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I'm a software developer who's passionate about creating solutions that add value to people's lives and businesses.

Since 2001, I've had the opportunity to work with several large companies and government agencies to help them customize and create plugins for technologies such as Plumtree Portal (now called Oracle WCI), Drupal, OpenLdap, Atlassian Confluence, Crowd, and Jira.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning and experimenting with new technologies and software languages such as ruby, rails, clojure, nodejs, and many others. I'm proficient with java (and many of the java frameworks), javascript and web development technologies.

I'm looking for opportunities to build software that makes a positive difference in people's day to day activities. I feel strongly that the the recipe for a success software project involves the following ingredients:

  1. a small team of skilled developers
  2. lean principals
  3. developers working on software that, they, themselves, would be excited and proud to use.

I'm looking for opportunities to team up and create elegant, useful software while leveraging the knowledge I've gained over the years helping large organizations customize COTS software.


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Java Developer
Preferred Version, LLC (Owner)

January 2012 – Current

Jan - Mar, 2012: Worked on team of 3 developers to build a system that a large Bank will use to process bank account statements and send out email notifications. Used cutting edge Java technologies including: scala, apache karaf and equinox osgi, spring integration, spring-data and mongodb.

Jan - Mar, 2012: Worked on team of 5 developers to add features to a startup facebook web application that enabled customers to create aggregate facebook groups and control and manage notifications. This application was written using PHP Codeigniter framework.

Mar 2012 - Current: Oracle Webcenter Consultant and Java Developer at Department of Finance and Accounting Services. Worked as liaison between DFAS desktop support and Microsoft to fix issue with DOD cac cards, Windows 7, and WCI Portal authentication. Worked as liaison between DFAS ePortal Team and Oracle to fix Publisher incompatibility issue with Oracle 11g DB. Wrote several internally facing web applications for managing enterprise user accounts.

Software Developer and System Administrator

January 2010 – January 2012

  • Responsible for managing install and maintenance of a dozen virtual Ubuntu servers hosting variety of software including load balanced apache httpd, drupal, solr, and openldap.
  • Responsible for managing configuration of 3 apache httpd which served 30+ government healthcare sites that received combined millions of hits per month. I built a bash script that made it easier to add apache proxy and rewrite rules and ensured that the 3 apache servers stayed in sync with zero downtime (except for monthly maintenance nights required by other software).
  • I wrote a webapp to make it possible for business managers to grant people access to dozens of websites and internal systems with a single click of a button.

Senior Software Engineer
Segue Technologies

October 2008 – January 2010

  • Developed web application for Marines to use to gather and analyze location-based intelligence data using Java servlets and Google Web Tools (GWT) javascript library.
  • Responsible for full software development cycle including inception, design, implementation, build, and delivery.

Senior Business and Software Consultant
Plumtree / BEA / Oracle

July 2004 – October 2008


I worked with same company and on the same team from July 2004 - October 2008. During that time, the company name changed from Plumtree to BEA to Oracle and I was put on several different projects. Here's my experience broken down by customer and date.

BEA Consulting Services Engineering Team Oct 2007 - Oct 2007
  • Developed and supported version 2.0 of LiquidSkin theme package (in both DotNet and Java). At the time, Liquid Skin was in use by 48 customers and sold at 10K-40K per install.
  • Provided on-site support to install and configure LiquidSkin at 2 customer sites. Delivered $10K - $20K worth of services each. Each engagement lasted 1-2 weeks.
Alcoa in Pittsburgh PA from June 2007 - Oct 2007
  • Guided AlcoaDirect Portal team to a successful roll out of a customer facing (b2b) intranet site.
  • Built a small java application called Portlet Manager to enable business users to easily manage their communities.
  • Provided Aqualogic Training to a team of 2 on-shore and 5 off-shore Red Hat Sys Admins and Java Developers.
United Healthcare (UHC), Hartford CT, Apr 2007 - June 2007
  • Integrated user profiles stored in legacy oracle database schema into a Aqualogic environment using Spring DAO and Aqualogic's Profile Web Service API, IBM Rational Application Developer and Clear Case.
  • Wrote a header portlet to enable sales representatives to search and reply to requests for insurance policies using Alui Search API.
  • Developed custom html tag using Aqualogic Java API that accepts Knowledge Directory IDs as parameters and dynamically builds list of links to content.
Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Arlington VA, Nov 2005 - Mar 2007
  • Wrote software to integrate vendor task management system into intranet.
  • Wrote java program to detect and resolve database data corruption which allowed successful upgrade after 2 previous failed attempts. My code was integrated into standard upgrade process for other customers.
  • Coordinated and successfully performed several significant Aqualogic/Plumtree Software Upgrades. Helped to install and upgrade software in 3 hardware environments consisting of 12+ servers each, running mixture of java and dotnet portals.
  • Used Aqualogic Software to create a intranet news site named the "MDA Shield" which became most visited site on MDA intranet. Worked closely with MDA Infrastructure and Active Directory teams to ensure that user accounts were converted successfully in NT domain restructure effort.
  • Provided business critical issue resolution support daily, included monitoring and correcting server and database performance, resolving authentication and security issues, and fixing broken crawlers
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Knoxville TN, Dec 2004 - Oct 2005
  • Facilitated upgrade to TVA's intranet named "myInsideNet" from Plumtree Portal 5.04 to Aqualogic Suite 6.1. Upgrade was 100% successful and we also solved performance issues that existed prior to the upgrade
  • Crafted a Portal Policy and Governance Guide outlining TVA's business strategy and best practices for their intranet.
  • Suggested Best Practices for handling Security, System Administration, Development, and Content Management within TVAs Intranet (Aqualogic Portal).
  • Trained and mentored 2 small development teams on how to use Plumtree Development APIs to "portletize" existing applications written in Java and DotNet.
  • Designed and Wrote a Web User Interface for TVA's "MyInsideNet". Originally written in DotNet and then ported to Java to facilitate migration of servers from Windows to Red Hat Linux.
  • Provided regular brown bag learning sessions where I presented advanced portal features such as security, crawlers, snapshot queries, and content server.
  • Wrote application using Javascript, html, and css in Content Server to track issues with TVA's Portal environment and enhancement requests.
  • Worked as liaison between TVA and Plumtree Engineering Team to resolve issues in a timely manner.
  • Helped to design and architect new Production Environment to include redundancy and load balancing. Helped System Admin install Portal/Aqualogic Software Suite.
National Association of Realtors (NAR), Chicago IL, October 2004 - November 2004
  • Delivered presentation on portal content management best practices to team responsible for maintaining www.realtor.org.
  • Provided Tier 2 Issue Resolution
  • Delivered several Content Server Templates to make publishing portal pages easier. Written in html, css, and content server tags.


May 1999 – July 2004

Supported rollout of Statewide Student Information System (eSIS) to Schools in Raleigh area.

  • Tested Bug Fixes
  • Tier 2 issue resolution
  • Implemented a Reporting System used by School Principals and Superintendents (using Java and Struts).
  • Wrote Web application used to easily extract latest data from eSIS for system auditing


B.S. Computer Science with Minor in Mathematics
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

1997 – 2001

After being in the "real world" since 2001, I realize what an amazing computer science degree program Virginia Tech had (and I assume still has). Whenever I run into a fellow CS Va Tech Grad, I instantly know they have a very good grasp on the fundamental concepts of software and computer science. I'm very grateful for my education. Go Hokies!

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GitHub, Oct 2011

Browse and search for classes in jars on a java project's classpath

I created this project for 2 reasons:

1) To learn clojure and clojurescript 2) I use maven to manage java projects and wanted an easy way to explore the jars and classes on each projects classpath.

Here's a screencast of how it works: http://www.screencast.com/t/CSXMSpCDR2i

GitHub, Sep 2011; followed by 2 people

A Javascript Library for Atlassian Crowd Rest API

I built this as part of a webapp that made it possible for business managers to easily grant people access to dozens of webapps (such as drupal instances, confluence sites, and jira instances).

This is a jquery plugin that takes the pain out of talking to the Atlassian Crowd REst API

GitHub, Jun 2010 - Dec 2010

My personal website and blog (currently hosted at upgradingdave.com)

I rebuilt my personal blog in ruby and rails in order to sharpen my ruby skills and also to dive deeper into rails.

I like to save notes and articles on my laptop as simple text files. I wanted the ability to make some of these text files appear as blog posts on my blog while keeping local files and remote website articles in synch.

So, I built my blog in ruby and rails, but rather than use a database backend to store blog posts, I used git. This way, I simply commit files to a private git repo and then, the rails webapp can pull and display those files as articles on my blog.

In order to search my blog posts, I used a ruby gem called "ferret" which makes it possible to build a lucene search index of all my posts.

GitHub, Nov 2010

Authenticate against Facebook and access the Graph API from ruby

I was interested in learning more about oath, ruby gems and building facebook apps so I built this facebook gem that makes it a tad easier for ruby clients to connect to the facebook graph api.

GitHub, Nov 2010

rails plugin gem that makes it easy to add recaptcha to forms

This is a gem that I use on my personal blog. Rather than use an existing gem, I challenged myself by attempting to create my own.

GitHub, Nov 2010 - Dec 2010

A set of Koans to teach the Ruby language

Ruby Koans is a set of exercises to help sharpen ruby skills. These are my answers to the ruby-koans project.

GitHub, Oct 2010; followed by 2 people

Demonstration of how to use Git and Maven to manage code for a WCI IDK Portlet that lists a few of a user's latest tweets from Twitter.

I have 10+ experience helping customers install and customize the legacy Plumtree Suite of software (which has been acquired by Oracle and is now called WCI).

This is an example project that goes along with a blog post I wrote for Function1: http://www.function1.com/2010/03/everything-maven-part-2-twitter-portlet/

2 more

Apps & Software

Weekly Screen casts about Java Technologies useful for getting things done.

Creator and Maintainer of the site

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Everything Maven Part 2 – Twitter Portlet


This is a blog post I wrote while I was a Function1 that describes how to use Maven to build a twitter client that can be displayed inside an Oracle WCI Portal.

Git More Productive using Git


I'm a big fan of svn. But I'm an even bigger fan of Git! Here's a blog post I wrote in hopes of persuading customers to move from svn to git.

Maven and Log4j


This is the most popular article on my personal blog. It's attracted tens of thousands of hits. It's a very technical article on how to configure Maven to use java dependencies that are difficult to find because of proprietary licenses.

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