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Centro's technology team is building web applications for streamlining digital media planning. Our customers live in our apps eight hours a day, negotiating complex deals at blazing speed. We’re looking for someone with experience testing complex web applications in a collaborative team environment to be the newest member of our growing team of talented engineers, product managers, and designers.

The Gig:

  • Join a quickly growing agile team and ensure that we're delivering high quality software. Great software doesn’t matter until someone loves using it. Let's make sure we build it right and get it out the door.
  • Make money. Our media logistics software suite should earn Centro a central place in the advertising industry as measured by revenue, profitability, and the value provided to our customers.
  • Make life better for all of our friends in the advertising industry (yes, you're a part of the industry, also, but we know you're a technologist first). Media buying is a complex, time-consuming and frequently confounding job. Our software can make life better for media planners. Once we’re done, we should never need to pay for a drink at any ad industry event.
  • Serve as an example. Great software from Centro helps establish the value of well-built software for other start-ups and companies. Learn how to build great software well and share what we know.<strong

Skills & Requirements

You’re right for this job if:

  • Passionate for Testing and Software Development
  • Accumulated 5+ years of test automation experience in enterprise applications.
  • Posses solid coding skills and experience in one or more Object Oriented programming languages: C++, Java, C#
  • Have significant experience with Rails, Ruby, RSpec, Capybara, Cucumber
  • Experienced with build/project management tools and have solid understanding of Agile SDLC

Centro is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, gender, age, disability or any other basis protected under the law.

About Centro

We were founded in 2001, with our roots in local digital buying. We built our own media management system to aggregate small local sites market by market so that advertisers could effectively and quickly utilize the benefits of local digital media. We expanded to work with national sites in 2008 and rapidly grew to one of the largest buyers of digital media in the U.S. We bring the scale of a large media-buying agency to our client partners. Today we manage hundreds of millions of dollars in digital spending for our clients and we manage almost 6,000 campaigns which gives us an incredible knowledge of the marketplace. 

Our vision is to deliver a unified, holistic platform to simplify digital media operations and streamline and scale campaigns across any class of inventory, publisher, or digital channel.



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