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Intermediate .NET Developer
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I'm a full-stack software developer who believes that javascript is going to continue to gobble up the world! And that everything that can be made mobile-friendly, should be!

I have a background working at smaller shops with great teams, and as such I've acquired many useful skills in server, database, and general project management.

I'm passionate about whatever it takes to get the job done - I've driven between cities while our Sysadmin was on vacation to replace a hard drive before a client demo.


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Intermediate .NET Developer

August 2013 – Current


In concert with my team, developing educational-related software products and services. The goal is to improve the ability of educational organizations to communicate and enrich student learning.

Current project is to build a modern responsive learning managements system delivered to students across the US through their web browser. System is required to be highly available (even between server updates), which is accomplished via a combination of automated deployments tools and message queues that can still receive client requests while the system is being updated.

Client is built primarily in AngularJS and twitter bootstrap, with a real-time component for notifications delivered to teachers and students through websockets.

System allows teachers to assign homework and quizzes, for students to submit against them, and for the teacher to grade and return them to the student (and eventually their parents).

Each class has a Facebook-like newsfeed and calendar which the teacher can use for classroom announcements, and which has posts that students can comment on and send messages to the teacher.

Software Developer
Sandbox Software Solutions

August 2012 – November 2012

Maintenance and feature upgrades on several large, live ASP.Net projects which primarily focused on correcting existing functionality, frontend UI changes, adjusting systems to better conform to security best practices and user roles within the system

Part of team converting a large database-driven classic ASP web application to ASP.Net and SQL Server. Responsibilities includes new frontend code, preservation of server-side business logic, scripting changes against the legacy database to successfully migrate data into the new system's schema.

Created and maintained stored procedures and high-level application code to generate reports using Telerik Reporting controls (multiple projects)

Coordinated with the QA department to track and resolve issues in systems

Database Programmer
RinkNet Scouting Software

March 2011 – August 2012


Develop data-driven web applications for a suite of products servicing the hockey industry. Customers interact with these products through a combination of offline desktop programs and web interfaces (optimized for both desktop and mobile).


Develop a real-time hockey drafting system whereby leagues can run their own hockey drafts. Teams submit their draft picks through a web interface, and the league Commissioner approves or reject the picks. The results are pushed out in to the public automatically.

  • Team Lead for project (myself and 3 other developers)
  • Replication of the hockey draft data across multiple servers in real-time for highly-scalable delivery
  • Hockey draft results were rendered for a range of desktop and mobile devices, at times serving 30,000 unique visitors in a single hour from a set of AWS EC2 instances behind load balancers.
  • Creation of web service used by external actors to receive results. Third parties wanted to display the hockey draft results in real-time or near real-time, we exposed a protected api for them to scrape our data.

Maintainer of shared library code used across most development projects at company

Subversion Repo Administrator for 6+ developers for development projects at the company.

Proposed and led the migration project from Visual SourceSafe to Subversion to improve the amount of work that could be performed by the programming department members in parallel and to reduce merge issues with better tooling.

Maintaining code used to generate reports from customer data using SQL Server Reporting Services. Some of the these reports were customer facing, others were for internal use.

Misc. additional responsibilities

  • Periodic security audits of web applications
  • Supervision and training of co-op students

Web Designer / Point-of-Sales Developer
The Woodburner Leisure Living Centre

October 2010 – March 2011


Update website (both code and content), and deploy custom Point-of-Sales system that integrates with existing accounting and inventory systems for a small retailer. Create artwork for print and advertising campaigns.


Create Point-of-Sales system that can ring up customer's order, generate associated paperwork, and update the warehouse inventory (BusinessVision, Crystal Reports)

Modify website features and content as needed (PHP, Javascript, HTML)

Creation of technical manuals to document business processes within the company

Create visuals and content for advertising campaigns

  • Both web and print ads through the use of Illustrator and Photoshop

Computer Programmer
Hench Control International

May 2006 – October 2006


Develop and maintain desktop application software used to control and report on operations at industrial refrigeration plants and other facilities.

Clients primarily included the food warehouse storage and food transportation industries, as well as other climate-controlled facilities such as sports arenas (hockey rinks etc.)


Developed Visual Basic 6 desktop applications that allowed manual and automatic control of industrial refrigeration plants by sending instructions to PLCs over physical or wireless interfaces.

Creation of system for sending SMS and email messages to alert facility and system operators when custom and pre-configured alarms and thresholds were triggered.

  • E.g. a temperature sensor reporting a higher than usual temperature, should warn crew on-site to avoid loss of products being refrigerated, then if alarm states persists additional personnel should be notified.

Implemented load-shedding algorithm designed to cut electricity-usage during peak demand (highest price) while still remaining within acceptable temperature ranges throughout different sections of the facility.

  • Based on electrical-utility provided look-ahead costs accessed through an web service, these look-ahead electricity prices were scraped from the utility every hour.
  • For example - cooling a warehouse full of lettuce for extra time before the price of electricity almost triples in hour would let you ride out the peak pricing (but still stay within the tolerance range of lettuce so the food doesn't freeze and spoil)

Some debugging of the embedded systems that the desktop control applications I built were interacting with to control cooling hardware throughout the facilities. This involved some basic programming in C/assembly to debug issues as they arose.

Creation of manuals and other technical documentation to support products

Ran an in-person 45-minute training lab session for the use of our control software for a group of 10 technicians and system operators. The lab was hands on and described the different capabilities of the software as well as troubleshooting of common problems that are encountered.

Periodic on-site and phone support for products


Computer Programmer Diploma (2-year)
Conestoga College Institute of Technology

2009 – 2010


Recipient of the Faculty Award for Excellence in Computer Programming Volunteer Peer Tutor for computer programming courses

Final Project

An online radio station accessed by customers through a web interface. Customers could sign-in, create playlists, and would be served periodic audio and visual ads.

Web application was developed using the traditional LAMP stack + the CodeIgniter framework.


MongoDB for Node.js Developers

2013 – 2013

MongoDB for DBAs

2014 – 2014

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GitHub, Jul 2013 - Sep 2013

Asteroids Clone written in XNA

Created as part of course on video game design.

GitHub, Sep 2014

In-browser LESS compilation form that allows non-technical users to inject LESS variables into a template and compile the output

Created as a tool to help non-developers at work to create customized css for use in a CMS.

GitHub, Sep 2013

Multiplayer whack-a-mole

Multiplayer whack-a-mole game that was designed to explore how the use of websockets can be used to build a real-time app.

Originally created as part of a Toronto tech meetup event, and the creator of SignalR took notice of it and tried it out: https://twitter.com/todotnethackers/status/375663108796071936

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There are two kinds of young programming nerds. Microsoft has just tried to create a third.

Ryan Weir, musings of a Toronto-based web developer.

Why Microsoft is giving away so many freebies to attract young developers.

Amazon Glacier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(a Wikipedia article I've contributed to) Amazon Glacier is a low-cost online storage web service that provides reliable storage for data archiving and backup.


JavaScript: The Good Parts


The Good Parts

Douglas Crockford

After using enough JavaScript to realize how powerful a tool it could be, I followed the recommendation of a colleague to read this book to get a deeper understanding of the language.

My biggest takeaway from reading Crockford's classic book is which parts of JavaScript can be safely used, and which should be avoided at all costs to increase code maintainability.

I also gained a very thorough understanding of why some of the quirks are present, and this book helped me understand the 'this' scoping issues that JavaScripters run into as they mature from beginners in the language.

Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

Eloquent JavaScript

A Modern Introduction to Programming

Marijn Haverbeke

Node.js in Action

Node.js in Action

Mike Cantelon, Marc Harter, TJ Holowaychuk, Nathan Rajlich

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide


The Definitive Guide

Kristina Chodorow


Compaq Presario 386

JetBrains Webstorm for all js related code, Visual Studio when using the Microsoft stack