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Robert is an experienced software engineer, published technical author and community leader. In his 10 year career he has participated in a wide range of projects building large, scalable and fault tolerant systems on the Microsoft .NET platform. He has experience in both consulting and working as an engineer for a software house. As a Microsoft MVP he is acknowledged as a community leader and a world class expert on F#. The F# language is a functional programming language for the .NET framework and an innovative new feature in Visual Studio 2010. He has been invited to speak at prestigious events such as Microsoft TechEd, JAOO, TechDays Paris and has been involved in organizing conferences as track lead for events such as Functional Programming eXchange, London and organizes the ALT.NET community meetings in Paris. Has also appeared in podcast and screen casts such as and The second edition of his book Beginning F# was published in December 2009 by a-press.


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Software Engineer

March 2012 – Current

Infinite Square

September 2010 – February 2012


March 2009 – August 2010

Software Engineer
LexiFi SAS

February 2007 – March 2009

LexiFi are an award winning software house, which provides the software infrastructure required to implement timely and pertinent derivative-based solutions. Robert’s role included:

  • Researching, designing and implementing new modules for the companies “Apropos” Application. These included a reporting module, a module to allow the application to be extended by client developers, and a module for storing and accessing market data
  • Helping the company make strategic decisions such as the choice of 3rd party components and choice of collaboration server platform
  • Marketing the company by presenting the company’s products to clients and perspective clients, participating in reviewing marketing documentation and representing the company on stands at trade fairs

Solution Developer

February 2001 – January 2007

Avanade is a leading global IT consultancy dedicated to using the Microsoft platform. Robert’s role included:

  • Working on a large number of projects based in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and France
  • Designing architectures for large applications, including a winforms point of sale application, an ETL application for a large bank and a middleware application for a telecoms company
  • Providing mentoring for young and inexperienced developers, leading teams of developers, and preparing reports for project stake holders
  • Robert was recognized as an exceptionally active participant in Avanade’s developer communities

marchFirst (Formerly USWeb/CKS)

September 1999 – January 2001

marchFirst was one of the biggest web consultancies during the dotcom era. Robert’s role included:

  • Developing both public and intranet site web applications for a wide range of clients
  • Web sites were based on asp, SQL Server and Microsoft’s “DNA” architecture
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BSc (Hons) Computer Science
University of Manchester

1996 – 1999

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GitHub, Jun 2011 - Sep 2011; followed by 15 people

A thin veneer of F#ness arround several different frameworks to make a light weight Mvc framework.

GitHub, Jun 2011; followed by 2 people

A thin veneer of F#ness arround log4net

GitHub, Jun 2011 - Nov 2011; followed by 9 people

Help using RavenDB from F# (and Newtonsoft.Json)

GitHub, Mar 2009 - Nov 2011; followed by 30 people; forked 2 times

A number of tools for Programming Collective Intelligence with F# (mainly inspired by Toby Segaran's book).

Writing Beginning F# (9781430223894): Robert Pickering: Books Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more Beginning F# (9781430223894): Robert Pickering: Books


Atari ST

Visual Studio


Atari ST was the first computer I owned, my Dad used to bring an Acron BBC (I think) home from the school where he worked over the weekend before that.