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Patryk Szulczyk

Barcelona, Spain

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Currently Software Engineer at ReviewPro.

Wanted to work in academia but fate has chosen differently and I ended up coding for a living. Bad thing it's my hobby too, so all too often i end up programming more than 9h a day. Oh, well :)

If you're a dynamic company and can offer good conditions - I'm all ears.



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Software Engineer, ReviewPro

October 2012 - Current

Doing full-stack development. From hadoop to client-side javascript. A bit of everything, but staying close to java/spring.

Senior Software Engineer/Team leader, Setting Consultoria S.A.

February 2008 - September 2012

I was kind of programming Winston Woolf, called for when things get wrong. Obviously that happened only from time to time, so normally I headed two development teams. One responsible for some typical Java EE stuff and the other doing some R+D with Hospital Clinic in Barcelona (ontology-based systems for healthcare).

Software Engineer, Gadu-Gadu S.A.

June 2007 - August 2007

Short stint due to my departure to Spain, but most enriching one. I was part of the server development team, writing the code behind the biggest IM service in Poland. My only contact with industry grade C++ and boost libraries so far.

Software Engineer, TLS Technologies S.A.

October 2005 - June 2007

Mainly Java EE development for telecom sector. Participated in wide range of projects - from messaging services to BTS frequency assignment.

Software Engineer, Bitnet Consulting S.A.

October 2004 - June 2005


MSc Computer Science, Warsaw University

2002 - 2010

Awarded the prize for second best MSC thesis published in 2010 in Poland by Polish Bioinformatics Society (page in Polish).

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Introduction to Algorithms

Introduction to Algorithms

Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein

Molecular Biology of the Cell

Molecular Biology of the Cell

Bruce Alberts, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, Martin Raff, Keith Roberts,…

Love it. Great narrative, colorful pictures. Biologists got it so much better than computer scientists.



vim err no emacs, err no don't care really, spend time mostly between eclipse and vim