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Randy Stauner

Software Development Engineer at Auction Edge, and Contributor, Administrator at MetaCPAN, and Author, Maintainer, Contributor at CPAN, and Webmaster at Groundwork Guatemala
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Software Development Engineer | Auction Edge

April 2012 – Current

  • Worked with remote team to develop and deploy web services into AWS using Puppet, Fabric, Ruby, Rails, Elasticsearch, and RabbitMQ.

  • Collected and monitored application statistics and server health with collectD, StatsD, Graphite, and custom Python Nagios (Opsview) checks.

  • Migrated and maintained internal support services in AWS with Puppet, Hiera, Nginx, Gunicorn (Graphite), Unicorn (Redmine, Errbit), and PHP-FPM (osTicket).

  • Used Packer, Puppet, and Vagrant to build and manage virtual machines for development and ensure a consistent server setup.

  • Maintained legacy AutoLookout products after company acquisition and eventually migrated those products from physical servers to AWS.

  • Wrote countless scripts for parsing and generating files and performing system tasks to utilize existing data, reduce duplication, and increase efficiency.

  • Helped mentor junior developer on topics such as operating systems, automation, testing, code quality, communication, and open source.

Contributor, Administrator | MetaCPAN

August 2011 – Current

Open Source Search API for the CPAN

After contributing and participating on IRC for more than a year I was invited to join the admin team to help with issue management, deployment, system administration, and future design.

As team members live all over the world collaboration is done almost entirely via IRC and GitHub pull requests. We are also pleased to mentor students through Google Summer of Code and the Free and Open Source Software Outreach Program for Women.

Moose, Catalyst, Template::Alloy

Author, Maintainer, Contributor | CPAN

October 2010 – Current

I have released and contributed to modules for testing, automation, database interaction, command line applications, Dist::Zilla plugins, parsing, formatting, text manipulation, and system utilities.

Webmaster | Groundwork Guatemala

January 2009 – Current

Design and maintenance of

Software Developer / Systems Administrator | Autolookout

October 2004 – April 2012

  • Worked with two other developers to create and maintain configurable Ruby on Rails websites customized and deployed for more than 80 customers. Responsibilities included all aspects of this process.

    • LAMP Server administration (Debian, Apache, FastCGI (mod_fcgid))
    • PostgreSQL database administration (including PL/pgSQL)
    • Back end Ruby library code (shared across multiple projects)
    • Rails web sites
    • Front end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (AJAX)
  • Led design and implementation of a system of (eventually more than 75) satellite Linux computers to collect data from remote databases and aggregate it in a central location for our websites.

    • Remote computers ran custom Perl software to collect and process data and connect to the server for data transmission, automatic updates, and RPC. AnyEvent, DBI, Moose, Net::SSH, LWP, Template::Toolkit, Test::Routine
    • Perl web services and daemons ran on the server to import data, manage background tasks, and initiate interactive shell sessions with the remotes. AnyEvent, DBI, Mojolicious, Moo, Plack
  • Worked with vendors to create web services and background jobs to receive and parse data of various formats (XML, CSV, JSON) for importing into our system.

  • Maintained production servers and development environments.

    • Converted source code repositories from CVS and SVN to Git.
    • Prepared and performed production deployments.
    • Parsed and analyzed log files to determine points of failure and candidates for optimization.
  • Converted home grown test suites to TAP and increased coverage by 65%.


A.A.S. Computer Programming | Westwood College of Technology

2001 – 2002

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GitHub, Oct 2011 - May 2015; followed by 2 people

Separate embedded plugin config from parent config

GitHub, Nov 2010 - Oct 2012

Very configurable/programmable query object

GitHub, Nov 2012 - Apr 2015

Import CSV files into a SQLite database

GitHub, Oct 2010 - Current; followed by 163 people; forked 80 times

A free, open API for everything you want to know about CPAN

GitHub, Apr 2011 - Current; followed by 206 people; forked 135 times

Web interface for MetaCPAN

GitHub, Mar 2012 - Aug 2015; followed by 12 people; forked 9 times

Puppet configuration for running metacpan servers

GitHub, Nov 2011 - Aug 2012

Vim syntax/ftplugin for CPAN::Changes

GitHub, Nov 2012

Shrink a directory tree of photos with fairly simple setup

GitHub, Apr 2012 - Jun 2013; followed by 2 people

Lightweight objects for AnyEvent::HTTP Request/Response

GitHub, Sep 2011 - Jul 2014; followed by 2 people

Execute perl prepending relative lib dirs to @INC

GitHub, Feb 2011 - Dec 2012

Easily load a database table from a dataset

GitHub, Feb 2011 - Apr 2015; followed by 3 people

Easily load a CSV into a database table

GitHub, Jun 2011 - Apr 2015; followed by 5 people; forked 5 times

Information about a perl module distribution

GitHub, Oct 2011 - May 2015

Config::MVP::Slicer customized for Dist::Zilla

GitHub, Nov 2010 - Jul 2015

RWSTAUNER's Dist::Zilla config

GitHub, Dec 2011 - Jan 2015; followed by 2 people

Add '-remove' functionality to a bundle

GitHub, Nov 2010 - Dec 2012; followed by 3 people

A stash of config options for Pod::Weaver

GitHub, Jun 2011 - May 2015; followed by 2 people

Use native OS implementation of File::Spec from a subclass

GitHub, Nov 2011 - Mar 2015; followed by 2 people; forked 3 times

Easily convert colored command line output to HTML

GitHub, Nov 2011 - Mar 2015; followed by 3 people

Determine attributes of ANSI-Colored string

GitHub, Jul 2011 - Aug 2011

Save responses to disk to mirror a site

GitHub, Nov 2011 - Current; followed by 17 people; forked 13 times

Convert POD to Markdown

GitHub, Nov 2010 - Dec 2014; followed by 2 people; forked 2 times

Dynamically add stopwords to your woven pod

GitHub, Dec 2010 - Apr 2015

Simple runtime string substitution functions

GitHub, Apr 2011 - Mar 2015; followed by 8 people; forked 5 times

Syntax highlight text using Vim

GitHub, Mar 2011 - Jan 2013

Easy, readable, efficient timestamp functions

GitHub, Mar 2011 - Apr 2015; followed by 3 people; forked 2 times

Small, simple timer (stopwatch) object

GitHub, Mar 2013 - Jun 2015

Build an INI file for Config::MVP

GitHub, Mar 2013

Determine prereqs and INI string from PluginBundles

GitHub, Mar 2013 - May 2015

Gather prereq and config info from PluginBundles

GitHub, Jun 2013 - Mar 2014

Parse Astrid backup files to export tasks

GitHub, May 2013 - Current; followed by 13 people; forked 16 times

If you are developing for the metacpan project use this!

GitHub, Feb 2014 - Mar 2015

In-page hipchat emoticon browser

GitHub, Feb 2014

Add a few features to lighthouse with greasemonkey

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