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Peter Sheats

Tyler, Texas United States

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Currently Contract Web Developer at Pegasus News, and Contract Web Developer at Tivix.

I am an experienced Python, Django, and JavaScript, developer who loves using best coding practices, developing solid, well-tested applications, and creating clean, user-friendly software.

I love challenging problems that force me to learn new and interesting technology and skills. I am reading several of the books on Joel Spolsky's book recommendations and try to dedicate some time every day to improving my skills.

Currently available for contract programming in any of my skills below.


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Contract Web Developer, Pegasus News

January 2011 - Current

Hired to help maintain and make improvements to a large Django codebase originally built on Ellington.

  • Integrated mailing lists with MailChimp using their API

Contract Web Developer, Tivix

May 2010 - Current

Worked with Tivix on several of their projects.

  • Cell Biosciences: Worked on the code deployed on their imaging machines.
  • Heroic Imagination: Built the pledge and challenge application of their site.
  • Took over the codebase from an inexperienced developer and rewrote most of it to get the site ready for launch.
  • San Francisco Shuttle Tours: Rewrote their existing e-commerce in Satchmo with some heavy customizations to handle tour dates as products.

Senior Python Developer,

June 2010 - November 2010

Worked remotely as a core developer on version 2 of their CRM solution.

  • Wrote a language parser to enable users to write formulas to create dynamic fields.
  • Developed a AJAX calendar application that syncs with user's Google Calendars.
  • Integrated the CRM product with Google Marketplace.


January 2010 - May 2010

Worked remotely as a developer for as one of their main developers. I've worked on all aspects of the site but here are some more significant specifics:

  • Integrated with APIs for multiple accounting services, such as and
  • Developed the Obstacle Eliminator feature, a communication tool between customers and tax experts. It is an AJAX UI that allows the customers and experts to save notes, make calls, and send messages back and forth.
  • Developed the Reduce Taxes screen, which collects several different types of data from the user. This screen uses a lot of JavaScript and AJAX to easily assist the user with entering his or her information. Used some fun polymorphism to handle the different data types generically both in on the server side and the client side.
  • Administered the Amazon EC2 servers.

Developer, Palm Beach Post

December 2007 - December 2009

I built Florida Home with one other developer. Florida Home is a geo-spatially aware real estate website built with Django (Geodjango), PostgreSQL, Nginx, and many other open source tools. I contributed to code at every level of the stack and when the other developer left was fully responsible for every aspect of the site.

Here are same of the main accomplishments and responsibilities at this position:

  • Responsible for numerous scripts and processes for consuming and processing data from multiple sources, making the site automatic and self-updating.
  • Researched and built tools to facilitate easy unit testing to ensure a solid and stable codebase.
  • Pushed for the use of web standards and best practices whenever possible.
  • Built a rapid deployment tool that allows us to push new code multiple times a day.
  • Responsible for all server configuration, maintenance, and monitoring (using Nagios) on Amazon's EC2 environment and used many of the AWS tools for our specific needs.
  • Implemented full text search using PostgreSQL built-in capabilities.
  • Moved all maps from Google maps to Bing Virtual Earth maps, and built a dynamic loading interface that loads new listings as the user navigates the map.
  • Worked on PBGameTime as well. I did all the CSS and XHTML but also contributed to the code and code design.

Developer, Moka LLC

2007 - 2007

  • Developed an application that facilited multi-protocol communication between SMS, instant messaging, and a web based chatroom.
  • Integrated a real-time translation service so that users could communicate effectively with each other using their own native language. For example, a Spanish user could type Spanish to an English user who would receive the message in English and vice versa.
  • Designed and implemented an interactive user interface for the web chatroom and using Yahoo's User Interface Library.
  • Created site layout and design using semantic XHTML and CSS.
  • Used Ajax methodologies to offer users a better and more intuitive user interface.

Webmaster, Palm Beach Atlantic University

2004 - 2007

  • Webmaster for
  • Initiated, managed, and completed project of redesigning and redeveloping the University’s external website.
  • Created a dynamic catalog for the University which allowed users to browse all offered courses and view course requirements, a sample schedule, and details about each class.
  • Designed and developed an events calendar which allowed multiple users to enter events which would then be correctly displayed throughout the site.
  • Worked with Athletics to create a fully dynamic Athletic site for displaying rosters, schedules, and news releases.
  • Created application using PHP, MySql, and Apache on a Linux machine to assist HR with the hiring process. The application facilitated the flow of communication between HR and all departments involved when a new employee was hired.
  • Developed a password management application using Python and PHP that integrated with the system that generates account credentials and provided a web based system for distributing those credentials.
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B.S. Computer Information Systems, Palm Beach Atlantic University

2000 - 2004

  • Member of the Frederick M. Supper Honors Program
  • Graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.59

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  • Zend PHP Certified Engineer
  • Certified ColdFusion MX 7 Advanced Developer