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I was dabbling in Java on and off during my school days. Having done a few freelance projects at that time, moving towards a career as a software engineer seemed natural.

I've been focused on Java and JVM related technologies (most recently Groovy and Grails), and web application front ends.

I've used netbeans, eclipse and intelliJ IDEs and intelliJ is my favorite.

I enjoy R & D work, helping and mentoring other people.

One of my favorite things to do is testing and fixing performance bottlenecks, I find the challenge exiting and the rush at the end of figuring things out exhilarating.

Personally I'm a very patient and cool headed guy, which has helped me diffuse a few incidents along the way!

Loves video games building and repairing PCs, and reading a good book.


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Associate Software Engineer

July 2011 – May 2012

ICTA – ERL Phase 2 (Talend Open Studio, Talend Open Profiler, MySQL, Oracle 10g, Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTPD (HTML server) and mod_proxy)

  • Analyzing and identifying the issues and inconsistencies in the existing data.
  • Sanitize and extract data from the legacy oracle database.
  • Inserting (Migrating) the extracted data into the MySQL database cleanly.
  • Configure Apache Tomcat clustering and load balancing with mod_proxy to enable the application to run in a clustered environment.

Engineer - Technology

May 2012 – December 2014

Airport Services Reservation System (Spring, Hibernate, Couchbase, JDBC, Mockito, TestNG)

A multi-tenant system, deployed in a cloud environment.

  • Involved in gathering product requirements.
  • Involved in designing and implementing product functionality.

Airline Reservation System (Struts 2, Hibernate, JDBC, iReports, Oracle DB, jQuery, Spring, JSP)

An enterprise web application

  • Analyzing and implementing product development requests
  • Analyzing and implementing change requests
  • Debugging issues and bug fixes along with slight performance enhancements
  • Acting as on-site client liaison
  • On boarding and mentoring new joiners

Departure Control System (Struts 2, JPA 2.0, JDBC, iReports, Oracle DB, jQuery, Spring, JSP)

A web application

  • Analyzing and implementing product development requests
  • Analyzing and implementing change requests
  • R & D tasks and legacy technology migration

Staff Software Engineer
Favorite Medium

December 2014 – Current

Nexant Inc. iEnergy Suite (Groovy, Grails, Spring, Spring Security, LDAP, MySQL, jQuery, Foundation)

A web application

  • Performance benchmarking
  • Refactoring the codebase to achieve reasonable response time
  • Requirement gathering and solution design
  • Solution implementation and testing
  • Product deployment, configuration and maintenance

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Professional Diploma (DNIIT)

2008 – 2010

Student support.

Top of the class.

BSc. Computing
Buckinghampshire New University

2010 – 2011

First Class Degree.

Top Of The Class.


Sun Certified Java Programmer 5.0

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Effective Java (2nd Edition)

Effective Java

Joshua Bloch

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Clean Code

A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Robert C. Martin

Head First Design Patterns

Head First Design Patterns

Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra, Elisabeth Robson

Struts 2 in Action

Struts 2 in Action

Don Brown, Chad Michael Davis, Scott Stanlick

Hibernate in Action (In Action series)

Hibernate in Action

Christian Bauer, Gavin King


Custom Made Pentium 4 PC