Philipp Schmid

Chief Software Architect and Senior Software Developer at Adapx Inc., and Chief Technology Officer at Economica Systems, and Sole Proprietor at Mercersoft
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I am looking for a position that allows me to leverage the breadth of my knowledge to build great user experiences for customers.

I strongly believe in using the right tool for the job even if it doesn't involve my 'favorite' technology.

As such I pride myself for being well versed in several different technologies, from client-side technologies, such as JavaScript and HTML, CSS, Silverlight, WPF, Objective-C, Xamarin 2.0, all the way to server-side technologies such as ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Azure, Google App Engine with Python, SQL databases, and cloud databases.

I have a strong background (research and product development) in speech recognition, natural language processing, and multi-modal systems.

In addition to my day job I am working on several moonlighting projects in order to learn new technologies. I have been developing a business modelling application for WPF and Windows Phone 8. The other one is an Objective-C iPhone game application for a letters and numbers game based on a long-running French TV game show.


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Chief Software Architect and Senior Software Developer
Adapx Inc.

2010 – Current

My main responsibility for Adapx as their Chief Software Architect is to drive innovation into our products, by implementing new features for existing products (e.g., our SharePoint product) or by creating new products that take advantage of the latest software technologies, such as Objective-C, HTML 5, or Windows Azure.

I am currently working on improving the performance and usability of our multimodal (speech and sketch) planning system.

I am advising our CTO in questions of technological directions and feasibility of difficult challenges.

Professional Services Manager
Adapx Inc.

2009 – 2010

My main responsibility was to assist our customers with the integration of our SharePoint server product into their business workflows. As such, I elicited requirements, and then implemented innovative solutions on top of SharePoint for data transfer and custom workflow solutions.

Senior Software Developer
Adapx Inc.

2009 – 2009

I single-handedly designed and implemented our new SharePoint server product for the US Courts. I conducted a 2 month hosted trial of the software which lead us getting a large contract from US Courts.

My initial system was subsequently enhanced by the rest of the development team and has turned into our main product for Adapx.

Chief Technology Officer
Economica Systems

2007 – Current

I am the sole implementer of a WPF-based business modelling tool.

The user interface uses a ribbon interface that exposes possible user actions and a flexible Visual Studio-like drag and drop tool windowing system for maximum flexibility when modelling business processes.

The model is represented internally as a graph where business metrics (demand, costs) are updated on-the-fly as the model structure is changed or parameters are updated.

Currently I am adding a Windows Phone 8 application that exposes the same functionality for a mobile platform.

Sole Proprietor

2003 – Current

This is my one company for my moonlighting activities.

I am currently finishing up my iPhone word game 'Letters with Friends' written in Objective-C.

Before that I started to build an mobile game using jQuery Mobile, HTML 5, and Javascript. The game is based on the long-running French TV game show 'Chiffres and Lettres' adapted for mobile players (rather than studio contestants).

On a different occasion, I developed a prototype for a social game for Facebook, hosted on GAE and written in Python. This prototype explores the use of GMail to send and receive email programmatically, as well as sending Facebook messages (and record them).

Development Manager
Adapx Inc.

2006 – 2008

I was responsible for our development team of up to 8 (mostly senior) developers.

I lead the release of several projects and products that integrate with 3rd party software, such as ESRI ArcGIS, or Microsoft Office (OneNote, Excel).

One of the areas of focus for me was the mentoring of junior developers as well as the continued education on new technologies of the entire time. To that end, I instituted a weekly brown bag lunch where we would watch online presentation, such as DNR TV.

Software Development Lead
Microsoft Corp., Speech and Natural Language Group

2003 – 2006

I was the development lead for System.Speech, the managed speech API from Microsoft. As such I lead the API design effort, which involved cross-team collaboration with the rest of the .NET team to ensure consistency. The API shipped initially as part of .NET 3.0 (and has shipped in subsequent .NET releases).

Software Development Engineer
Microsoft Corp., Tablet PC Group

2001 – 2003

I was responsible for speech-enabling the Windows user interface (shell) for Tablet PC 1.0. This software built the basis for the speech recognition integration introduced in Windows Vista.

Software Development Engineer
Microsoft Corp., Speech Group

1999 – 2001

I was a member of the core development team for the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) which shipped in Windows XP and Office XP (and is still included in Windows 7).

My main areas of focus was grammar-based recognition (grammar compiler, parser, result generation).

Several USPTO patents are a result of this work.

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Computer Science

1997 – 1998

I developed a novel dialog manager BIANCA based on state-event mechanism which was adopted by the Spoken Language Systems group at MIT as their main conversation management tool.

I then used the same technology to build an extensible and pluggable architecture for distributed conversational spoken language systems which was adapted by DARPA for their speech programs, hosted by MITRE Corp.

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Ph. D. in Computer Science
Oregon Graduate Institute

1991 – 1996

Ph.D in Computer Science in the field of computer speech recognition.

Outstanding Research Paper Award

Master in Computer Science
University of Berne, Switzerland

1986 – 1991

Masters-equivalent degree in Computer Science with thesis option in the field of neural networks

Published conference paper in Neural Network conference proceedings

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Display content (in this case tennis strategy tips) stored in an XML file. The user can browse the content and manage important tips in a list of favorites (for quick and easy access prior to a tennis match).

design and implementation