Filipe Matias

Currently a student. Web Developer / Analyst - Tecnologias de Informação Lda
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I've worked as a professional web developer since 2007, focused on Domain-Driven Design, wich is my passion. With very clear rules and methods, my work is always aimed for the best of both clients and users, following the KISS principle on both code and UI aspects of a project. I believe the backend of an application is as important as his frontend, trying to keep everything simple, custom-made and as mantainable as possible, using string OOP programming and clean information display. Currently I work as freelancer for companies who seek professional and competitive results.

Code is Art.


Tech you dislike


Web Developer / Analyst - Tecnologias de Informação Lda

2007 – 2008

Web Developer / Analyst, responsible for multiple web servers and client websites / services.


Professional computer course
Externato Cooperativo da Benedita

2003 – 2007

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Pentium II 200mhz

Notepad++ NetBeans