Steven Byle

Senior Consultant / Software Engineer at CapTech Consulting, and Lead Android Application Developer (CapTech Consultant) at Fortune 500 Hospitality Company
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Senior Consultant / Software Engineer
CapTech Consulting

July 2011 – Current

Provides clients IT consulting expertise in the technical architecture, design, and development of enterprise and consumer mobile applications, specializing in Android. Has worked with clients to build new mobile applications from the ground up, as well as revitalize existing legacy applications. Has expertise in many facets of Android, including front end user interface design, back end data and network service modeling, local database design, application security and obfuscation, maintaining backwards compatibility, along with performance and battery optimization.

Has experience leading development teams, providing development task breakdown and coordination, source control workflows, code review processes, as well as application architectural documentation. Also has worked very closely with design teams to provide technical feedback and expertise during design phases. Has experience in both traditional waterfall and agile development methodologies.

Along with mobile application experience, also has worked with clients to develop scalable web service tiers, enterprise Windows tablet applications, as well as implement automated testing. Has client experience in the financial, retail, consumer goods, food and beverage, entertainment, and hospitality sectors.

Lead Android Application Developer (CapTech Consultant)
Fortune 500 Hospitality Company

January 2015 – Current

The client had recently released its first native iOS and Android application, designed to let customers find and book hotels, manage their rewards accounts and reservations, and check in remotely. However, the Android application was suffering from a high crash rate and feature malfunctions due to poor application architecture and implementation practices. Led a CapTech team to stabilize the existing application issues, along with adding a new service requesting feature, which allowed guests to request hotel services during their stay, directly from the mobile app without having to call the front desk. Reduced the per session crash rate from 5% to about 1%, converted the legacy user interface to Google’s Material Design standard, architected a stable networking model, and implemented the service requesting feature. Throughout 2015, the CapTech team managed 8 releases of the Android app to the Google Play Store, which is being utilized by over 275,000 monthly active users.

Lead Android Application Developer (CapTech Consultant)
Large Entertainment Company

November 2013 – January 2015

CapTech was tasked with building new customer facing mobile applications for iOS and Android, along with their mobile web service tier. These apps were designed to assist visitors at the client's theme parks by providing real time attraction information and wait times, geo-accurate park maps, park news via push messaging, wait time and show time alerts, as well as in-park step by step route guidance to attractions. Wrote a completely new Android application, which included the front end user interface and animations, data model and database design, as well as the networking framework. Also devised the approach to take satellite data and create geo-accurate, illustrated map tile sets that support all screen densities for iOS and Android, which could be integrated with the Google Maps and Apple Maps APIs. The Android app was released to the Google Play Store Summer 2014, and has been received very positively by park guests, garnering over 65,000 monthly active users.

Android Application Architect (CapTech Consultant)
Large Food & Beverage Company

October 2014 – December 2014

After releasing a hybrid web-native mobile application for iOS, the client was looking to expand its user base by porting their hybrid application to Android. This application allowed business managers to track deliveries, browse recipes, and download rebates. CapTech was tasked with porting the designs to Android, and developing the hybrid Android application that supported phone and tablet form factors, using web tools. Provided Android expertise and oversight, ensuring the design and implementation met native Android application standards. The application was released to the Google Play store Winter 2014.

Web Services Java Developer (CapTech Consultant)
Science Museum of Virginia

July 2013 – February 2014

The client wanted to allow museum visitors to view their Boost! exhibit results from outside the museum. As a pro bono effort, worked with the Science Museum of Virginia to expose features from the Boost! exhibit through their public website. Analyzed the exhibit's technical architecture, and proposed a solution to expose the Boost! exhibit data using RESTful java web services with a web version of the exhibit results and comparison pages. Worked to develop RESTful java web services that interfaced with backend SOAP services. Also collaborated with another CapTech consultant who adapted a desktop friendly version of the results and comparison web pages. The Boost! web pages were made available Summer 2014 on SMV's public web site.

Windows 8 Tablet Application Developer (CapTech Consultant)
Fortune 200 Consumer Goods Company

October 2013 – November 2013

To better assist their store associates, the client was developing a Windows 8 tablet application to allow its store associates to monitor products, special promotions, and inventory while on the go. CapTech was brought in to perform the development work. Was added to the project after development was almost complete, and was tasked with fixing defects, adding localization, and refactoring code to follow best practices.

Android Application Analyst (CapTech Consultant)
Large Entertainment Company

May 2013 – June 2013

The client was in the process of redesigning their mobile applications. These apps, for Android and iOS, were designed to assist visitors at their theme parks by providing attraction information, interactive park maps, as well as park hours and information. However, the apps required updates to implement newer features of mobile platforms, improve app navigation, and provide a simpler, more fluid user experience. Worked with a CapTech team to interview the client stakeholders and developers in order to assess the legacy mobile applications and backend services. Analyzed and tested the existing Android application’s code base to determine its extensibility and future maintainability. Examined and documented the legacy service tier, diagraming the services and data required by the applications, clarified and documented functional requirements, while suggesting some design alternatives. Delivered a proposal of potential solutions to upgrade the legacy mobile applications using the current infrastructure, as well as alternatives by developing newer systems.

Android Application Developer (CapTech Consultant)
Fortune 50 Retail Company

March 2012 – April 2013

The client was developing an Android consumer application to provide users the ability to shop, find stores and hours, inspire home improvement ideas, search how-to videos, track purchases, and integrate user account features on Android devices. Designed and developed the model portion of the application, which handled creating and managing all network calls to and from the service tier, storing persistent data into databases, and providing a flexible, abstracted interface for the frontend to request network calls and access the returned data. Also developed several portions of the frontend user interface, and improved user experience with animations, visual asset enhancements, and reusable styles. The Android app was released to the Google Play store Summer 2012, and currently has over 1,000,000 installs, and is now being maintained by the client.

Web Services Java Developer (CapTech Consultant)
Fortune 50 Retail Company

November 2011 – March 2012

In order for the client to properly support its mobile applications on iPhone, Android, and mobile optimized web, they desired a mobile service tier that could interface with all of their backend databases and systems. Worked with a team of developers to create a scalable, RESTful web service tier that would deliver retail data, store locations, user account data, and many more services to and from mobile devices. The service tier provided a common, constant interface for mobile applications to bind to, while being able to have the backend source systems change as needed, without requiring application updates. Worked to design a common input/output scheme to allow for detailed error reporting. Coauthored a technical manual for the mobile service tier that provided in depth instructions and explanations for every service. The service tier went into production in Summer 2012 and serves millions of users on the iPhone, Android, and mobile web applications.

Quality Assurance Analyst (CapTech Consultant)
Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

July 2011 – November 2011

The client had the inability to handle real-time internal money transfers between bank and brokerage accounts due to a recent merger. CapTech was consulted to design and develop the brokerage portion of the system. Tasked with integration, enterprise, and regression quality assurance of the new system. Designed test cases using dynamic variables to drastically improve test case creation and management. Automated the submission of test transactions, improving submission time exponentially over manual execution. Devised and implemented a defect management process. Coordinated with downstream teams for cross area testing of online and voice recognition transaction systems, providing test account setup and maintenance. The project went into production Fall 2011 and automates real-time money transactions between bank and brokerage merger accounts.

Undergraduate Researcher
Virginia Tech

January 2011 – May 2011

Designed and implemented a user interface for the Android version of CLEAR Mobile. Designed icons and visual resources to create an attractive, yet simple user experience. Worked with other researchers to develop network functions to allow the Android application to dynamically display user interface elements downloaded from a central server.

Military Sealift Command

June 2009 – August 2009

Created and managed dynamic project tracking tools for pending contract renewals. Successfully devised and updated project timelines and status dashboards for upper management.

U.S. Department of Education

June 2008 – August 2008

Queried defect tracking reports for change management review and analysis. Managed cross area change requests, service requests, and fulfilled data calls as needed by the enterprise change management team.

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B.S. Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

2007 – 2011

Magna Cum Laude


Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer


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GitHub, May 2013 - Feb 2014; followed by 29 people; forked 17 times

An example Android application to demonstrate optimizing the user interface for phones and tablets.

GitHub, Apr 2013 - Feb 2014; followed by 9 people

A simple Android application to demonstrate how the different layout dimension units compare on different density devices.

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