Ayuda Media Systems

Best job in Montreal

Get a great espresso in the morning. Or perhaps a bit later? We offer flexible hours that accommodate everybody’s needs. Unwind in the game room by playing a round of foosball. Get kick-ass machines, three monitors and an Android phone, unless you prefer iOS. Take a break and enjoy a walk in the beautiful Old Port of Montreal. Celebrate summer in Montreal’s world-famous La Ronde amusement park. And most importantly, be part of the high-speed, crazy-creative company, surrounded by people who love what they’re doing!

Ayuda builds software for the largest media companies in the world. Join us, and your code will drive 10-million-dollar digital billboards and empower businesses on all five continents (Antarctica is currently excluded).

A .NET company using the latest and greatest from the Microsoft stack of tools and technologies.

We have great benefits

Flexible HoursFree drinks and snacksFoosball tableGym allowanceThree-monitor setupExtended health insurance

Who you'll work with

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321 De La Commune O, Montreal, QC