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About me

iOS Team Lead at Mail.Ru Group.

Platforms: from Desktop to Mobile

My carrier started 9 years ago at 2004. Most of time I developed desktop applications for Windows OS with C++ and Visual Studio, but it was necessary to port them to other platforms too very often. Thus now I am equally familiar with both system Windows API and crossplatform C++ libraries such as Boost and Qt. Though Windows was my primary platform in most of projects, there were some for other operating systems too:

  • Transaction server for HP NonStop Kernel at CBOSS. It was a part of CBOSSrtb real-time billing system.
  • Social network client for Symbian at Mail.Ru Group. You can look at application's screenshots in my Twitter album here or in Russian edition of my profile here.
  • Android application for mobile-only Web service FamilyStream where one could collect family photos using iOS and Android devices.

Nowdays I'm a lead of iOS team. My team is responsible to provide iOS application for the new Dropbox like Web service of Mail.Ru Group. It will be a part of portal as well.

Team working experience

Six of nine years I worked in various big teams. CBOSS, Kaspersky Lab and Mail.Ru Group are large russian companies with more than 1000 employers. All of them have complex software developed with international project teams. In CBOSS I was a member of two of them:

  • From June 2005 till March 2007 I was a member of Value-Added Services team. I supported SSF part of CBOSSin platform which has 100 000 lines of source code. CBOSSin implements a well-known telecom concept Intelligent Network and it is an essential part of such VAS team products as SMS, MMS, VoiceMail and about 50 others. It was a first project in my career where I faced with crossplatform C++ development because CBOSSin had to work on both Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris platforms.
  • From June 2008 till December 2009 I was a member of billing team. The most interesting project in that period was Transaction Server for HP NonStop Kernel OS. It was a big challenge for me to sort out at thе same time both huge amount of legacy C code and new exotic operating system.

Another interesting company in my carrier was Kaspersky Lab where I was a member of GUI team. Together with architects I created a new approach to development of the user interfaces for the main products of the company. It replaced legacy custom GUI library with Qt Quick framework. Model-View-ViewModel pattern was a key component of the new approach.


During 9 years of C++ experience I have faced with such domains as Telecom, Game Development, Applications with Rich and Complex User Interfaces, RESTful Web Services. I have strong architectural skills because I touched many technologies, adopted various software design patterns in different domains, used wide range of C++ libraries and frameworks.


Experience (6) show all

Team Lead
Mail.Ru Group

September 2011 – Current

Sep 2012 to now

  • iOS Lead of Mail.Ru Cloud team: planning tasks, code review.
  • Developing iOS application with Objective-C, iOS SDK 5.0+.
  • Developing desktop application for Mac OS X 10.6+ with C++, STL, Boost, Qt and Core Foundation libraries.

Jun 2012 to Sep 2012

  • Developing Android application for mobile-only Web service with Android SDK 2.2+, Java.

Sep 2011 to Jun 2012:

  • Developing Symbian application for Web service with C++, STL, Boost, Qt (Qt Quick), REST API. Screenshots are available here.

Senior Programmer
Kaspersky Lab

December 2009 – August 2011

Senior Programmer

June 2008 – December 2009

  • Designing integration sulution of two enterprise products CBOSSrtb and CBOSSprepaid.
  • Developing transaction server for for integration solution on HP NonStop Kernel platform with C++, STL, Boost, HP Enscribe.

Nival Online (Mail.Ru Games)

March 2007 – June 2008

  • Developing GUI widgets for MMORPG Allods Online with C++, STL.
  • Developing GUI Editor with C#, Windows Forms and integrating it with C++ render with PInvoke and SWIG library.


June 2005 – March 2007

  • Developing SSF part of CBOSSin 3.6/4.0 platform with C++, STL, Boost.
  • Developing protocol components of SS7 network stack: CAMEL Ph.2, INAP CS1, INAP CS2 with C++, STL.
  • Designing and implementing CBOSSaip and CBOSSrtb integration.

Junior Programmer
IPG Photonics

April 2004 – June 2005

Developing internal tools for device interactions with C++, MFC.

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National Research University of Electronic Technology (

2001 – 2006

GPA 4.5 of 5.0

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GitHub, Feb 2014 - Current; followed by 60 people; forked 15 times

NSInputStream implementation for ALAsset and other kinds of data source.

GitHub, Jun 2015; followed by 6 people

Tiny wrapper around NSJSONSerialization to parse JSON with fluent API and detailed error reporting.

GitHub, Aug 2013 - Oct 2014; followed by 5 people

Binary Heap implementation for Objective-C with ARC

GitHub, Sep 2015 - Nov 2015; followed by 6 people

Simple utility for runtime tracking number of instances of each class.

Google Code, ; followed by 2 people

Sample application for S60 5th edition platform with embedded Qt Quick Components


Apps & Software

Cloud Mail.Ru is an iOS client for the most popular cloud storage service in Russia.

iOS Team Lead



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