Adrián Fekete

Currently a student. Programmer at SICOM Systems, Inc.
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I hate problems so I destroy them with awesome solutions.



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Programmer | SICOM Systems, Inc.

May 2014 – November 2015

As a member of a team we developed an enterprise management software for restaurants and other vendors like Burger King, Walmart, Aramark.

As a (most of the time) telecommuter I had to work with other developers and participate in meetings with managers and colleagues from both hungarian and US side in a daily basis.

Participated in the process of migrating the old system to a new Laravel-ExtJS based one, that was built on the latest design principles like SOLID, RPC, PSR, while supporting the old home-brewed system built with VanillaJS and PHP.

Programmer | erInnovations Kft.

July 2013 – February 2014

Joined to a project that just started to develop and maintain a Laravel based online management system for a nationwide advertising company and to create an API for their software to use the managed data.

I built a mobil application from scratch using PhoneGap and Backbone.js that used the previously described API. I learnt Backbone.js and PhoneGap only for this project and fell in love with them during this process.

Web Developer | Freelance

March 2012 – Current

Developed and maintained websites design, database, user experience, SEO. Keept in touch with customers.

Among many others I developed the new website for Hungary's largest gastronomical classified ads site and migrated all their data from an old legacy system.


B.S. Computer Science [in progress] | Budapest University of Technology and Economics!


1st place (2 times) at BMX (BME Stock Exchange) a stock exchange simulation championship, where you have to create a bot that gathers the most money versus other students and teachers bots.


European Computer Driving Licence

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Open Source


BiblePaste is a free software. With it you can copy to the clipboard from the entire Bible and paste to any text editor in one button press. Through the settings you can customize the way and format of the insertion, so studying the Bible or taking notes is much easier. The software doesn't require installation. Just download, extract and run it. Even on USB flash drives.

Lead Programmer


PC (Intel Celeron 2,4GHZ CPU, ATI RADEON 9600 VGA, 1GB RAM)

Sublime Text with many plugins


I always had a talent for programming. In primary school we learned Comenius Logo, where you can draw pictures with a simple set of programming commands and I enjoyed it so much that I took extra tasks (like drawing a chess pattern) instead of playing like others in my class so I received bonus good grades. I was invited to a programmers study group but education was so poor that it turned me away from IT and I took natural sciences instead.

I applied to a biology-chemistry specialised high school class where in my final year I realised that my real passion is programming so I threw out everything I learned and applied to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to be a software engineer where I focused all my efforts to master my profession and I never regretted it.