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Caleb Maclennan

Izmir, Turkey

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Currently Web Developer at Freelance.

I am a scripting language connoisseur, regular expression aficionado, network geek, general lover of Linux and a frequent contributor to open source software. I transitioned to programming from other work because I was too busy automating my own work environment to actually do the other work. I have a hobby interest in cartography. For more see my personal site. Most importantly, my life is defined by the grace of God given to men through Jesus Christ. It is my ambition that everything I do would reflect His glory and point people towards Him.

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Web Developer, Freelance

2004 - Current

I can handle everything from start finish. I take observed needs and produce solutions. I can work from any concept or design and architect a site including the most appropriate CMS (custom written if warranted) and setup hosting on a secure and reliable platform. I can take existing design concepts and turn them into working products, or better yet produce working products that are easy to produce designs for.


Turkish Language, Ege University

2006 - 2007

I flunked, but I did not drop out. That may sound like a strange thing to list here as an achievement, but if you ask other foreign students at this language school for their stories it will start to make sense. I am proud of having made it through the whole course, and I now speak fluent Turkish.

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GitHub, Mar 2010 - Feb 2014

Like walking, but with paper (Turkish translation)

Turkish translation & markup cleanup.


GitHub, Feb 2011 - Dec 2011; followed by 5 people; forked 2 times

And infinite scrolling content pane for the dojo toolkit

Widget author.


GitHub, Nov 2011 - Apr 2012; followed by 3 people; forked 2 times

Bible on Android

Turkish translation.


GitHub, Sep 2011

Tools for inserting verses and linking to Bible texts for use on Christianity.SE



GitHub, Sep 2011 - Aug 2012

Userscript to generate markdown from (primarily for Christianity.SE)

JS optimization, output re-write, update for changing markup.

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Easter Refractions : Caleb

Paskalya’yı aniden algılayamıyorum ben. Yüreğim sağır mıdır ki bir gün yetmiyor? Resmi olarak kutladığımız gün bitmek üzereyken gözü dalıp günün önemini düşünüyordum. Ancak o…

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From the day Adam donned the first rags to hide his shame so has every man ever sought to guise his depravity. History is littered with tales of meanest peasant and richest king…

No browser left behind : Caleb

Warning! This is a geek rant. If you don’t care, save your sanity and skip to the next post.


The ESV Study Bible

The ESV Study Bible

Crossway Bibles

Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology

Louis Berkhof


Apple III