Job Description

At Mosaik we believe that healthy teams are comprised of happy people that all have something exceptional and unique to bring to the table. We don’t care if you’re experienced with our specific technologies, we just expect that you’re the kind of person that not too long from now you’ll know more about all of them than anyone else.

Our software engineering team has been empowered to build the right foundations with the right tools to get the business in a position to excel at ad-hoc distributed geoprocessing and data visualization. We’re a tight knit team built around a culture of trust that strives to develop engineers beyond their given roles and current skillsets.

Want to hear what problems we have that are worth solving? 

Here at Mosaik Solutions we’re building a platform for making sense of everyone’s big geospatial datasets. For twenty-five years we’ve been collecting intelligence about the world’s mobile networks, but for the last four we’ve transformed our business into a full blown software engineering and data visualization shop. 

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality solutions to their big geospatial data analysis and visualization needs whether they want the raw data analyses, an API, a beautiful infographic, or full blown custom applications that leverage our data, or theirs. 

Skills & Requirements

Let’s take a tour of the technologies we’ve deemed necessary thus far:

  • Ruby and Python for the majority of our services. C where it matters.
  • Amazon EC2 for our production infrastructure
  • Eucalyptus and Vagrant for our staging and development infrastructure
  • Chef for tying everything together with configuration management
  • Backbone, D3, Bootstrap, and jQuery for building visualization software in the browser.
  • PostGISCassandraElasticsearch, and Redis for various needs in our data storage and geospatial analysis services.
  • OpenLayers, Varnish, a heavily optimized TileCacheMapServer, and Mapnik stack for custom slippy maps with our own aggressive rendering and caching architecture.
  • Logstash and Graphite for immediate vision into what’s happening across the architecture in production.

What’s in it for you?

  • Stable growing company, great benefits.
  • Badminton court with multiple daily pickup games and ongoing scrabble tournaments.
  • Powerful workstations, multiple monitors, an entire room full of whiteboards... all in a beautiful new office with a relaxing open environment.
  • Technical freedom, culture of trust, exceptional peers, and understanding managers.

Bonus points if you...

  • Can speak intelligently about HTTP and the many ways in which caching can be advantageous.
  • Understand distributed systems jargon such as eventual consistency, the cap theorem, or paxos.
  • Have experience working with data analysis, frontend work and backend work.
  • Understand computers well enough to take any slow piece of code and make it scream.
  • Explain why certain programming languages thrive with constructs such as closures, structural typing, type classes, function composition, actors, event loops, or coroutines.
  • Have previously been a part of a team that has scaled software to billions of requests a year.
  • Are human, compassionate, driven, and focused.

Remote work is a possibility for the right candidate (US only).

About Mosaik Solutions LLC

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Mosaik Solutions helps clients manage dynamically changing technology and market intelligence that affects their bottom lines.  We are the mobile and network ecosystem’s source for worldwide coverage information. This information is used by operators and retailers to acquire and retain customers, make sound business decisions and execute with a solid information base.

Our clients include telecommunications operators, wireless industry vendors, online and brick-and-mortar retailers, telematics operators, regulatory bodies, government agencies and MVNOs, as well as companies outside the telecommunications industry who have come to depend upon wireless services for their communications needs.

We offer an excellent, casual work environment with low staff turnover and a strong benefit package including a generous 401k plan, education reimbursement, medical, dental, and vision coverage plans, a host of supplemental coverage options and a flexible personal leave schedule.  We offer an opportunity to work with a great set of cutting-edge development technology, a great work environment and work/life balance, and a well-equipped, multi-screen workstation.

If you think this sounds like you (or the person you’re destined to become!), send us an email at with your resume, a short letter, and anything else that would help us understand why you’re so awesome that we should hire you post haste.


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Software Engineer (allows remote) at Mosaik Solutions LLC - Ruby