Job Description

Come help us revolutionize personal computing! Citta LLC is currently hiring "get-things-done" technologists with all levels of experience to help reinvent productivity tools, beginning with the Web using a mobile-first approach, and progressing to full-featured desktop applications across Linux, Mac and Windows.

We are focused on finding smart, hard-working, problem solvers. Work experience is always a plus, but the ability to demonstrate critical thinking and a personal record of learning and working on different technologies is much more valuable. We presently utilize AngularJS, jQuery, Node.js and MongoDB in our tech stack and are looking to create a rich mobile experience on the iOS platform using native iOS tools. 

Skills & Requirements

Required Skills:

  • A CS degree or an equivalent background in software engineering prior to moving to mobile.
  • At least one year of iOS development experience - personal or commercial. If personal, you must have an ability to demonstrate your code.
  • A good understanding of iOS frameworks and development. 

Skills that would be a plus:

  • An impressive iOS project - in the app store, open source, or something you can share with us. 
  • Great design & product sense, especially in targeting a smooth user experience with an app.
  • Experience in areas besides iOS - Android or Web development. 
  • Experience with Core Data and SQLite (or the FMDB variant). 
  • Experience with the WebKit framework.

About Citta LLC

We are a stealth-mode start-up with powerful ideas, patents and a strong execution team. We are looking for versatile software engineers to join our team and hit the ground running in continuing to evolve our exciting product beta. Like everyone in our organization, you will be empowered to innovate, design and deliver key features of our flagship application. 

We offer a competitive salary based on experience and benefits, plus equity in our start-up company. Your contributions will directly influence and help shape the future of personal computing, but most of all, it will be fun.


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Mobile Software Engineer (iOS) at Citta LLC - Ios