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Rob Thijssen

Plymouth, United Kingdom

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Currently Continuous Integration Specialist at RWE Trading, and Associate Consultant at Visa Europe.

Awesome recruiter; here's what you need to know:

I am a smart hire! Here's why:

I only talk crap when it puts the good guys in the best light (the good guys are: me, my team and anyone with the same end-game as my team). If you are one of the good guys, I will tell you if I have ballsed up and I will tell you as soon as I know. It's about winning, so the methodology has to support winning. Lying to your own team is stupid and does not support winning. Lying to the bad guys is bloodysmart.

I'm smart. Actually, I'm a freakin genius. In some tests I score better than anyone who ever took the test. As with any kind of smart, there are downsides. For example, I have never won an argument with my wife. The only smart play there is to back down.

I work with a certain set of tools (which I have chosen for their awesomeness). If I don't know how to use some tool, it's generally because the tool is stupid or inferior. There are exceptions. When one of the good guys introduce me to a rare new smart tool, I will master it and then I will show the other good guys how to master it. I owe them that, it's all about winning, right?. Right!

I can solve any problem. Seriously. Problems are just opportunities for you to become aware of my awesomeness.

I know people. There are people who are smarter than me and I know them. If I don't know them personally, I'm reading everything they write and working towards getting to know them. I want to be on their radar and I want them to be on mine.

I'm expensive. This is a good thing. You hire the cheap guy, you get to talk about how your failure didn't cost much. You hire me, the awesome rubs off on you. No one cares how much it cost you to hire me. All they see is how much they got in return. My rule is the return must exceed the expense by a ratio greater than any other hire would have achieved. You think this rule makes you look good but it makes me look even better, and I enjoy looking better.

Now here's some blurb you can show to your dull bean-counters:

I am a senior technical architect and development team leader specialising in Microsoft technologies and the .Net framework to deliver scalable, efficient, and elegant, enterprise solutions that break new ground while demonstrating simple, pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

I have extensive experience in coaching, mentoring and leading by example in the use of best practice in creating maintainable solutions. I am an advocate of Agile methodology in software development with emphasis on delivery of quantifiable results through the use of Scrum, Extreme Programming and Test Driven Development. I promote Agile because it facilitates learning, transparency and client satisfaction.



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Continuous Integration Specialist, RWE Trading

February 2011 - Current

With RWE Supply & Trading, I manage release and deployments for the Global Risk analysis platform. My responsibility includes continuous integration advocacy and implementation and I contribute to the Oracle Data-warehouse solution with database and ASP.Net development. Working with a senior project team, we recently delivered the business' first globally consolidated, risk reporting platform, bringing integrated, centralised views of risk indicators which give analysts up-to-date reports at multiple granular and aggregation levels.

Technical Consultant, Keane

July 2010 - January 2011

Working with Keane Switzerland in Fribourg, to develop Windows Workflow Foundation driven interfaces to large SAP ERP systems. My remit again included implementing best practice in the form of Continuous Integration and Agile, Test Driven Development while advising and mentoring our team and clients in architectural, development and framework implementation.

Associate Consultant, Visa Europe

March 2009 - Current

My current engagement with Visa Europe in Reading includes the delivery of a new reporting and monitoring application for all European Visa debit and credit card transactions. My team are leading the development program making use of cutting edge technologies. My remit includes promotion of best of breed practices in scalable enterprise architecture, implementation of agile methodology with continuous integration as well as providing guidance and demonstration to the business and other development teams in their technical implementation which support interfacing with disparate banking & financial transaction management systems. The work of my team directly facilitates the completion of key business goals.

Associate Consultant, Charteris Plc

2007 - 2008

Here I provided leadership in technical architecture and development during an extended consultancy engagement for Game Group PLC (a major UK retailer). I was responsible for a number of integration projects during Game's acquisition of key competitors. I advocated industry best practices in numerous technical implementations while playing a key role in the restructuring of the group’s brands, websites and platform. Our work facilitated amalgamation of the disparate ERP, warehousing, stock control, content and catalogue management systems of the various companies acquired by the group, to communicate and share information, facilitating a uniform offering across all brands. In 2007, I led a team of developers in the development of a new ecommerce platform. In 2008, I worked in Costa Rica, managing Charteris’ off-shore operation where I recruited and managed development and testing teams. I coordinated budget, logistics and project management of our overseas work and was responsible for full project lifecycle including liasing and managing business relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers. I was the most senior representative of the business outside of the UK and reported directly to the board.

Technical Architect, Health Protection Agency


I managed the implementation of the UK’s Advanced Tuberculosis Surveillance and Reporting solution at the HPA’s Centre for Infections in London. The project developed applications monitoring disease outbreaks and patient care throughout the United Kingdom. My remit included the system design and architecture as well as coordinating the infrastructure for builds, release and testing cycles. I was also involved with negotiations with customers and users around technical and user requirements as well as analysis and project planning. I was responsible to promote Agile and Lean methodologies to external but related development departments throughout the UK Health infrastructure.

Senior Developer, Conchango

2005 - 2006

This role, for one of the UK’s leading Agile software development companies was based in Nottingham, developing mission critical enterprise applications centred on dispensing of drugs and other pharmaceuticals for Boots PLC. Working within tight deadlines to provide a solution that tied a number of NHS and commercial enterprise solutions together with participation from Conchango, Boots, IBM and Microsoft. This was a highly skilled team made up entirely of senior developers who are leaders in their respective fields. Strong focus was placed on thorough implementation of best practices and continuous integration using Agile, Continuous Integration and Team System.

Senior Developer, British Telecom


I developed and supported transaction based messaging applications focusing on the enabling of simultaneous provision of PSTN and ADSL for UK customers. The project facilitated the provision of broadband to BT customers as well as wholesale client’s customers and those on the unbundled exchanges (all broadband in the UK). Employing Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development and Agile Methodologies in an XP environment.

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Computer Systems and Networks, University of Plymouth

BSc Hons (2:1)

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Bitbucket, Oct 2010 - Sep 2011

OpenAncestry is a web based tool for exploring and sharing genealogical records and for placing those records in the public domain. The project is in very early stages of development. As of October 2010 it is only conceptual. The technology stack is currently based on WCF, ASP.Net MVC, & C# 4.


Google Code, ; followed by 3 people

Web based reporting of subversion statistics.


Google Code

An implementation of the ResourceProviderFactory for .Net


Google Code

Session Explorer allows website administrators to view the session state of all users on their site.


Bitbucket, Dec 2010 - Sep 2011

A little console application for performance testing entity property accessor get & set mechanisms.


Screw It, Let's Do It: Lessons in Life and Business (Expanded)

Screw It, Let's Do It

Lessons in Life and Business

Richard Branson

Long Walk to Freedom (v. 1)

Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandela




Projects and links

I have developed and ported a number of .Net applications to Mono environments on Debian Linux including the Subversion Reports project ( of which, I am the main developer/contributor.


I am enthusiastic about overland and off-road driving and am involved with several clubs dedicated to driving in difficult terrain. In my free time I participate in 4x4 challenge events. I have also enjoyed restoring several older Toyota Landcruisers including complete rebuilds of engines and frame level restorations of BJ40’s. I am partial to the Landcruiser 40 series as it has always been an outstanding benchmark in the 4 wheel drive arena.

I also enjoyed a year in Kenya working with the Red Cross and UNICEF providing food and medical aid to children affected by poverty. I was based in Nairobi and involved with distribution of aid. I also spent six months prior to this involved with fund-raising efforts in Ireland and the UK. My job entailed soliciting contributions from businesses and corporations and was overall a very rewarding experience.