Branko Dimitrijevic

Software Developer
  • Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
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Love creating. Therefore love programming. Have been doing it most of my life (since I was 10, to be precise).

I'm a judicious practitioner of well documented, performant, modular and testable code.

I also happen to be one of the top answerers under the database-design tag on and I'm active on various other topics there, including c++, c# and many other tools and techniques.


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Software Developer

September 2000 – Current

I was the chief architect and team leader on several solutions that are used by mechanical engineers around the world to speed-up and improve their designs. This included products such as:

  • PrescientQA - a "spell checker" for 3D geometry. I was particularly involved with I-DEAS and CATIA V5 versions of PrescientQA for Windows, Sun Solaris and SGI IRIX.
  • ETRAGE Automation COM Interface - a COM-based layer on top of the native Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/INTRALINK API, allowing interoperability with languages other than C/C++, such as .NET, Delphi, Tcl or any COM-compatible language.
  • IFS CAD Adapter - the version control and PDM client that interfaces multiple CAD systems (including Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks) with IFS (the ERP system produced by Industrial and Financial Systems AB).
  • ETRAGE Integration Server - a communication "backbone" for automatically pumping data between heterogeneous systems in a configurable, concurrent and transactional manner.

The majority of development was done in C++ or .NET (C#).

I also had considerable contact with other tools and technologies, including:

  • Several relational database management systems (Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, Firebird).
  • Various libraries including (but not limited to): Boost, ACE, Xerces, Qt, MFC, WinForms, WPF, ADO.NET...
  • Modeling tools such as ERwin and Visio, and a little PowerDesigner and Rational Rose.
  • Deployment tools such as Visual Studio Setup and Deployment and WIX (Windows Installer XML).
  • Some ASP.NET (I even dabbled in "naked" CGI at one point).
  • Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework.
  • Etc...

Independent Software Developer

June 1996 – August 2000

Development of various software products for small business. Implementation of libraries for other developers.


June 1985 – June 1996

Hobby and learning interest.

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PrescientQA is one of the leading CAD/CAE/PLM quality tools used in the demanding aerospace and automotive sectors. PrescientQA analyses, reports and if possible will correct inconsistencies and errors of design quality…

I re-designed and cleaned-up the architecture inherited from the company that originally designed PrescientQA (Prescient Technologies, later PlanetCAD) to be more maintainable and more easily portable to CAD systems not covered by the original product. I have ported it to I-DEAS CORBA API (now defunct) and later CATIA V5 using CAA API.

ACI encapsulates PTC’s Toolkit API’s for Pro/ENGINEER. It implements a set of COM objects that encapsulate internal Pro/ENGINEER objects (such as parts, features, parameters or dimensions), so operations that the client invokes while working with these COM objects, are translated to native Pro/ENGINEER APIs (Pro/TOOLKIT).

I designed and for the most part implemented the ACI architecture. ACI uses a hierarchical object lifecycle management that distinguishes between logical (when COM object is no longer useful) and physical (whan last COM reference is released) end-of-life. This allows for robust and well defined behavior of complex object hierarchies (such as CAD feature trees), simplifying the ability of various "client" languages to consume ACI.

A plug-in for popular CAD systems that allows direct, two-way communication with document management and PDM modules of IFS, without the duplication of data inherent to traditional import/export approach. CAD Adapter implements a check-in/out protocol on IFS documents and automatically builds the BOM based on the up-to-date information from the CAD assemblies.

I gathered the initial requirements and designed the CAD-independent architecture (which is the core of the product), and was the primary implementer of the Autodesk Inventor version of the CAD Adapter. I guided others in implementing Pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD and SolidWorks versions of the product. I'm in constant communication with users via e-mail, bug tracking and GoToMeeting/WebEx (where needed) and continuously provide improvements to the product based on their feedback.

A flexible platform for integrating heterogeneous systems in a configurable, concurrent and transactional manner. The carefully balanced database structure combined with hand-tuned SQL, concurrent execution engine and rigorous stress testing results in excellent performance and reliability.

I was the designer and principal implementer of the core architecture / execution engine. I also implemented some of the plug-ins, primarily related to IFS. I guided others in implementing plug-ins for various additional systems including PTC Windchill, Aras, AutoCAD/ShipConstructor etc.

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'surrogate-key' tag wiki - Stack Overflow

A key in a database table, that has no intrinsic logical meaning, and was introduced for better physical organization of the database or other technical reasons.

'covariance' tag wiki - Stack Overflow

Covariance, contravariance and invariance describe how the existing type inheritance hierarchy changes when subjected to some transformation (such as usage within generics). If the transformation…

"Exchanging" two rows - Branko Dimitrijevic - Scientifica Hiring ™

I wrote a bunch of questions and tests for, mostly related to database modeling, optimization and SQL.


ZX Spectrum

Visual Studio, Notepad++