Sean Massa

Senior Software Engineer at Popular Pays, and Meetup Organizer at Chicago Node.js Meetup, and Meetup Organizer at Geekfest, and Meetup Co-organizer at Chicago Ember.js
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I love building communities, encouraging personal growth, fighting for diversity, fighting for inclusion, and developing my own technical and interpersonal skills.


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Senior Software Engineer
Popular Pays

July 2015 – Current

Software Engineer

October 2011 – July 2015

UI Engineering: formed and lead the UI Engineering team responsible for standardizing web application development; created a standard ember-cli blueprint for app development; paired with teams to ramp them up on Ember and help with initial Ember versions of their app.

Engineering Voice: formed and lead a group of engineers who wanted to participate and own our own Engineering voice; this included group ownership and operation of the Groupon Engineering Blog, @GrouponEng, Conference Sponsorships, Meetup Organization, Public Speaking, and Open Source.

Community: Assumed ownership of Geekfest; helped it grow to an average of 80 attendees every single week; worked on and released an Anti-harassment Policy for our public events.

Testium: wrote a new test library called Testium for sync tests written in Node.js: based on mocha, selenium, and custom sync node WebDriver bindings; used by 40+ internal teams on 75+ projects.

Splitting the Monolith: worked on core team that built out a Node.js infrastructure to support all product teams moving off of Ruby on Rails; 40+ teams with 75+ applications.

Design Sprints: lead several Design Sprints in an effort to put intentional design into applications that were not afforded a designer.

Open Source: promoted use of, contribution to, and release of open source projects; reviewed internal projects for open sourcing; helped build to showcase our committment to open source.

Promoting Personal Growth: developed and implemented many different processes that promoted and improved personal growth of engineers: a buddy program, mentoring other engineers, access, safari books online access.

Training: created and ran internal training courses across offices on various topics: coffeescript, promises/streams, javascript, node.js, ember.js.

Recruiting: performed tech, pair, and phone screen interviews for many candidates; worked with tech recruiting to improve processes.

Meetup Organizer
Chicago Node.js Meetup

October 2011 – Current

Chicago Node.js

  • network to find presenters
  • coordinate food
  • coordinate building access
  • host each event
  • promote a safe environment by enforcing a code of conduct

Meetup Organizer

March 2013 – Current


  • network to find presenters
  • coordinate food
  • coordinate building access
  • host each event
  • promote a safe environment by enforcing a code of conduct

Meetup Co-organizer
Chicago Ember.js

April 2014 – Current

Chicago Ember.js

  • network to find presenters
  • coordinate food
  • coordinate building access
  • promote a safe environment by enforcing a code of conduct

Freelance Node.js Developer
Takumi Capital

June 2011 – August 2011

I created a platform that streams data from network sockets on remote machines, compiles the data into a data structure, and provides visualizations of that data (with HighCharts) to a web browser in real time (over

The data was stock information sent back from high-frequency trading systems at stock exchanges.

Internal Software Engineer
Sonoma Partners

May 2011 – October 2011

This position involves internal development instead of direct client development.

  • Maintain internal tools used to enhance the development, management, and sales processes
  • Develop new plugins for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Improve development practices by introducing unit testing and better source control

Software Engineer
Sonoma Partners

January 2010 – May 2011

  • Championed the removal of unnecessary .NET Interfaces in the Data and Logic layers of the project template.
  • Rewrote an import process to use SQL directly into the CRM tables instead of the CRM API because the API was way too slow!
  • Optimized SQL queries to operate on 6 million records in a reasonable amount of time and disk space.

Support Engineer
Canopy Financial

April 2009 – November 2009

  • Writing SQL scripts to correct data
  • Debugging SQL Stored Procedures and fixing them
  • Debugging Enterprise-level ASP.NET Applications and fixing them
  • Developing Tools to automate common tasks
  • Interviewing candidates for peer positions

Web Developer

April 2007 – April 2009

  • Designing, Developing, Testing, and Maintaining ASP.NET applications for internal use
  • Maintaining legacy applications written in Classic ASP and .NET 1.1

Web Developer

March 2007 – August 2007

  • Maintenance of existing code base
  • Wrote web pages in VB.NET and ASP .NET against a DB2 back-end
  • Utilized and modified custom Web Services to access data
  • Used AJAX Controls to enhance web forms and page postback handling

Publication Services

2001 – 2007

Part-time during high school and college; full-time during summers.

  • Typeset marked-up pages
  • Proofread typeset pages
  • Wrote scripts to structure large quantities of data
  • Prepared job “Setups” using Adobe FrameMaker and Quark eXpress

Software Developer Internship
The Sedona Group

June 2006 – August 2006

  • Wrote web pages in C#.NET and ASP.NET against a SQL Server back-end
  • Created a custom control that connected to a GMail account in order to fetch specialized news reports via Google Alerts
  • Created and integrated custom pages into the Content Management System
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B.S. Computer Science
Illinois State University

2003 – 2007

  • Deans List
  • 3.50 GPA in Major
  • Area (Dorm) Student Government Vice President
  • Worked to pay for school as I went

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GitHub, Nov 2013 - Dec 2015; followed by 290 people; forked 32 times

integration test library for Node.js that hooks into mocha (and others) to provide a sync api for browsers


GitHub, Oct 2012 - Sep 2015; followed by 18 people; forked 9 times

simple stub/spy javascript library


GitHub, Feb 2012 - Jun 2014; followed by 11 people; forked 6 times

simple convention-based template engine


GitHub, Sep 2013 - Aug 2015; followed by 17 people; forked 6 times

Assertive is a terse yet expressive assertion library, designed and ideally suited for coffee-script


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System for browsing deals on Groupon.

An expression of Groupon Engineering's commitment to and love of Open Source.

  • lead the project
  • implemented Stack Overflow and Lanyrd data retrieval

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Handling Errors in Node.js

The async callback standard in Node.js suggests that the first parameter of the callback is an error object. If that's null, you can move along. If it's not, or you have an error thrown elsewhere, you have to figure out what to do. Let's take a look at our options!

Avoiding Global State in JavaScript and the Testing Thereof

Global state is bad. We all know it, but we seem to have forgotten how to recognize it in JavaScript.

Managing a Node.js Project

Working with Node.js and npm can be a lot of fun until you have other people actually using your software! Now your users expect your code to work, especially when they use new versions that match their fuzzy selectors.


Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript (Effective Software Development Series)

Effective JavaScript

68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript

David Herman

Code Complete (Microsoft Programming Series)

Code Complete

Steve McConnell

Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition

Don't Make Me Think

A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition

Steve Krug


386 running DOS



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