Adrián Fekete

Full-Stack Developer
SICOM Systems, Inc.
  • Vác, Hungary
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The smart is not the one who knows every book from the top of his head, but the one who knows which book he needs from which shelf.


Main languages and frameworks

I'm a fan of the JavaScript, HTML, CSS trio. I find them the best combination to create modern solutions that look good in the same time. I expressly enjoy to work with them after the past few years because they have been highly improved to solve their silly problems and to satisfy the needs of the modern web. With good principles and guidelines, working with them became structured, manageable, understandable and professional.

For the back end I love PHP if it is used with a proper framework like Laravel which fixes the language and makes it viable. I love Laravel. I read its source code as a free time activity. JavaScript is also an option with Node.js especially if it comes to desktop applications where Node-Webkit is a game changer. C++ with Qt is a lovely alternative for me.

For a JS framework I love Backbone.js, worked with ExtJS which have both great and horrible ideas and I still miss a solution that has the positive sides of them with a Laravel flavour. That is the motivation behind the creation of my own framework that I just started to develop.

Regarding databases, I gain experience in MySQL but I'm looking forward to learn PostgreSQL as a more deliberate alternative.

Other languages

C, C#, Java, Assembly, Verilog and a bit of Visual Basic.

Operation systems and sysadmin

I have working grade experience with Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora), Windows, and OSX. I love automation whether it is done through Bash or any other language that just works. I have experience and interest towards networking and system administration especially in the Linux world.



The idea that I can separate my projects from my own PC in a way that also simplifies deployment and the development between team members is wonderful. I prefer VirtualBox especially if I can stick Vagrant on top of it.


I'm familiar with jQuery but I find it outdated especially with such a bright future, despite this, I'm willing to develop in it. I really love Bootstrap for fast UI templating.

Version control

Using Git is a real joy for me, especially if I can apply proper principles with the combination of tools that increase efficiency and simplifies management tasks like Atlassian Stash and Jira.


I always loved modelling and thinking in structures as a tool of organization, so when I met OOP I engaged her and adopted SOLID with MVC, MVVM and other design patterns as our children. I create family pictures of ourselves with UML.

I have the magical power to actually use the official documentations of the technologies I develop in and I don't have a problem working with APIs and API documentation.

Human factor

I have experience in remote work in multinational environment with actual (10+ size) teams. I have an open and curious attitude towards learning and new technologies even if I don't like them. I love to work in teams but I'm also able to work on my own. I ask questions when they are necessary and not because I try to avoid my research tasks, my "homework".

I think about myself as a motivated, constructive, confident, friendly and helpful man.


Tech you dislike

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Full-Stack Developer
SICOM Systems, Inc.

May 2014 – November 2015

As a member of a team we developed an enterprise management software for the global market of restaurants and other vendors like Burger King, Walmart, Aramark.

As a (most of the time) telecommuter I had to work with other developers and participate in meetings with managers and colleagues from both hungarian and US side in a daily basis.

Participated in the process of migrating the old system to a new Laravel-ExtJS based one, that was built on the latest design principles like SOLID, RPC, PSR, while supporting the old home-brewed system built with VanillaJS and PHP. I had a huge role in debugging and fixing production issues.

I learnt/gain:

  • How to work as part of a team even in a remote environment
  • How to schedule my time so I can meet the deadlines
  • How to telecommute and report to upper management from overseas
  • Experience in intense and comprehensive debugging

Full-Stack Developer
erInnovations Kft.

July 2013 – February 2014

Joined to a project that just started to develop and maintain a Laravel based online management system for a nationwide advertising company and to create an API for their software to use the managed data.

I built a mobil application from scratch using PhoneGap and Backbone.js that used the previously described API. I learnt Backbone.js and PhoneGap only for this project and fell in love with them during this process.

Full-Stack Developer

March 2012 – Current

Developed and maintained website designs, databases, user experience and SEO. Kept in touch with customers.

Among many other projects I developed the new website for Hungary's largest gastronomical classified ads site and migrated all their data from an old legacy system.

I chose to be a freelancer for the freedom and opportunity to use the latest technologies in production grade projects and so I can learn the business/human side of our work.


B.S. Computer Science [in progress]
Budapest University of Technology and Economics!

2011 – 2016

1st place (2 times) at BMX (BME Stock Exchange) a stock exchange simulation championship, where you have to create a bot that gathers the most money versus other students and teachers bots.


European Computer Driving Licence

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Open Source


BiblePaste is a free software. With it you can copy to the clipboard from the entire Bible and paste to any text editor in one button press. Through the settings you can customize the way and format of the insertion, so studying the Bible or taking notes is much easier. The software doesn't require installation. Just download, extract and run it. Even on USB flash drives.

Lead Programmer

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Personal matrix | Hetek Archive


Article about virtual reality and its effects in Hetek (weeks), the Hungarian national public weekly newspaper.

Geocaching | Hetek Archive


Article about geocaching and its history in Hetek (weeks), the Hungarian national public weekly newspaper.


Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (3rd Edition) (Voices That Matter)

Don't Make Me Think, Revisited

A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

Steve Krug

I learnt the importance of user experience, that you should design software with the user in mind, and always remember that the users of your product aren't thinking the same way we, the creators of the application do. This highlighted the importance of usability for me and now I know how to prepare and facilitate a proper usability test, what role does it have in the product's life cycle.

I learnt that usability means effective, efficient and learnable. I know how users scan for information and how different their browsing habits can be. Every user is unique. With this in mind I studied the best way to design home pages, layouts, menus, navigation, text in a way that users will realize that we had their interest at heart during development.


PC (Intel Celeron 2,4GHZ CPU, ATI RADEON 9600 VGA, 1GB RAM)

Sublime Text with many plugins


I always had a talent for programming. In primary school we learned Comenius Logo, where you can draw pictures with a simple set of programming commands and I enjoyed it so much that I took extra tasks (like drawing a chess pattern) instead of playing like others in my class so I received bonus good grades. I was invited to a programmers study group but education was so poor that it turned me away from IT and I took natural sciences instead.

I applied to a biology-chemistry specialised high school class where in my final year I realised that my real passion is programming so I threw out everything I learned and applied to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to be a software engineer where I focused all my efforts to master my profession and I never regretted it.