. It has embedded Bangla font.

Analysis and Coding. Shared some work with another developer.

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AMD 500 was the first one. MBP has the best relationship with me.

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