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Michael Deck

Dallas, Texas United States

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Currently Co-Founder at EchoVantage.

I value trust. Trust is the critical element that I see missing from so many teams and organizations. The absence of trust holds them back from accomplishing what they’re capable of. I firmly believe that if a team or organization wants to improve its performance (regardless of how you choose to define that) they need to first evaluate whether or not they trust one another.

I value tests. In the context of a software project, automated tests are, in my opinion, the best way to build trust. When I tell you as a teammate or a customer that the software does something, it’s much easier to trust me when I have a green test that agrees with me.

I value the team. I believe that teams who are given clear responsibilities and commensurate authority are self-organizing and self-optimizing to the point that they are orders of magnitude more productive than those which are externally managed.

I value information over assumption and fear. Too often decisions are made based on fear of the unknown instead of confidence in credible information.

This list of values is not intended to be comprehensive nor is it by any means static. The point is that I believe that examining and communicating our values as individuals and as teams is profoundly beneficial. Similarly, focusing purely on practices and methodologies is ultimately detrimental.

If your company agrees with any of this and is looking for someone who can help them build valuable software as effectively and efficiently as possible, I'd love to work with you.



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Consultant, Valtech Technologies

May 2005 - July 2008

At Valtech, a consultancy, I worked for a number of different clients in several different capacities.

Client 1: Major Rental Car Company

Role: Build Manager

  • Responsible for maintaining a complex set of Maven and Ant build scripts used to compile, test, package, and deploy a large suite of Java applications

Client 2: Private Hedge Fund

Role: Web Developer

  • Ported and enhanced an existing financial risk analysis tool from VBScript/ASP to ASP.Net 2.0

Client 3: Major Investment Bank

Role: Java Developer

  • Built a back-end messaging system for regulatory reporting on equities transactions.
  • Member of the team responsible for all design and implementation of the system using J2SE, JMS, and Spring.

In addition to my role as a consultant I also assisted with on campus recruiting activities at Texas A&M. I helped organize and gave presentations at an on campus software development group. I also gave occasional guest lectures to computer science classes in order to promote Valtech to potential intern and new hires.

Senior Consultant, Improving Enterprises

July 2008 - November 2010

Client 1: Travel Sector Role: Agile Coach

  • Coached a development during a transition from waterfall to an agile/scrum-based process.
  • Trained 3 other team members in test driven development, object oriented analysis and other agile engineering disciplines.
  • Consulted with project managers, business analysts, and testers on how to adapt to an iterative software development process.

Client 2: Major Investment Bank Role: Java Developer

  • Upgraded an existing equities trading system to connect directly to 5 different exchanges via a FIX 4.2 connection.
  • Coordinated development, testing, and deployment efforts with upstream systems as well as the IT departments from the exchanges.

Client 3: Major Airline Role: Java Developer

  • Completed a floundering project that had been dragging on for over a year within 4 months of arriving. The project in question was a simple Java based scheduling applications allowing administrators to track and schedule training sessions for pilots.
  • Worked on several other back-end messaging systems involving JMS and web services.

In addition to working full time on client projects I also assisted with interviewing and recruiting activities. I conducted technical and behavioral interviews both over the phone and in person.

Development Manager, SearchDex

November 2010 - April 2013

  • Lead internal software development team in both developing proprietary tools and products as well as delivering client-specific custom projects.
  • Developed Java code as a member of the team in addition to leadership and managerial duties.
  • Responsible for architectural and design decisions. This was a team process, but I was the final decision maker and ultimately accountable for all technical choices.
  • Implemented new project delivery process based on agile/lean methodologies.
  • Served as the primary technical contact for all client accounts.
  • Provided technical sales support for qualified prospects.
  • Assisted in developing proposals as well as providing custom tailored technical documentation for potential clients.
  • Responsible for recruiting and hiring new developers.
  • Developed a screening and interviewing process to identify highly talented candidates while requiring a minimum amount of effort from our technical staff.

Co-Founder, EchoVantage

May 2013 - Current

As a co-founder I've done a little bit of everything. I've written plenty of code in addition to managing all of the business concerns of a start-up (HR setup, legal issues, sales, etc.)


Computer Science, Texas A&M University

2001 - 2005

  • Scored 1550 on SAT (800 math, 750 verbal)
  • Graduated Cum Laude

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