Timothy VanFosson

Principal Software Engineer
The Nerdery
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I love my work

Using technology to make meaningful contributions -- small or large -- is what drives me. My goal is to help my customers understand their problem better and work with them to solve it in ways that delight and amaze them. I like to focus on getting the features that really count but to do so in a way that makes the application a joy to use.

I do agile web/services development at a software development shop and have a lot of freedom to experiment with new technologies. We work with a large variety of customers, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

In my previous employment, I was a Lead Application Developer at the University of Iowa. I was our resident C#/.NET guru and took responsibility for enterprise-level .NET projects in the central IT department, supporting projects for researchers, academics, and students. I'm most proud of the Dance Marathon project, where I put together a fund-raising and event tracking system for a student group that raises over $2M/year for kids with cancer at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

I have a wide variety of experience with various technologies and techniques. I try to continually add relevant ones to refine my skills and improve my code. Currently I'm doing mostly ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI work, though I also work extensively with JavaScript doing custom development with a variety of frameworks

I'm a big advocate of writing tests before implementations (TDD). Though not a DBA by training, I'm very familiar with Microsoft SQL Server, designing and maintaining the schemas for my projects, and have some familiarity with Oracle (primarily consuming through .NET providers) and MySQL. I also have experience supporting and extending a large PHP codebase in my previous work.


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Principal Software Engineer
The Nerdery

2012 – Current

Custom software development using the ASP.NET MVC web stack and related technologies. We work as teams to deliver software and solutions to companies large and small in an environment of trust and openness. I've worked on large, multi-person teams on projects for multi-billion dollar companies and small, solo-developer projects for non-profits. Internally, I work with our training and mentorship programs to help less senior developers enhance their skills.

Lead Application Developer
The University of Iowa

2004 – 2012

Senior developer on enterprise scale projects. Responsible for project management, architecture, design, and implementation of applications affecting thousands of faculty, staff, and students at a Big Ten university. Work both solo and in small teams with customers to deliver software using agile methods.

Recipient of an IOWA (Improving Our Workplace Award) for development/integration of cost-saving print accounting system.

Manager, Computing Support
The University of Iowa

1985 – 2004

Jack-of-all-trades systems administrator and support manager in medium-sized software development lab in the College of Engineering. The Center for Computer-Aided Design was a highly technical research group developing software for computer-aided analysis, simulation, and design of mechanical systems. My first job out of college, I progressed from being the lone system administrator to managing a small, but highly qualified staff of support professionals.

Relevant responsibilities:

  • Resident programming expert in C and Fortran.
  • System administrator for Unix and Windows systems.
  • Managed support staff


  • Ported C++ compiler from source to two early multiprocessor Unices (Encore Multimax/Alliant FX-series).
  • Parallelized, using MPI, design sensitivity analysis code to run on multiple systems, achieving 8x speed up over single-CPU solution.
  • Maintained and extended data collection subsystem in C++/Fortran for the Iowa Driving Simulator.
  • Managed cutting edge technology environment in a demanding research environment.

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MCS, Computer Science
The University of Iowa

1998 – 2002

Area concentration for MCS in Software Engineering (4.0/4.0). Completed coursework towards PhD. TA for Computer Networking course. Completed degree while employed full time.

BS, Computer Science
The University of Iowa

1980 – 1984

Graduated with Distinction (3.76/4.0). National Merit Finalist. Dean's List. Phi Eta Sigma. Honors courses in Philosophy, History, Linear Algebra.


MOR IT Leadership Program

2010 – 2011

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GitHub, Aug 2013 - Jan 2014

Implementations of Pragmatic Programmer Code Katas

Personal explorations and practice.

GitHub, Jan 2014 - Feb 2014; followed by 3 people; forked 5 times

Example code for integration testing with Dapper example


GitHub, Mar 2014

A collection of extension methods for IEnumerable<T>


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ICON is the central course management system at The University of Iowa.

Maintain existing codebase and implement integrations with external applications such as Panopto video capture service. Currently working on a redesign project to modernize technology using ASP.NET MVC (front-end) and .NET (backend, integrations) while adding new social learning features.

Dance Marathon is a student-run philanthropy dedicated to supporting oncology patients being treated at The University of Iowa Children's Hospital. This application allows people to register for and donate to the event or an individual participating in the event. It includes a full administrative tracking interface to manage participants and donors/donations.

Developer, Project Manager

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Lightweight Integration Testing with Dapper

A series of articles on developing with Dapper in a TDD context

Convention-Driven Automatic Release Versioning from Your Git Repo

I have a project where I wanted to automatically generate some information about what version has been deployed so I can ensure that, post-deploy, the correct version has been deployed to production…

Getting MiniProfiler to work with WebAPI and EF5 Code First

Farm Fresh Code

I have, in my head, a set of technologies that are candidates to add to my regular toolset. One of those tools is MiniProfiler. In this article I describe how I got the MiniProfiler to work with WebAPI and Entity Framework 5.

Default authorization filter provider

Farm Fresh Code

Implementing an MVC web site that is authorized-only by default with the ability to open up controllers/actions to public or more restrictive access using attributes.

Revisiting custom authorization in ASP.NET MVC

Farm Fresh Code

An update on using custom attributes to control access to actions based on the user's relationship to the data in addition to considering their role in the application.

Sharing Razor Functions Across Views

Farm Fresh Code

Extends some work showcased by Scott Guthrie for sharing Razor code between views.

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Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams

Crystal Clear

A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams

Alistair Cockburn

Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game (2nd Edition)

Agile Software Development

The Cooperative Game

Alistair Cockburn

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Code Complete

A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Steve McConnell

Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change (2nd Edition)

Extreme Programming Explained

Embrace Change

Kent Beck, Cynthia Andres

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Clean Code

A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Robert C. Martin


IMSAI 8080 : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMSAI_8080

Visual Studio, WebStorm


Projects and links

Blog: http://farm-fresh-code.blogspot.com


The most important thing to know about me is that I love to learn and apply what I've learned. Learning Ruby-on-Rails for some personal projects led me to enthusiastically embrace ASP.NET MVC for work-related projects. Research in software engineering methodologies led me to develop a personal, agile development process using story-based development, TDD, a release early/release often process and customer-focused development practices. I'm always looking to find new tools and ways to improve the software I write and how I go about writing it.