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As a programmer I choose Python as my weapon of choice and I love programming in it. I like to be part of everything in an application. Deployment, server maintenance, front end, back end, anything that means something interesting, new or challenging. Now, I am specially good at backend and server maintenance.

Also I consider myself a startup person, the idea of being able to influence a product, the multiple hat approach, to trust everyone is a responsable self motivated co-worker, etc. It's what I love about the startup life.


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Python Lead Developer

2011 – Current

As any other startup there is a lot of work to do and we have a good practice on "touching everything". I manage to build a whole system to unit test everything and measure it with coverage. This have help a lot against bugs and the general definition of the module been worked on. For this we use the mocker library and the autofixture library and tests are running pretty smooth that way.

I have put my hands on the backend, frontend, designed dynamic solutions for forms, added a dynamic way to classify emails (machine learning), implemented a whole new UI, created a chrome extension to check your receipts inside your statement at the bank/credit card web page, setup the entire stack over docker to put up to speed new developers, etc.

Python Web Developer

2010 – 2011

As a startup we worked using XP agile methodology and it was fun working in a different way with a co-worker.

In the list of the most interesting things I did is a whole development process from the conception of the idea, design, implementation and testing of a web achievement system to improve user experience, allowing them to learn new tools in a fun way. Also a facebook store coupled to the kentriki system and a auto promoter for facebook and twitter.

At some point we needed to implement a better design in security, this implied some changes on the event system so we reengineered the whole system to be more scalable, faster and secure. We also reengineered the reputation system, I had the idea to do a chart with the reputation data which I took responsibility, presented the idea to stakeholders, got accepted and then implemented.

I reintroduced Unit Testing to the code, it was a huge problem since a big part of the tests where unmaintained, the tests took too long to run and the fixtures where a mess. So we started by decoupling modules with mockers which got tests faster.

In Kentriki there where many ideas (good ones), we did critique our job and decisions a lot in good ways but there was no way to save those ideas and opinions. So I propose a way to keep this ideas, get them in the pipe and re-discuss them for the possibility of implementation.

Web Developer
Hecticus Inc

June 2010 – October 2010

I was responsible for a web management tool for sms content subscription, at Hecticus we used a in-house framework which helped with the html generation and a basic UI design based on existing models definitions.

I was in charge of the project, so i touched from ajax, javascript, jquery programming to backend programming and design to sql query's implementation and optimization.

Software Developer
Latinux inc

2009 – 2010

Latinux inc is a consulting opensource company

We offered services in OpenErp and web solutions

I designed and customized multiple OpenErp modules, one of my most interesting projects where to migrate an old hotel database in a dbf legacy system to OpenErp. I decided to pass the data via xml-rpc so I could use the openObject framework functions to insert the data as it would be inserted by the system. The system had a correction system for non-combobox data (for example countrys. Users written USA as USA, usa, us,United State, united states, etc).

There was a high demand for reports too, so I investigated the tools to be used, decided to implement a company standart for reports which ended opening a new product for other companies to offer.

I finally initiated an Android Smartphone OS investigation to develop new projects.

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B.S. Informatics Engineer
Andres Bello Catholic University

2003 – 2009

I founded with 2 partners the STU (Sun Team University). We did some Talks and workshops about Java technologies to introduce other students to sun microsystem technologies.

2nd place in the ACM marathon

Machine Learning Course
Stanford Online Courses

2011 – 2011

completed the online course with a score of:

review questions: 79.25/80.00 programming exercises: 800.00/800.00

Software as a Service (SaaS)

2012 – 2012

completed the online course with a score of:

Quizzes: 47.4 out of a maximum of 63

Assignments: 1670 out of a maximum of 2000

Scaled total (Quizzes doubled) 1764.9 out of a maximum of 2126

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GitHub, Sep 2011; followed by 2 people

MailChimp API v1.3 wrapper for Python

Added a extension so we could use the STS mailchimp api to send emails

GitHub, May 2012 - Jul 2012

Django social authentication made simple

I did a contribution so people can connect easily to Evernote/Yahoo using the same app and some bugs fixing

GitHub, Nov 2013

This is a repository for collecting global custom management extensions for the Django Framework.

I added support to import all mongoengine classes right away to the shell if mongoengine is installed.

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OneReceipt keeps all of your receipts, and we mean ALL (paper and digital), in one convenient place. Track shipments, get return alerts, and more.

As a startup company my roles diverge a lot, mainly I develop front and backend and sometimes I have to get on the server side. I would say is a full stack role.

I Also like to add more than programming, to contribute with business ideas or what to do next.

Sokofighter is my thesis project, Its a sokoban game which adapts to your skill while you play depending on results. There is an android version of the game which connects to a REST service in the google app engine server to ask for more levels. Levels are solved before been able to be played by a IDA* sokoban solver algorithm which helps us tell how difficult is the level solved.

It's my own thesis project.

Special thanks to Emre, who did gave me the javascript source code of which helped me enormously on the javascript part and design of the system.

Kentriki is the first social e-commerce where you can buy whatever you need, sell products and share with friends.

I was on a developer position and as an agile environment contributed to design, presentation of new technologies, product managed, etc.

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I juggle and have a blog where I post every Thursday a band to keep myself updated with new music.

I also play drums and I am starting my own band