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Member of Technical Staff at Fog Creek Software, and Personal Projects/Independent at Various
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I'm driven by solving problems.

My first project writing code was designing a solution to manage the procurement of a multi-million dollar product line. What started with an Excel sheet turned into an advanced application that's still being actively used today.

I've spent quite a bit of time in Visual Studio working on .NET applications (both in C# and VB.NET), but I am constantly trying to learn better ways to get things done and improve my skills as a developer and I look forward to working with talented programmers to further my development. Recently I've been getting excited about Python.

I will be happy in a job where I am able to develop solutions that make it easier and simpler for people to get things done.


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Member of Technical Staff
Fog Creek Software

February 2011 – Current

I teach people about how to set up advanced Mercurial workflows with Kiln. The Mercurial basics webinar that I've given uses a mix of Powershell and Python scripts to help automate the presentation. It has been attended by hundreds of individuals with consistently positive feedback. See for upcoming training sessions.

I wrote the Do Later and Relative Time plugins for FogBugz.

I wrote the content for the FogBugz XML API Development Wiki.

Software Developer
HoneyBaked Ham Co of Georiga

March 2010 – February 2011

Working at HoneyBaked has offered me a tremendous opportunity to begin my career as a developer and discover that I absolutely love programming. When I first started, my work load consisted mainly of small enhancements to existing projects and helping debug application errors. After just a few months, I was assigned large pieces of projects to work on and solve on my own. Some of these projects included:

  • I implemented an address verification solution that reduced the number of incorrect shipping addresses from 1.5% to .07% on average.
    • This solution implemented UPS's Address Verification web service and was utilized on both our retail web site as well as within our internal order entry system.
  • I wrote a discount engine that looked for combinations of items in a shopping cart and applied the discount based on the number of combinations that occurred.
    • Because the logic was somewhat complex, I implemented the engine in .NET and used COM interop to interface with our existing VB6 and ASP Classic applications.
    • My implementation was the first instance of using a COM-callable-wrapper at HoneyBaked, which allows us to take advantage of newer technologies while continuing to support our legacy investment.
  • I was the sole developer assigned to write a web service to accept online catering orders from a third party vendor.
    • I had to work backwards in order to understand how the data needed to be structured to function within our point-of-sale system.
    • I wrote a separate ASP.NET MVC site to do extensive validation on the data after it was received.
  • I performed detailed research regarding retail items most likely to ship together which helped to us to pre-combine packages and saved the business thousands of dollars in shipping and packaging expenses.

Assistant to the VP of Operations
United Supply Company

2006 – March 2010

Having graduated in 2006 with a degree in philosophy and looking for work in anything but philosophy, I started working with my father at United Supply Company. After working on a few projects directly for him, my responsibilities expanded to include solutions for other vice presidents and departments within our organization.

  • I wrote a purchasing application to prepare purchase orders for an overseas product supplier.
    • While the original ordering process was entirely manual and took several weeks to create an order, the solution I developed automated the process and reduced the ordering time to several hours.
  • I developed an application to analyze inventory levels at multiple branches to help shuffle inventory between branches instead of ordering new inventory from the vendor.
    • This application and similar data anlysis that I performed helped to reduce our inventory exposure by over $100,000 while still maintaining sufficient inventory throughout the company.
  • I was an integral part of the leadership team responsible for helping our company transition to new a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package.
    • I wrote mission-critical reports necessary for the transition to the new line-of-business software.
    • I worked with various departments within our organization to identify software needs and subsequently wrote detailed technical specifications for feature requests.
  • I automated the distribution of sales reports to reduce work time from a few days to only a few hours.
  • After a project to implement a new integrated shipping system had been stagnant for six months, I stepped in to get the project moving again using current technologies and a better data layer.
  • I served as internal support in several areas of our company and occasionally had the opportunity to speak directly with customers about problems they were experiencing with our software. People liked calling me for support because I was able to help them solve their problems without making them feel insulted.

Personal Projects/Independent

2009 – Current

Over the past few years, I've worked on several projects outside of my regular job.

  • I've been a technical writer for Zanacore technologies, responsible for writing blog posts that they can use in e-mail marketing materials.
    • You can view my writing at Look for articles written by Zippy.
  • I've worked on several small web sites implementing WordPress with a little bit of custom design. Each of these projects requred extensive interaction with the customer to determine their needs and how to best serve them.

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B.A. Philosophy
Franciscan University of Steubenville

2003 – 2006

I studied philosophy at Steubenville from 2003 - 2006 to fulfill the requirements for pre-theology as a seminarian of the Archdiocese of Atlanta studying to be a priest. Although I did not go on to major seminary and thus was not ordained a priest, I did graduate from Steubenville cum laude with a 3.4 GPA.

During my time at Franciscan, I was accepted into a program that allowed me to take graduate-level philosophy classes while still an undergrad. While I enjoyed philosophy immensely, I ultimately decided that I did not want to work in philosophy to make a living.

Also while I was at Steubenville, I led the sound tech ministry for our campus chapel. Although I had never used a sound board in my life, I was asked to lead the ministry a month before my senior year. My responsibilities included learning our chapel and fieldhouse sound systems, training other sound techs, and scheduling sound techs for each of our fourteen masses during the week.

focus on Computer Engineering & Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology

2002 – 2003

While at Georgia Tech, I took 2 programming classes. I did well in both of them and even considered studying computer science while I was there. However, it was during my second semester at Tech that I chose to join the seminary to help me discern if I was called to the priesthood. I left the following fall when I was transferred to the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

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Projects and links
  • I'm proud of a lot of the answers I give on StackOverflow. Most of the time, I like to provide in-depth explanations to really help the person understand the solution to their problem. Check out my profile.
    • I maintain a personal website at
    • I started a simple open source project called ConsoleMenuUI ( ). Still in its early stages, this project makes it easier to build simple menus within a console application.


While software development provides a practical way to make money and provide for my family, I also find it to be incredibly fulfilling. I absolutely love to do work that involves solving problems, and writing code never ceases to provide those opportunities. If you add great coworkers with whom I can learn and grow, you will have a recipe for a job that I would find nearly impossible to resist.