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Pivotal Labs
  • London, England, United Kingdom
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Hello recruiters! I'm not interested in Scala, Go, or microservices. If the selling point of your job is that i get to do one of those, don't bother getting in touch. Thanks!

tl;dr: I learned Java as a geeky kid, spent ten years trying to avoid writing it for a living, and have now given up. I just like doing interesting stuff, really.

My parents were an editor (and sometimes journalist, translator, and midwife) and a computing academic, and i inherit my technical side from the latter. One of my earliest programming memories was getting Smalltalk 80 running on a Mac Plus - and promptly crashing it.

This was followed by sojourns in other languages: some dabbling in HyperTalk, the usual BASIC and Logo that one got exposed to in British schools in the '80s, and a brief sally into C.

However, in 1996 i stumbled across Java, and finally had something that was worth learning, but didn't come with a terrifying toolset to learn (remember, this was 1996 - no Eclipse, no Maven, no JBoss, just the handful of tools in the JDK!). I started with version 1.0.2, and for the next couple of years, every new release brought fresh treats. Reflection! A sane event handling model for AWT! Some halfway decent collections classes! A JIT!

In 1998, i went to university. I didn't want to enter either of the family businesses, so i studied biochemistry. I didn't have a lot of time or use for Java during that time (barring one occasion where i wrote a girlfriend a Valentine's day applet), but instead found myself writing plenty of Perl, now that i had access to a CGI host on the web. I also learned the rudiments of FORTRAN, courtesy of the chemistry department - a good counterpoint to the ancient Greek i'd learned at school, although less useful.

With university done, i set off to pursue a career in cell biology. Experiments make data, data needs analysing, and there quickly comes a point where Excel isn't up to it. At some point, i had encountered Python, and i began to lean heavily on that. I never wrote anything substantial, but life was cushioned by a stream of scripts, each written for a particular need.

After a few years in the lab, it dawned on me that although i loved doing science, i wasn't interested in the academic life, which involves spending progressively less time with your brain engaged with the fascinating, challenging, creative business of solving the puzzles nature has left for you, and more time, well, project-managing. Going sideways into various science-related careers which had all the discomforts of academia and none of the consolations was not attractive. Pulling out the ace up my sleeve and becoming a programmer suddenly was.

So, i found an internship position with a tiny company in a damp basement in the East End of London, and started down a new road.


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Pivotal Labs

2014 – Current

I've only been here a couple of months at the time of writing. So far, i've mostly been transforming organisations. I disrupted disruption a couple of times.

Senior Developer
TIM Group

2012 – 2014

I have spent most of my time at TIM working on a large, mature web application which is somewhere between a trading platform, a social network, and an analytics tool (and dessert topping and floor wax). I have mastered a complex financial domain, built endurance for working with legacy code, and led a number of projects to refactor subsystems and introduce modern technologies. Most of my day-to-day work seems to involve eliminating spurious duplication and butchering unnecessary complexity.

I have worked closely with the operations team on build, deployment, and monitoring problems. I was seconded to them for three months to share general system administration duties and help develop our internal cloud platform.

e2x Ltd

2008 – 2011

I started out porting the company's internal web testing framework from HttpUnit to HtmlUnit, and contributed a few small patches back along the way.

I moved on to being one of a team of three developing an internationalisation module for the ATG web platform. The company subsequently licensed it to ATG, and has had over a dozen sales to blue-chip companies.

I then worked on projects for clients, building e-commerce websites using ATG and our module. I matured into that guy you get to do the hard bits, those bits where things are going wrong for no reason: object-relational mapping, build systems (so many build systems), javascript race conditions, shoddy third-party web services, and more. Perhaps ten years spent learning the scientific mindset were not completely wasted.

* e2x is not the kind of company that has titles. I was hired as an intern, so that's what it said on my contract, and hence the closest thing i had to an "official title".

University College London

2002 – 2008

I was pretty convinced i wanted to be an academic researcher. I spent five years trying, working towards a PhD, doing some interesting work, and publishing a paper. My main discovery, however, was that i did not want to be an academic researcher.


MBioch Biochemistry
Oxford University

1998 – 2002

I did well in metabolism and genetics, passably in cell biology, terribly in neuropharmacology, and my final-year research project ended up as the central two figures in a paper. In the end, i came out with a first - albeit only just.

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Bitbucket, May 2012 - Jul 2012

A Gradle plugin for stamping your builds with version numbers based on Mercurial metadata

Wrote it

Bitbucket, Jun 2012 - Nov 2012

A simple library to support friendly URLs (like /user/4055/Alan-Turing) based on JPA entities

Bitbucket, Jul 2012 - Oct 2012; followed by 3 people

Fork of work project

Bitbucket, Feb 2012

A simple client for HornetQ. Which now works! (irrelevant, but see for plugging in to AS7)

Bitbucket, Aug 2011 - May 2014

Utilities for JBossAS 7. Originally aimed at shell script-based builds, but rapidly growing Gradle powers.

Bitbucket, Jun 2012 - Nov 2012

A very simple JBoss AS7 webapp. This is partly a testbed for the JBoss7Utils build tools, and is partly for me to slowly work out how to do things.

Bitbucket, Aug 2012 - Jul 2013; followed by 3 people

A simple project with all the groundwork for writing JPA code using Hibernate and H2.

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Macintosh 512K

nano, because it's dirt simple and it's everywhere; for IDEs, i'm an Eclipse man