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Create Job Listing

Use the form to get started – you will have a chance to preview your job listing in the next step. You can also pre-purchase a listing or multiple listings to use later, without filling in this form. Questions? Read our House Rules.

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You can purchase a single or multiple listings before filling in this form.

The title is your first, best chance to be noticed – or not. Make it concise but descriptive; a generic “Software developer” position is easily ignored.

Think of it as the subject line of an important email.

All job listings must include the actual company name, or they will be removed.

One of the most important questions your posting should answer is: Why would a talented candidate care?

Will they get to work with cutting edge technologies? Save baby seals? Work with an industry legend?

By all means, include the responsibilities but also remember to sell the position to candidates.


Be focused and realistic – avoid the kitchen-sink approach. Do all the requirements make sense or are you trying to fill two separate vacancies with one person?

Tip: clearly distinguish the “must have” from the “nice to have”.

optional, up to 5


By listing specific technologies, this job becomes much more noticeable for qualified candidates.

These take the form of tags, separated by spaces. Some examples:

By letting us know this is a systems or database administrator role, we can advertise in the right places in the network (e.g. ServerFault).

Cannot determine address at this location Please enter a valid address Please provide a more precise address for this location

You can adjust your job location pin in the map below.


What makes your company special and worth working for?

The basics like 401k are expected – but what else? Weekly pub bash? Killer views? Time for pet projects?


Send applications to this email address (separate multiple addresses with a comma):

Candidates will be able to ask questions about this listing without applying.

Ex: I'd like to apply but have a question about the benefits you listed.

Ex: I'd apply if you explained your remote work policy.

This is the email that you would like to receive cover letters and CVs at. This can be different from your account contact email.

We will also store any submitted cover letters and CVs on your messages page. You can even reply to the candidate through our message board if you'd like.

Send applications to this email address or provide the URL to an ATS:

This is the email that you would like to receive cover letters and CVs at. This can be different from your account contact email.

Alternatively you can provide the URL to an ATS.

The Joel Test is a twelve-question measure of the quality of a software team.