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Centro is building the world’s most respected engineering organization.  This is a bold claim, and one we do not make lightly.  Of course, we can back it up:  Ad Tech is one of the hottest technology sectors today, with some of the most distinguished engineering organizations vying to be the first to truly and forever disrupt a $600 Billion industry. 

We are building a suite of SaaS applications that will automate and streamline digital media management - disrupting an industry often run by fax machine and spreadsheets. On our platform, our customers negotiate, analyze, and reconcile complex deals at blazing speed.  The ability to manage any type of digital advertising campaign across 100% of all digital channels drastically improves the productivity and performance of digital media teams - reducing costs and maximizing profitability.  

Centro is winning ad tech, and nothing garners respect like success.  Will you join us?


We are seeking outstanding and forward-thinking Big data engineer(s) to help manage our ever-growing information needs and answer increasingly complex business questions.

You will help us build a new Data Management Platform that will absorb and transform data resulting from performing over 30 Billion transactions every day.  The source of this massive data stream is our Real Time Bidding platform used by our 4000+ customers running campaigns across 48,000+ publishers.

Your coworkers are savvy, innovative, and (at least in our opinion) pretty fun.


  • Design, implement and scale data models, ETL’s and event pipelines in a distributed data processing platform.
  • Provide structured and timely access to our large datasets.
  • Provide Data Engineering expertise to multiple teams across our organization.
  • Build fault tolerant, self-healing, adaptive and highly accurate data and event computational pipelines.
  • Prepare and capture data for machine learning and automation.
  • Tune queries running over billion of rows of data running in a distributed query engine.

Skills & Requirements

YOU ARE RIGHT FOR THE JOB IF (you have some or most of following):

  • Big data is more than a buzzword for you.
  • You understand how to handle high velocity, high volume data events
  • Have an interest or have built data pipelines moving terabytes of data.
  • Passion and knowledge of AdTech is a big plus
  • Should have experience in software engineering.
  • Experience with object-oriented design, coding and testing patterns
  • Experience in engineering (commercial or open source) software platforms and large-scale data infrastructures.
  • Have the capability to architect highly scalable distributed systems, using different open source tools.
  • You understand how algorithms work and have experience building high-performance algorithms.
  • Be able to work in teams and collaborate with others.
  • You’re a great communicator and are capable of not just doing the work, but teaching others and explaining the “why” behind complicated technical decisions.
  • Experience with Linux/UNIX systems and the best practices for deploying applications to those stacks.
  • A commitment to best practices. We’ll want your opinions on operational processes, DevOps, deployment checklists, and more.
  • You aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves: This role will evolve over time, and we’ll want you to evolve with it!
  • 5+ number of years in Java
  • 2+ number of years with big data technologies (Hadoop, MapReduce, NoSQL)
  • Have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science or software engineering;

One more thing to think about: Your contribution will help transform the entire AdTech business. (You can live with that, right?)

Centro is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, gender, age, disability or any other basis protected under the law.

About Centro

We were founded in 2001, with our roots in local digital buying. We built our own media management system to aggregate small local sites market by market so that advertisers could effectively and quickly utilize the benefits of local digital media. We expanded to working with national sites in 2008 and rapidly grew to one of the largest buyers of digital media in the U.S. We bring the scale of a large media buying agency to our client partners. Today we manage $350MM in digital spending for our clients and we manage almost 6,000 campaigns which gives us incredible knowledge of the marketplace. 

Our vision is to deliver a unified, holistic platform to simplify digital media operations. Streamline and scale campaigns across any class of inventory, publisher or digital channel.


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Senior Software Engineer, Big Data at Centro - Java