Toru Hisai

Currently a student. Server Engineer at iNiS Corporation, and Author at CPAN
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Japanese-speaking software engineer.



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Server Engineer | iNiS Corporation

September 2012 – Current

Designing and implementing an HTTP-based online game server and networking system.

Author | CPAN

November 2008 – Current

Programmer | Avatar Reality, Inc.

March 2006 – August 2011

User interface & network communication module development.

Representative partner | Kroneckers Delta, LLC.

May 2006 – September 2007

Programmer | AIST

July 2006 – March 2007


Programmer | Cold Breath, Inc.

August 2003 – December 2005

Created Flash-based server-client networking game.

Programmer | Tose

November 1999 – October 2000

Nintendo 64, PlayStating 2, WanderSwan Color.

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BS | サイバー大学

2010 – 2013

BS | 立命館大学

1997 – 2000

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GitHub, Mar 2010 - Nov 2012; followed by 2 people

XML::LibXML::LazyBuilder - easy and lazy way to create XML document for XML::LibXML

GitHub, Apr 2009 - Jun 2010; followed by 3 people

implementing call/cc on Lua script language.

GitHub, May 2009 - Mar 2010; followed by 4 people

A tiny Ajax and comet-based chat system.

GitHub, Aug 2009 - Mar 2010; followed by 2 people

Perl module to read Polipo cache files.

GitHub, Dec 2009 - May 2010

Portable suffix array implementation in C++ and Lua

GitHub, Mar 2010

Gauche script to get book data via Amazon Web Service.

GitHub, Mar 2010

Pseudo continuation for CGI.

GitHub, Mar 2010

Dictionary lookup CGI using the Sary suffix array utility library.

GitHub, Jun 2010 - Apr 2012

A simple XML matcher with lazy evaluation.

GitHub, Jul 2010

a very simple physics-based Lunar Lander like game

GitHub, Sep 2010 - Oct 2010

XML utility

GitHub, Oct 2010 - Jan 2011

iPad app practice

GitHub, Feb 2011 - Aug 2012

VPS setup

GitHub, Mar 2011 - May 2011

Google maps-like map rendering system.

GitHub, Mar 2011 - Jun 2012; followed by 20 people; forked 2 times

Function call interface between JavaScript on UIWebView and Objective-C.

GitHub, Jun 2011 - Jun 2012

Web-based state synchronizer.

GitHub, Mar 2012

transfered from

GitHub, Apr 2012 - Mar 2015; followed by 46 people; forked 11 times

works with Cocos2d

GitHub, Dec 2012

Removes duplicated files from your resource folder and replaces with hard links.

GitHub, Dec 2012 - Apr 2013

A toy bi-gram implementation with Redis and Python.

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Apps & Software

The Bible Search is an iPhone App which allows you to search arbitrary word or phrase from the Holy Bible. The search algorithm is so fast so you can see the results immediately. Currently the Bible Search contains the old testament and the new testament of King James Version text.

Design, implementation


Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Second Edition

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Second Edition

Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman, Julie Sussman

Higher order programming.

Programming Pearls (2nd Edition)

Programming Pearls

Jon Bentley

Ruminations on C++: A Decade of Programming Insight and Experience

Ruminations on C++

A Decade of Programming Insight and Experience

Andrew Koenig, Barbara E. Moo

Software Abstractions: Logic, Language, and Analysis

Software Abstractions

Logic, Language, and Analysis

Daniel Jackson


NEC PC-8001 mk II

GNU Emacs 23



Learned physics at college. Experienced video game, 3D CAD/CAM, Web-based communication service development.