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Tariq Aziz

Currently Senior Software Engineer at Gsm Nation LLC (

"I started as junior designer, worked in Photo-shop designing and writing HTML/CSS for the websites. At the same time I worked in testing websites by creating test cases and then applying test cases. Then I continued the designing and testing with development and managing websites and creating work flows by gathering requirement from the customer directly. I also completed my Masters in same field of software engineering, which greatly improves the understanding of software development.

I like to take challenges and perform efficiently in tight milestones.I always want to be a part of dynamic team where I can utilize my potential and to be part of an organization that thrives on the latest technology whereby I can optimize my educational, technical and communication skills in a manner that would contribute to the progress of the organization. "


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Senior Software Engineer , Gsm Nation LLC (

October 2012 - Current

  1. Created work flows for the new features and facilities the company provides to their customers.
  2. Created the work flow for managing the company inventory and accounting system.
  3. Developing the new features and integrated into the current website (Magneto)
  4. Helping the junior developers development of new features.
  5. Developing the Inventory Management System for the complete purchases, selling, product, customer sales return, replacement etc of the company and integrate the system to Magento store.

Team Lead (Web development), Goldbar Tech Pvt Ltd Islamabad (

April 2011 - October 2012

  1. Worked in a cloud web application, for creating Multiple blogs for their customer. The main DB and API is in our server and the blog files can be uploaded to any server provided the FTP from the admin panel provided to them. The admin panel also allow the customers to manage the blog contents, payment gateways and other contents.

  2. Created the workflow and developed a web application to manage the company's email marketing customers. This application is integrated with another email marketing software. The software allows the user to register for using the services of the software according to the packages. His payments, invoices etc are managed through the software. It is also integrated with PayPal and 2checkout.

  3. Developed many scripts to provide assistance to the company email marketing business. Also worked on many websites of the company customers using latest technologies.

Software Engineer, Discretelogix (

November 2009 - April 2011

  1. Worked in many website including CMS websites, accounting, e-commerce and the quality assurance of website.
  2. Worked in front-end of many websites.
  3. Developed different payment gateways for many websites.
  4. Worked in Quality Assurance of many websites.
  5. Completed many clients projects by directly getting requirements from the client and delivered the project as requested.
  6. Completed a CMS managed site, using Joomla with a component with a form on front-end to collect details from visitors. Information can be viewed in Joomla administrator; status can be edited with email send feature and exported to CSV. The contents of the component are also editable in CMS.

Software Engineer and QA Engineer, Lasani Information Systems

August 2008 - October 2009

  1. Web Development: Worked in the development of many clients websites
  2. Quality Assurance: Also Worked as a QA engineer and perform QA of Websites and desktop applications.
  3. Worked in front-end of many websites.
  4. Developed different payment gateways for many websites.
  5. Created a complete list of test cases for Websites and desktop application.
  6. Executed test-cases for applications.
  7. Worked in C++ libraries to developed a CRM system.

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MS (Software Engineering), Bahria University Islamabad

2010 - 2012

CGPA: 3.01

University website:

Research Area: I have completed My research in Agile(SCRUM) software. processes

Subjects: Advance Software Engineering. Advance Operating Systems. Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Requirement Specification and Analysis. Object Oriented Analysis and Design

BS (Computer Sciences), University of Malakand, Chakdara, District Dir (L)

2003 - 2007

University Website:

Overall percentage: 75% (about 3.5 CGPA) Subjects: Computer Science basics. Object Oriented Programming. Database. Networking. Compiler construction.

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Square Trade Warranty

SquareTrade provides warranties for iPhones, iPads, laptops, and other electronics. It provides different warranty plans for the products according to their prices.

  1. Created the workflow and Developed the module in Magento.
  2. Developed the complete list of API calls to Square Trade (warranty activation, cancellation etc) during the order workflow in magento.

Blackwireless Shop

The Company's different partners are providing SIM Cards for phones having different plans.

  1. Developed the module in Magento which provide the customers to select different plans for SIM cards along with the phone, and process the purchase at the backend.

Billfloat (SmartPay) Module

SmartPay is a lease-to-own payment plan that let’s customers shop for devices, accessories and more. Then make fixed, scheduled payments to make it more affordable.

  1. Developed the Payment Gateway module in Magento.
  2. Developed the complete list of API calls to SmartPay, during the order workflow in Magento


This website is for managing GoldbarTech Email Marketing clients.

Some of the main tasks I completed are:

a. Integration with PayPal and 2checkout.

b. Developing in YII PHP framework.

c. Integrating with email marketing software Interspire with interspire API (3rd Party API).

i. User creation on interspire.

ii. User Editing on interspire.

iii. User Group creation and editing.

Constant Continuity

This is the product of GoldbarTech. The theme of this website is it provides services to customers to build their own website. There is the website main administrator area which is hosted on GoldbarTech server where user will be registered and then He can build website on selecting and providing many options given in the administrator. The website files are generated for the user, then He can host website on his any server.

Some of the main tasks I completed are:

a. Develop a wizard, through which user will upload and configure His website server he provide.

b. Integrating the new ckeditor, and developing many plugins for this ckeditor (i.e video, audio, checkout button).

c. Broadcast Email to users feature using a wizard with AJAX.

d. Fixing and enhancing the designing using HTML/JQuery.

e. Developing themes for the website client area (Many themes will be provided to the client and He can select one for his website).

f. Implementing the client side signup form. All the signup form fields, gateways, packages, payment planes, coupons are coming from the database, created with multiple wizards in the admin. The signup process include multiple calls to the constantcontinuity API. I implemented all the rules of the signup form for payment plans, coupons, gateways etc.

g. The client side signup gateway implementation of

1. Paypal PDT integration.

2. 2checkout integration.

h. I am also working on the final QA of the product.

Coach to Coach

This is sports website for managers, fans etc. They can login and use many services of the site. They can maintain their profile, tell people about their experiences. I hold over this website, many changes and adding new features was my responsibility.

Main tasks I completed are:

a. Developing the new coach-to-coach home page.

b. Building the invitation process for new users.

c. Integrating the website video uploading with Amazon S3. All the videos provided by the client in his profile are saving to Amazon. Also different size of videos can be uploading for different categories and user types.

d. Uploading and securing the coach’s files.

e. Fixing design issues.

f. Developing many administrator pages for managing the website.

Catapult Experiment

This website is used to display the journey of a GPS tagged bottle of wine around the world, publishing key locations it passes through to Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter.

Key features of this website which I have developed are the following:

• A CMS managed site, using Joomla with a component with a form on front-end to collect details from visitors. Information can be viewed in Joomla administrator; status can be edited with email send feature and exported to CSV. The contents of the component are also editable in CMS.

• PHP based CRON job to retrieve location data from trackingtheworld’s tracking site and process (with help of Foursquare API) into a digestible list of venues. Updates of those venues are sent to Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter with the help of foursquare API. Also the KML file which gives updates to the Google Maps is implemented here to record the whole journey of the bottle (the places and route between them).

• Google Maps for display of locations on the front-end of the website.

• A component which automatically retrieve images from facebook where the bottle has been tagged in Facebook (using facebook API). This is an AJAX based Multipage gallery.

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra | Home

Join the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra on an Inspirational 2012 Season. Subscribe online. This is an event management and ticket booking website.

Some of the Key features of this website are the following:

• A CMS managed site, using Joomla. I implement the design of the website in Joomla with most of the effects from JQuery and AJAX.

• An event management component has been installed for it, but most of the features has been modified and some are added to it both in the admin and client side.

• I have modified the event component both from the admin and client side. From the event details page the user can add a particular event to subscription cart. The subscription adding process is implemented through AJAX.

• A component for booking tickets of events has been developed. It is fully AJAX based form.

• In admin the series and event can be added and edited with ticket, reserves, prices and discount prices. Tickets, reserves, location can be added, edited and deleted.

• The detailed of some modules that I developed are: 1. The event calendar which shows events in a month and the detail can be shown. 2. The Random Six events, the four upcoming events, the upcoming six events and the featured event in home page.

Chakdara Press Club

This is information management system for the press club. Also news update are managed through it.

I developed the design of the website in HTML5 and CSS3. I developed the database Design of the website. I developed an admin panel, through which images, videos, and news are updated.


This is enhancement to the current site.

I added many new features to the website these are:

• Upgrade to PayPal Pro from PayPal standard.

• Implementation of the sale of a new product, which is dynamic 63 pages PDF of the implicitself Guide.

• All the website logic has been changed for the new product.

• The website is integrated with partner Web sites. Partners are added in admin section. Then any user redirected from the partner websites are entertained differently from other users.

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