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Sayem Ahmed

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Currently Web Application Engineer at Rakuten, Inc..

I am a self-motivated software engineer having solid experience in building high-performance web applications. I am most experienced in Java based technologies like Spring, JPA, Servlets, JSP etc. I have also used JavaScript to write a considerable number of applications in front-end, server-side and mobile environment. For databases my personal choice is always PostgreSQL, but I have also worked with MySQL and a little bit in Oracle. I have also developed in PHP but I prefer not to use it in the future, if possible. For a short period I have also worked with C++, Qt 4, C# and ASP.NET.

I can design (mainly functional and technical) and develop a fully functional web application from scratch, including the data and/or domain model. I can also develop applications for desktop and mobile environments from zero beginning as well. My focus mainly lies in the usability, maintainability, efficiency and performance of the applications as well as the underlying implementation code.

I am experienced in Agile Development Methodologies. I am a Certified Scrum Master and also very familiar with agile development strategies like Unit Testing, Continuous Integration etc.



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Web Application Engineer, Rakuten, Inc.

April 2014 - Current

I develop and maintain various tools and web applications that get used by other developers and millions of end-users. I also promote the agile techniques (unit testing, continuous integration, test and build automation etc.) within our group. As an added responsibility I also act as an administrator of our build server (Jenkins) and maven repository manager (Artifactory).

For my contributions in creating a stable build pipeline using Stash, Jenkins and Artifactory I was nominated as one of the MIP (Most Impressive Person) of the month for the month of July 2014.

Senior Software Engineer, IMpulse (BD) Ltd

May 2012 - March 2014

My responsibility included gathering and understanding requirements from clients (both local and on-shore), designing the software architecture/wireframe, taking ownership/leadership of projects and leading the team. As a result, I participated in all phases of software development lifecycle. I also contributed to other teams whenever they needed technical helps. I also co-ordinated our internal training program and recruitment process with our Operations Manager.

As examples of my work, I have led the development of a couple of cross-platform mobile applications using Sencha Touch 2. I also developed a web application which was integrated into a native iPad app, participated in the development of an event management system and developed a major portion (mainly the server-side) of a food ordering system used in a restaurant.

The technology that I used here varied from time to time. I have used JavaScript, jQuery, Sencha Touch 2, PostgreSQL, Powerbuilder, Node JS, Sharepoint Foundation 2010, and C#.NET.

Software Engineer, REVE Systems

October 2011 - April 2012

My responsibility included taking ownership of the development of the company's flagship VoIP dialer, also known as iTel Dialer, for Linux platform. I also led the core development for this project. Later I managed a small team to lead the development of the mobile dialer for three different platforms. I personally monitored each and every member of the team, supervising their development process, solving their problems, coordinating with upper management for resource allocation and implemented the major portions of the code base.

I also took care of the recruitment process of the company i.e., setting up test questions, taking viva of the applicants etc.

The technologies that I had to use here were C, C++, Linux, Pulse Audio, and Qt4.

Software Engineer, Escenic AS

April 2011 - September 2011

Escenic AS develops a leading Content Management System for media industries which can be used to deploy and manage websites with ease. I worked in two of the core R&D teams of this product - Widget Framework and Core Platform team.

My responsibility in the Escenic Widget Framework team included development of various widgets which the clients can use to render various contents on the site. As an example, I have developed the Audio Widget which can simply be dragged and dropped in the website layout using the content editor, and an audio player will be created in that page. Later I was moved to the platform team which was responsible for the development of the core CMS engine. In this team I worked for a short time to integrate the Rhino JavaScript engine into the content editor.

The technologies that I had to use here were Java, Servlets/JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, and Apache Tomcat.

Software Engineer, IMpulse (BD) Ltd

June 2010 - March 2011

I participated in the core development of an ERP system, called powERPlay, tailored for the needs of the real estate business. This product has several modules which took care of day-to-day accounting, material management, human resource management, asset management etc. I have contributed heavily in the development of the Account Management System, Material Management System and developed the Sales Management System by myself.

I was also sent to the Dhaka Branch of IMS Health to work in one of their internal projects. This projects was used by their various clients to book projects with them.

The technologies that I had to use here were Sybase Powerbuilder, PostgreSQL, ASP.NET, and jQuery.

Software Engineer, Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.

October 2009 - May 2010

My responsibility here was to maintain and extend a Student Management System which was used by a popular tuition center with many local branches across the whole country. I have also participated in the development and fine-tuning of an application called iTrader, an online stock management system. This system can fetch live stock transaction information from Dhaka Stock Exchange and display them in a user-friendly manner. Users can also place a direct stock purchase/sell order through this system. The system also supports user portfolio information, and provides valuable insights into the current stock market with many different reports.

The technologies that I had to use here were PHP, Smarty, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, MySql, ASP.NET, and MSSQL Server 2005.

Junior Software Engineer (Part time), Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.

April 2009 - September 2009

In this company I used to work in the core development of a Student Management System which was used by a popular tuition center with many local branches across the whole country. This system was responsible for recording student admission information, recording correct answers for MCQs, parsing the answer sheets submitted by the students and then calculating their final marks and storing them, publishing merit lists based on their marks etc. I have developed a substantial portion of this system. I had also developed the company's own website during this period.

The technologies that I had to use here were PHP, Smarty, JavaScript, jQuery, and MySQL.

Software Developer, Independent

January 2010 - October 2013

I developed couple of applications as an independent consultant -

  • I developed an Employee Management System for a local client using C#, DevExpress, NHibernate, and MySQL.
  • I developed a health care rebate management system for a US client using Java, JSP, Spring, Spring Data for Mongo and Mongo DB.
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B.S. Computer Science and Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

2004 - 2009


Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance, Member No. 000367540

2014 - 2016

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GitHub, Mar 2013 - Aug 2014

My playground for various Java stuff that I learn and use as examples in my blog posts.



GitHub, Jun 2013

A simple java program demonstrating MS Access file parsing approach


GitHub, Jun 2013 - Nov 2013

A simple java program demonstrating excel file parsing approach


GitHub, Sep 2013 - Jan 2014

A chat server written with Node JS, Express JS and Socket IO

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