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reBuy reCommerce GmbH

The easy-to-use online reCommerce retailer
  • E-Commerce
  • 201-500 employees
  • Privat
  • Founded 2004

About reBuy

At reBuy customers can quickly and securely buy and sell electronics and media items like mobile phones, Apple products, video games, movies, music, software, consoles, laptops, tablets, books and eBook readers for a set price. Sellers simply package their product and send it to to immediately have the sale price transferred to their bank account. Buyers can also purchase quality-assured goods at prices up to 50% less than new material, with the added assurance that every item sold comes with a 18-month reBuy guarantee.

reBuy  |  Think of reBuy's tech department as a robot

A ninja robot! Riding a pirate ship made out of lego that suddenly transforms into a rocket.

It's the super robot you've always wanted as a little kid, with bells, and whistles and all. It's smart, it can talk, has lazers and always comes up with a great joke. Of course, it adheres to the Asimov Laws. It's a flying super hero who always has your back. Without a cape, though. We know what happens with capes.

Sure, you'd fight with him every now and then and call him a smart ass. But he'd never ever hurt you because he believes in the same goals and is constrained by the three laws of robotics. So really, he just can't help it. ;-)

He is as pragmatic as anyone can be, so he might come up with solutions you wouldn't expect or agree with at first. Eventually, you'll learn to embrace the solutions and begin to even like them.

Yes, he's sort of a nerd. But he also empowers you to do things beyond your dreams. He's your wingman if you need one, holds your hand when it gets bumpy and helps you solving the Rubik's Cube.

What else? He loves wearing hoodies and drinks beer with people he knows. Deep down, he's actually a little shy. Oh, and he runs on cake. Mhh cake, at we love cake. Who doesn't like cake anyway?



reBuy  |  "Code with an appeal."

At tech.reBuy we pursue to build software we can show off to our friends. It should give you some goose bumps and a quality the team can be proud of.

We believe that user experience depends on the software we forge, which is why the code needs to excel. The whole architecture should be fun to use, fast, rock solid and simply state of the art.

These standards are hard to reach but we try our best to stay hungry and foolish for more. We hope you feel the same way and join us on this challenging journey.



reBuy  |  reVolution

In general we divide our story into two parts: the dark and the bright.

The dark story is about PHP, MySQL with full text search and everything in one big pile of code. It's monolithic, cumbersome, and slow to develop. It worked well for quite some time, but we knew that at some point we wouldn’t be able to keep this going.

So let's fast forward to the bright story.

We are currently migrating component after component into a service-oriented architecture. We develop most of the things you see on

Each service offers a RESTish API. RabbitMQ interconnects the services.

Our services have evolved quite differently. There are very new and shiny ones, based on Spring 4 and PostgreSQL. They are completely isolated from one another. And there are some older ones, utilizing Spring 3, which share the same database with other services.

At last, we have some very old PHP based services. Those are some of the oldest services that are still in use.

Our big plan™ is to finally migrate away from the dark times and only use isolated services.

We've accepted that the migration will take some time and therefore, we've tried to make this as smooth as possible.

First, we implemented a tool to publish messages directly from database changes. Now it only takes some lines of good java code to publish a message once a row in our database changes. This tool acts as a binary replication client for our mysql master and reads every change in the binary log.

For every interesting table there are one or more brokers for every event (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). Each broker decides what message to publish. In the not so bright times, we used this heavily to get new services started. Nowadays, new services do not heavily depend on this anymore.


Learn more about our TECH people:


Why should I join?

reBuy  |  We have to confess

There are no aliens, robots or rocket science involved in our day-to-day work. In the end it's still work and unfortunately not a ball pit.

But: We do our best to create an enjoyable, focused and stress-free environment. We believe work should not be a burden but a cozy place to hang out. With regular cake breaks, fun, endeavour and challenges we enjoy tackling.

An environment full of possibilities, exhausting them is your responsibility.

Select your destiny to begin your reBuy quest.


  • A highly motivated, open-minded team with flat hierarchies.
  • We love numbers, have the technology to rebuild us and there is cake!
  • All our source code is available to you. Deployment is fully automated and chat based.
  • Ambitious und exciting projects with a broad scope for codecision-making.
  • The first few months you will spend a lot of time with your personal reBuy buddy.
  • You will be able to select your favourite hardware.


We have great benefits

flexible working hours

good career opportunities

talent is developed and growth supported

technologies state of the art


great minds get together

health management

Who you'll work with

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Our open jobs

Scala or Java API Developer

Berlin, Deutschland (relocation offered)

We are constantly looking for mind-alikes to take our software where no man or robot has gone before. We have to…

C# Developer - Xamarin

Berlin, Deutschland (relocation offered)

We are constantly looking for mind-alikes to take our software where no man or robot has gone before. We have to…

Marketplace, Java Developer (m/f)

Berlin, Deutschland (relocation offered)

We are constantly looking for mind-alikes to take our software where no man or robot has gone before. We have to…


Potsdamer Straße 188
10783 Berlin