Roberto Martelloni

Senior (Software) Security Engineer, Product Engineering at Verifone, Dublin, Ireland
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I'm in love with cyber security, computer science, free climbing and life

I've been working on almost all fields of computer security including software, application, cyber and network security for almost 15 years now.

I've gained experiences mainly engineering security solutions and delivering security services to fulfill needs related to lawful interception and computer security in the defense and private sector dealing with customers such as Italian armed forces, the Italian defense group, NATO and a large multinational oil and gas company.

In such environments, fulfilling different needs and roles up to technical project manager as security consultant I gained enough experience to be recognized by an US multinational company provider of technology for electronic payment and relocate to Ireland to keep care of the security and compliance of their products.

Currently I'm looking for new opportunities where I'll be able to leverage my diverse experiences in contexts with very high security requirements. Wherever in the world it will be I'll be more than happy to relocate.


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OWASP contributor and reviewer | OWASP

Pro bono publico contributor and reviewer of OWASP Application Security Verification Standard 3.0.

Senior (Software) Security Engineer, Product Engineering | Verifone, Dublin, Ireland

February 2014 – Current

Verifone, an US multinational company, is one of the top two worldwide leaders that provides technology for electronic payment transactions and value-added services at the point-of-sale to financial, retail, hospitality, petroleum, government and healthcare industries.

Hired to support the principal security architect, working with local/global teams distributed worldwide between Europe, Middle East, India, China and US I deal with strategical, compliance, consultancy and hands-on duties.

Strategical achievements

  • alignment and improvements of software security/assurance initiatives using BSIMM/SAMM as blueprints
  • switch from FUD / subjective to a quantitative approach to security due to introduction of security metrics based on Mitre's languages and dictionaries
  • increased software security awareness implementing and deploy a secure software development in C training initiative based on security metrics to about 100 developers
  • overall decrease of bug density with introduction of secure static analysis processes while code is pushed on GIT (providing early feedback to developers), recurring analysis and with the introduction of automatic security checks on nightly continuous integration builds
  • implementation and deploy of FOSS vulnerability management process and patch management
  • implementation and deploy of security baseline related to Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, cryptography, TLS


Project Manager, Senior Security Consultant | Techub

September 2013 – January 2014

ENI is the largest italian oil and gas multinational company present in more than 70 countries.

I project managed a team of three person with the responsibility to execute up to four per month Web Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration-test and then plan, assist and monitor more than ten working groups until full vulnerabilities remediation were archived.

Security Researcher & Developer | Cyberlabs, Selex-ES subsidiary of Finmeccanica holding, Italy

July 2011 – August 2013

Cyberlabs is the Cyber Security laboratory of Selex-Es a Finmeccanica subsidiary. Finmeccanica holding is the leading industrial group in the high technology sector in Italy and one of the main global players in aerospace, defense and security.

Playing different leading and not leading roles in small teams of three to five persons I've:

  • system and software engineered solutions to:
    • provide Malware analysis capabilities implementing the malware analysis laboratory as part of the NATO's Computer Incident Response Capability (NCIRC) project. Lab is currently deployed in the SHAPE, the central command of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
    • contain an APT which was spreading through the use of malware, automating the malware detection, analysis and eradication from hosts in multiple enterprise networks
    • track malicious network activities recording and decoding up to layer 7 all intra networks traffic of multiple enterprise networks
    • Lawful Intercept data on up to 10Gb networks for the Italian armed force
  • security assessed and compromised:
    • a Military/Civil air defense Radar and then developed a POC to hide and move airplanes
  • participated to:
    • International Cyber Defence Exercise locked Shields 2012 organized by NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence supporting Italian Military Army
  • researched and evaluated:
    • PaloAlto WildFire and fireEye products and functionalities
    • compliance of internal products with ETSI LI standards adopted by local mobile provider (Wind, Tim, Vodafone, Tre)

Security Researcher & Developer | DIGINT s.r.l subsidiary of Finmeccanica holding, Italy

August 2007 – June 2011

DIGINT was the old name of CyberLabs before Selex-ES merge.

Playing different roles in small teams of three to five persons I've:

  • supervised outsourced software engineering effort to deliver a solution to:

    • record HTTPS session content providing HTTPS proxy capabilities and MITM on-the-fly certificates generation
  • system and software engineered solutions to:

    • cluster and classify text documents, web pages, mail, etc using natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, algorithms developed in collaboration with University of Genova to solve needs to analyze huge amount of data coming from proprietary full packet capture solution
    • detect policy violation committed over cryptographic network protocols such as Skype, HTTPS, SSH etc passively analyzing layer-7 packets payloads relative size, direction, and timing. It can be used to peek into encrypted tunnels, automatically telling interactive typing from batch operations, GETs from POSTs, successful from failed login attempts, and much more.
  • provided consultancy services to:

    • system administrators team (4 ppl) from simple command syntax to kernel panic and driver problem
    • provide overview on security markets solutions
    • identify FOSS solution to properly manage software requirements and derived tests
    • show, made aware of threats and attack scenarios of SCADA systems to Italian's department of defense.

System, software engineer, Linux embedder. | Diventa AS, Norway

April 2006 – October 2006

From scratch engineering / development / system integration (me and one other person) an audio entertainment linux based prototype able to be fitted in a 32Mb flash memory card and able to run wit 64Mb of ram. We have created with buildroot the basic linux environment (console and a tinny X), then we have cross compiled mplayer, samba3 and other supporting libs and tools ( libiconv, autoconf, alsa-lib, faac, faad2, ffmpeg, libogg, libvorbis, etc ). We have installed and integrate it, then I have managed the development of a GUI developed by an external resource, testing it and guiding the development.

Independent security researcher | Internet

August 2004 – August 2004

Releasing as security developer a bluetooth attacking tool called Bluesnarfer. At the time of the release it was capable to attack and compromise the whole content ( phone book, sms, personal note and more ) of more than twenty phone on the market ranging from Nokia to Sony-Ericsoon. With it was also possible to get total remote control of the phone. The tool and a related Italian article was released on a well know, 10 years old, Italian security ezine “Butchered From the Inside” issued from a well know old-school security Italian organization S0ftpj ( ) . The article with other was also printed as “BFI special printed edition” and distributed at the MOCA for the 10-year summer camp for the organization "Metro Olografix" ( )

Security Researcher & Developer | Ikon-Corp, Italy

October 2003 – July 2006

Core business of Ikon-Corp was to support Italian Army Force and secret service in all lawful related activity both with software solution and service.

Software solution of the company was lawful interception software, full packet capture solution

Service of the company was: lawful interception support, full packet capture solution deploy, computer forensic, detection of covert listening device .

I've started to work in this start-up company, doing all the stuff we need to do.

All this project was a continuous challenge trying to get high performance sniffing with different platform like linux or freebsd for lawful interception software.

The area of research & development was to maximize throughput and minimize dropped packets, many way to archive this goal is to playing around with irq-balancing, cpu-affinity, schedulers, network driver, sysctl options and not mainline kernel patch like PFRING or Real Time patch, etc.

  • Develop an high performance Ethernet lawful interception sniffer in Linux with two purpose: full packet capture and radius decoding traffic an dynamically detect IPv4 address associated with an specific username or password. In the first case all traffic is dumped on disk , in the second one is only dumper specific traffic related to the lawful interception goal.

  • Developed an high performance tcp flow re-constructor to dump all payload traffic in a proprietary file format and allow windows client software to view reconstructed network traffic.

  • Developed an ARP poisoning attack detector.

  • Administering a wan (distributed in Italy) of 50 Debian Gnu/Linux. All paired Debian, in a fault tolerance way, was connected with a VPN Openvpn to a remote server. All our machine collect network traffic and send it to our server to be then analyzed. The wan was the Italian Critical Infrastructure that handle and do phone lawful interception

Linux system administrator | I.M.C SRL, Italy

May 2002 – September 2003

I've start to work as Debian Gnu/Linux system administration of Internet services and internal LAN.

I've the responsibility to support the senior administrator and manage service like apache, bind, samba, proftpd, vsftpd, openssh, cups, postfix, qmail, netfilter (iptables) and more .

I've also the responsibility to solve windows client issue and problem and in general solve all IT related problem on client and server machine.

Independent security researcher | Internet

April 1997

As Internet and BBS citizen I started to learn how stuff work in this place, learning and trying all sort of stuff and technology. I've started to try and experiment all sort of Gnu Linux distribution, FreeBSD, OpenBSD OS from CLI and started to study and loving It. I've focused my interest on networking, system administration, network and system security on both perspective, defensive and offensive, and then on coding.

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Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story | University of London International Programmes @ Coursera

2013 – 2013

Course grade verification page:
6 weeks, 60-80 hours course.

I also founded the Italian study group (c. 35 people).

CISSP certification - Certificate/ID number: 418717 | (ISC)2 CISSP CBK Review Seminar

2011 – 2011

I found this study useful to archive a good general overview on concept and field not currently related to my daily-work.

In progress a B.S in Computer Science | Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

2001 – Current

I usually get a good consideration from my professors despite the fact that I'm always been a full-time worker and less than 25% of the time for month a student.

To fill better the technologies field I've also followed this other course:
- Mathematical analysis
- Discrete mathematics ( Very Interesting course!! )
- Database
- Expert system
- Physics
- Programming languages ( Imperative, Functional, Logical )
- Operating system and networks

Internet citizen | Internet

1997 – Current

In this phase of my life I usually spent a lot of time on Internet.

I've meet a lot of people from the Italian security scene ( s0ftpj, Antifork, ... ) I've also meet a lot of people loving and using Linux and also the people around "Linux&C." first ever Italian newspaper on Linux. Lot of this people now are my real life friends.

In this phase I've learned the basic of networking, how Internet work, protocols, hardening principle and offensive technique. I've also tried many Linux, BSD OS distribution like Debian, RedHat, Slackware, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Slackware, Gentoo, etc ..


CSSLP - Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (in progress 95%)

2015 – 2018

CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional - Certificate ID: 418717

2012 – 2018

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GitHub, Jun 2015

checksec is a bash script to check executable properties like (PIE, RELRO, PaX, Canaries, ASLR, Fortify Source).

Expanded functionality to print detailed stats about fortify source

GitHub, Oct 2012

MAEC Scripts and Tools

I added support file to automatic create debian and redhat package.

GitHub, Jun 2012

Archive mode suricata patchs


GitHub, Sep 2012

bluesnarfing proof-of-concept tool.


GitHub, Sep 2012 - May 2013

university project will be placed here.

In this place I put some homework project for the university.

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nonlinear blog: PAPER: Memory Errors: The Past, the Present, and the Future

Despite my long inactivity on the blog, it's true that behind the scene I'm still active.

Recently among the other I read a paper that need some attention: Memory Errors: The Past, the Present, and the Future

nonlinear blog: A Survey on Automated Dynamic Malware Analysis Techniques and Tools

If you, like me, want to have an overview on "Automated Dynamic Malware Analysis Techniques and Tools" I suggest to read "Manuel Egele, Theodoor Scholte, Engin Kirda, Christopher Kruegel, A Survey on Automated Dynamic Malware Analysis Techniques and Tools, ACM Computing Surveys Journal, Volume 44 Issue 2, February 2012"

nonlinear blog: How to use Suricata 1.3 IDP with Unified2 alarms and AlienVault 4.0 (OSSIM)

How to use Suricata 1.3 IDP with Unified2 alarms and AlienVault 4.0 (OSSIM)

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Software Security: Building Security In

Software Security

Building Security In

Gary McGraw

Security Metrics: Replacing Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Security Metrics

Replacing Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Andrew Jaquith

CISSP Boxed Set (All-in-One)

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Shon Harris

Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams   (Second Edition)


Productive Projects and Teams

Tom DeMarco, Timothy Lister

Requirements Engineering: From System Goals to UML Models to Software Specifications

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Axel van Lamsweerde

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Network Security with OpenSSL

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TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol. 1: The Protocols (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)

TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol. 1

The Protocols

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