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Thihara Neranjya

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Currently Engineer - Technology at ISA.

I'm a software engineer with 3+ years of professional experience.

I was dabbling in Java on and off during my school days. Having done a few freelance projects at that time, moving towards a career as a software engineer seemed natural.

My main skills lie in Java and it's related frameworks. I enjoy R & D work, helping and mentoring other people. My goal is to become an industry recognized technology architect one day.



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Associate Software Engineer, Virtusa

July 2011 - May 2012


Virtusa is a technology service provider with offices in many countries. It was my first professional job in the Software Engineering field apart from the few free lancing projects I've done during my diploma.

First Project

I was initially placed on a mock project for orientation in Virtusa process and practices along with a batch of fresh hires. The project was the second iteration of a school management system.

It was a web application hosted on tomcat with Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate and a bit of Ajax used in it's creation. The project succeeded in teaching me a few things about the industry practices, corporate culture and working in a professional team while adding value to the team.

I also got a chance to review and help out other members of the team and contribute to the success of the project, even though it was a mock success :-)


After that I briefly dabbled in Pega, a fourth generation proprietary language, before deciding it's not for me and moving on.

Second Project

I was assigned to a project named ERL Phase 2 thereafter. It was a project undertaken for ICTA, Government of Sri Lanka. The project consisted of a portlet and a web application for vehicle revenue license department of Sri Lanka. I was however not directly involved in the development. Only small bug fixes.

One of my primary responsibilities was to migrate data from an oracle database into an MySQL database, since this was before everything was gobbled up by Oracle I did my job rather a bit too gleefully :-) I used a tool called Talend Open Studio to generate Java JDBC programs to do the data transformation,filtering,sorting and migration. It was a nifty tool that made my job a lot easier.

My other responsibility was to set up the clustering environment for Tomcat servers using Apache HTTP and mod_proxy for load balancing. the project was a success and I gained some valuable experience.

Engineer - Technology, ISA

May 2012 - Current


ISA is a leading provider of aviation software. I have worked in most of the company's product portfolio.


Professional Diploma (DNIIT), NIIT

2008 - 2010

BSc. Computing, Buckinghampshire New University

2010 - 2011

First Class Degree.

Top Of The Batch.


Sun Certified Java Programmer 5.0

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