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Working as a software engineer in a relatively small team has grown my career at an extremely accelerated rate. I've grown into the role of lead engineer and have recently introduced Scrum methodology to the team, and I currently act as Scrum Master. Software engineering is my passion. I've also had the opportunity to hone my leadership and business skills through consulting opportunities, project management, and visiting clients to understand their business problems and come up with real, useful software solutions.


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Software Engineer

2006 – Current

High-level Responsibilities

  • Scrum Master. Implement and facilitate Scrum project management methodology with our development team.
  • Engineering Leader. Introduce and implement better ways of developing software.
  • Architect. Make decisions about how to architect code, and document organizational coding standards and common practices.
  • Product Manager. Select features which will be contained in product releases based on customer feedback and new ideas from business leadership.
  • Software Engineering Manager. Outline the engineering group's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and set challenging, achievable goals for the engineering team on a quarterly basis.

Recent Projects

  • Developed a web-based custom report builder from front to back which allows users to create highly customization reports by selecting columns, aggregation functions, ordering, filtering, and permissions.
  • Introduced, implemented, and facilitated Scrum methodology with the engineering team.
  • Reorganized and consolidated our 20+ .NET projects into about 10 assemblies and namespaces that are way less inter-dependent (to increase flexibility) and more intuitive to use (to increase developer productivity).
  • Implemented a complex resource scheduling model and optimized it for high-performance querying.
  • Designed, built, and tested a task plan management object from the ground up.
  • Built a rich web interface for task plan management. Used jQuery and ASP.NET page methods to save task changes and update affected task properties on the page asynchronously. My motto was "no postbacks."


Computer Engineering Technology
DeVry University

2003 – 2006

GPA: 3.6 Dean's list throughout duration of college career. Worked around 30 hours per week in addition to school and paid my way through college.

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GitHub, Sep 2010 - Aug 2011; forked 2 times

.NET based command-line console app which deploys database change scripts in an automated fashion and implements database versioning.

I wrote this out of a need we had at our organization. Nothing good exists out there which fits our needs to automatic database deployment, so I wrote this over a few early days at a coffee shop before work.

I approached this using TDD and learned a lot about decoupling, testable code, and separation of concerns.

GitHub, Sep 2010 - Feb 2011

Python script which was written to easily allow each of our developers to have his/her own environment configuration (web.config file) without inflicting any necessary changes to the configuration on other developers. All our developers now use this as a hook script on their SVN clients. This is basically a simple template engine.

I wrote this out of a need we had at our organization for developer-specific web.config files. I have since converted this to a .NET command line application also so developers don't have to install Python if they don't want to.

GitHub, Feb 2011

.NET command line application which is designed to be run as a post-commit script for a version control tool. The tool detects if the commit relates to a ticket within TeamDynamix, and if it does, it adds a comment to the ticket in TeamDynamix containing the commit message and other relevant commit information.

I wrote this as a proof of concept for some creative integration points to write for TeamDynamix. I wanted to tie source control commits to tickets in TeamDynamix somehow, and this is what I came up with.

GitHub, Feb 2011

.NET console app which uses the HtmlAgilityPack to parse HTML (or ASPX) files and move usages of a particular CSS class on span elements to be defined on the parent td element, if possible. This tool examines all files in the specified directory (and all sub-directories) which have names that match a given regular expression pattern.

I wrote this to save us a lot of time doing this type of work manually.

GitHub, Feb 2011 - Jul 2011; followed by 2 people

This project contains a couple of scripts which can help detect unused images in a web site.

I wrote this to help me clean up my organization's web product images directory.

GitHub, Feb 2011

A common file diff algorithm, implemented in Perl.

I was curious how file diff algorithms worked, so I researched and implemented a common file diff algorithm in Perl.

GitHub, Jan 2012 - Apr 2012

A simple shared "todo" web app to help people collaborate on accomplishing tasks. It allows re-ordering of tasks using drag-n-drop, hence the name.


GitHub, Feb 2013 - Jul 2013

A small library which allows functions to be "debounced"

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JavaScript: The Good Parts


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Douglas Crockford

Head First Design Patterns

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Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra, Elisabeth Robson

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Apple IIe

Visual Studio 2008, Vim


Projects and links
  • SimpleBudget
    I got tired trying to use Excel to budget. I thought, "I can design a system that does this way better." So I did. It's an ASP .NET web app (MySQL database) to handle this for me. I have been using it since 2007.


I was interested in computers from a very young age. I first became interested in programming when my grandfather showed me a system that plugged into the TV and you inserted a disk, rebooted the system and it rendered some nifty ASCII design onto the screen. I then began to use books to type in cookbook programs which did similar things. I began to tweak them and loved the fact that I could control what it was doing to a certain extent.

After that, I took some programming classes in high school (Java) that got me totally hooked. I decided to major in Computer Engineering Technology at DeVry because it offered a taste of both the hardware and software side of things. I'm definitely not a hardware guy - programming software makes sense to me, and I love it.