Job Description

8ninths is looking for an experienced iOS Developer who has a track record of building quality apps for iOS.

The app is for a high visibility start-up funded by some of the smartest VCs in the valley.  You will be working with an excellent design and product management team on one of the hottest start-up in Seattle.

Skills & Requirements


* Talented
* Passionate
* Agile
* Likes to build things that change the world
* Resourceful in finding solutions to tricky problems

Required Technical Skills and Experience:

*Must have a proven track record of creating high quality iOS Applications.

About 8ninths

At 8ninths, we work on impactful and challenging projects. Our clients include NASA, Microsoft, Toyota, Parallels and many others.

We don't measure your potential by just looking at how many years you've been coding. Your experience, knowledge, intelligence and passion are a much better predictor of your success. If the idea of working on cutting edge products and projects excites you, show us what you've done, and let's talk!

About 8ninths:

8/9 of an iceberg is hidden below the surface. That's our company in a nutshell, exploring the new, the emerging, the hidden and the non-obvious.
* We're passionate technologists who build true innovations for companies big and small.
* We work quickly and smart. We are small, agile, fun, and intense
* We are creative technologists focusing on pushing the boundaries of technology


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iOS Application Developer (Interbay / Queen Anne) at 8ninths - Ios