Case Study: PAPERKUT

PAPERKUT hires an engineer in 3 weeks and saves £5K in recruiter fees


London-based startup, PAPERKUT, needed a software engineer to help them roll out their product but having recently moved from the U.S., they didn’t have any contacts in London. Their initial two-month talent search proved to be ineffective, applicants either couldn’t pass coding tests or their online ads attracted recruiters instead of programmers. Running out of time, PAPERKUT needed a way to attract top-tier candidates fast.


PAPERKUT posted a standard, 30-day listing to attract London-based candidates through our geo-targeting feature. To boost their exposure in search results, they used 5 keyword tags to find programmers with experience in Python, Django and MongoDB. Finally, they customised their job title and application instructions to refer candidates to a programming puzzle that they needed to solve in order to apply. This gave them an additional filter to find only quality candidates.


  • Secured more than 1,400 views to their job listing
  • Received 32 applicants who also successfully completed the puzzle, 100% advanced to second round
  • Filled role within 3 weeks
  • Saved £5,000 in recruiter fees
  • Generated buzz and boosted brand awareness - they received dozens of emails commenting on their inventive job post


PAPERKUT is a small, well-funded startup on the brink of scaling to huge heights. They recently rolled out a platform called easyReceipts, which lets you store digital receipts in a personal web account. As they set the stage for expansion beyond London, they offer their employees all the benefits of a relaxed startup including free lunches and opportunities to work on pet projects.

PAPERKUT received more than 1,400 views to their job listing in just 30 days. PAPERKUT received more than 1,400 views to their job listing in just 30 days.

The one great thing I noticed was the drastic increase in quality. Plus, a lot of people who weren’t actively looking for jobs applied for giggles. We already have a shortlist! Another great side effect was the drop in recruiter emails and calls.

—Shishir Bankapur, Technology Director at PAPERKUT

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