Yurii Lahodiuk

Senior Software Engineer
HERE, Maps for Life
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I have experience of solving the different kinds of technical problems: systems design, scalability of backend services, performance optimization.

I prefer an algorithmic approach for solving problems. Additionally, I make use of data-driven approach and domain-specific insights about the nature of problems.


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Senior Software Engineer
HERE, Maps for Life

October 2014 – Current

  • Development and improvement of search and ranking functionality of Geocoding service
  • Working on performance optimization topics
  • Development of framework for Named Entity Recognition

Software Engineer

June 2014 – September 2014

Working in Data/API Team:
- Development of classifier of articles types
- Development of API for partnerships

Won Wikia Hackathon 2014

Succinct description of my Hackathon project:
The way of how user interacts with web page – can be treated as an implicit feedback about quality of content from web page. So, I developed proxy server, which could inject tracking scripts into web pages, and collect anonymized interaction logs. Collected information could be used for improvement of search functionality.

Senior Software engineer

March 2012 – June 2014

  • Engineering and development solutions for high-loaded media platform and search service.
  • Development of tools for automatic retrieval of information from unstructured texts from the Web.
  • Design and development of server-side logic of vertical content service (including web crawling, aggregation of crawled data and search).

Java back-end developer

July 2011 – February 2012

Design and implementation of customer specific functionality for e-commerce web application:
• Developed rule-based system for creating and managing promotional campaigns and rebates within back-office

Java developer
Vimas Technologies

March 2010 – July 2011

Development of desktop applications and Java applets for e-learning:
• Developed score counting mechanism (based on Dynamic Time Warping algorithm) into Java application for learning of Chinese language (based on comparison of pitch of voice)
• Porting GUI of existing Java applets into JavaFX


M.S. Information Systems and Technology
International University of Economics and Humanities Named After Stepan Demianchuk

2011 – 2014

B.S. Physical Chemistry
Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

2007 – 2011

Developed application for computer design of heat-resistant alloys.

Took prize in international student conference "Modern problems of chemistry".

Wrote article "Thermodynamic properties of liquid alloys of Ni-Al-M systems" (about calculations with my application) in chemistry magazine. ISSN 1728-2209, issue 46 (http://papers.univ.kiev.ua/himija/11056.pdf - page 34)

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GitHub, Oct 2015; followed by 9 people; forked 3 times

Lightweight implementation of context-free languages parser - Earley parser (including generation of the parsing-forest).

Designed and developed from scratch

GitHub, Nov 2013 - Feb 2014; followed by 47 people; forked 12 times

Lightweight implementation of Decision Tree and Random Forest classifiers.

Designed and developed from scratch

GitHub, Mar 2013 - Jun 2014; followed by 24 people; forked 8 times

Ray tracing render developed from scratch, including: k-d tree for fast rendering, support of parallel rendering, texture mapping and antialiasing.

Designed and developed from scratch

GitHub, Nov 2012 - May 2015; followed by 22 people; forked 5 times

Genetic Programming engine developed from scratch.

Designed and developed from scratch