Richard Le Mesurier

Senior Android Developer at, and Android Developer & Owner at Glowworm Software
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From ZX Spectrum to Android, ASM to VBA, viruses to anti-viruses ....

I've been hacking my way through life for a long time, and enjoying the journey.

I'm interested in the path that mobile technologies are taking - love the integration of computing into our everyday lives. Currently flying the Google flag for Android, and looking forward to riding that wave while it lasts.


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Senior Android Developer

September 2015 – Current

I am the Android developer in a team working on a new product for release early 2016.

My responsibilities include:

  • design Android architecture
  • full development of Android native app
  • Android-specific UX flows
    • e.g. Notifications, backgrounding the app

Frameworks used include:

  • Glide image management
  • Retrofit (incl Otto)
  • EventBus
  • Priority Job Queue
  • for push messaging
  • Google Play SDK
    • Maps for display
    • Places for reverse geocoding
    • Cloud Messaging for push messaging
  • Android App Compat Support library
  • Crashlytics
    • crash detection
    • Beta distribution framework
  • ProGuard

Android Developer & Owner
Glowworm Software

May 2013 – Current

Glowworm Software offers software development solutions focusing on Android native apps consulting.

Java Contractor
ACI Worldwide

May 2013 – November 2013

Java development of In-Store (Retail) team products for point-of-sale payments / card payment processing.

Products including:

  • TermApp
  • eSocket.POS
  • PosConnect

Executive Manager: Operations
Cobi Interactive

January 2013 – April 2013

Management responsibilities include:

  • oversee operational needs
  • balance developer capacity & tools against budget
  • scheduling of developer resources across clients & projects
  • analysis of financial statements
  • analysis of tools for creating more efficient working environment

Technical Lead Developer responsibilities include:

  • assess technical risk of projects at quote & development stages
  • overview of capabilities across various mobile platforms
  • understanding of main requirements across client projects
  • balance client requirements, technical risk & budget across projects

Technical Manager / Mobile Developer
Cobi Interactive

December 2011 – December 2012

  • Android & BlackBerry developer
  • research & deploy development tools & new methodologies
  • ANT build & deployment framework for BlackBerry & Android apps

Mobile Developer
Cobi Interactive

December 2010 – November 2011

  • Android & BlackBerry developer
  • basic iOS experience
  • UI design

I joined Cobi Interactive as their 4th employee. This forced me to embrace the nuances of mobile development right away. There is nowhere to hide in a small startup.

Java Developer
S1 (ACI)

October 2009 – December 2010

  • Java development of financial OLAP system
  • Delphi configuration apps for server products
  • SQL server config optimisation & basic CRUD scripts
  • basic Python scripting for product installation
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self-taught programmer

1988 – Current

Started development at age 12 on ZX Spectrum BASIC.

High school introduced Turbo Pascal, although I found ASM much more interesting. I was involved in virus research, wrote a memory resident anti virus package for DOS, including a secure boot sector scanner.

University was mostly about statistics, but I used Delphi to write part of my thesis. I continued with Delphi in my first job, writing a pension fund valuation package that was used by the companies I worked at (Fedsure / Investec / Liberty Life). During that time, Excel VBA was just one of those things used to automate many of the manual tasks in the office - major wins included turning a 2-week-long admin task into 3 hours.

Java and mobile development came around much later, with some experience in iOS before settling down with BlackBerry and Android.

Continuing development on Android as I find it the most likely platform to succeed in the future.

Bachelor of Business Science (Actuarial Science) (Hons)
University of Cape Town

1996 – 2001

  • Honours in Actuarial Science (2001)
  • Dean's Merit List (1996)
  • Isaac Ochberg Scholarship (1996)

Based on my performance working for Norwich Life in 1995, I was given a full bursary to study this degree.

Matric Exemption (High School)
Bishops (Diocesan College)

1990 – 1994

A - Aggregate qualification.

Highlights relevant to App Development include:

  • Maths (93% HG)
  • Additional Maths (94% HG)
  • Computer Science (90% HG - with 100% in the practical project)

I attended Bishops College on an Academic Scholarship (Theron Minor Scholarship).


Goethe-Zertifikat A1 - German Language proficiency level A1

2014 – 2015

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GitHub, Jan 2014 - Nov 2014

Live weather app from the Fish Hoek Beach Sailing Club data.

Provides a live weather feed from Fish Hoek beach. Data is pulled from the feed supplied by the sailing club.

I built this app to provide a better presentation of available data.

GitHub, Jan 2013 - Sep 2014; followed by 7 people; forked 5 times

Demo WiFi widget

This is just a simple demo widget demonstrating some boilerplate widget code.

I use it to show my connected IP address when setting up my phone for wireless debugging using:

adb tcpip 5555
adb connect <IP ADDRESS>

GitHub, Mar 2013

WQM Android

This is a Water Quality Management app for Android developed in conjunction with Univerisy of Cape Town and University of Bristol.

I did development on behalf of Michael Champanis while working for Cobi Interactive.

  • optimised the database access
  • improved memory management & garbage collection optimisation
  • minor bug maintenance & forward development

(note: I forked this project in order to add it to my profile page. My changes were submitted by M Champanis to his original repo.)

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Widget and informational app for the Cape Point Challenge surfski race 2013. Also includes live Twitter feed of the race.

all design & development

MiX Fleet mobile provides you with an additional way to manage your fleet right from your mobile. Tracking your fleet is now even easier than before!

Matrix Internet Tracking provides you with an additional way to manage your vehicles right from your BlackBerry. Tracking your vehicles is now even easier than before!

I took over and maintained an existing product, including adding new features over time.

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Zoopy on the App Store. Download Zoopy and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Team Assist is a free service from Volkswagen allowing amateur footballers from the Netherlands to organise car-pooling to and from matches.

VDO DriveTime mobile provides you with an additional way to manage your vehicles and drivers from your phone.

Matrix Internet Tracking provides you with an additional way to manage your vehicles right from your Android phone. Tracking your vehicles is now even easier than before!

MiX Track provides you with an additional way to manage your vehicles right from your phone. Tracking your vehicles is now even easier than before!

MiX Track provides you with an additional way to manage your vehicles right from your phone. Tracking your vehicles is now even easier than before!

Complete development of app.

MiX Mobile is the latest innovation from MiX Telematics which allows our customers to track their vehicles on their mobile phones.

MiX Mobile provides you with an additional way to manage your vehicles from the comfort of your phone. Tracking your vehicles has never been easier.

I took over and maintained the existing product.

MiX Locate mobile provides you with an additional way to manage your fleet right from your mobile. Tracking your fleet is now even easier than before!)

Use !Waytag to find your friends and places around you including businesses and events. Share your waytags with those you trust and help them find you.

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Eclipse productivity tricks

MADmob Community

So much more to Eclipse shortcuts than just using CTRL-SPACE.

Mobile Developer’s Guide To The Galaxy

Cobi Interactive

Fantastic guide to mobile development platforms written by Enough Software

Eclipse Regular Expressions revisited

MADmob Community

Examples of REGEX use within Eclipse IDE

DLLs Made Simpler Delphi

An old article (from about 2003) I wrote when I was developing in Delphi. It aimed to demystify the "advanced" complexity of writing DLL code.

Opening {‘s on a new line in XCode

MADmob Community

Opinion piece including code formatting advice for XCode users.

Cobi @ MS Dev Day

Cobi Interactive

Cobi Interactive visits Microsoft Dev Day in Cape Town

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The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

The Black Swan

The Impact of the Highly Improbable

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours (Sams Teach Yourself -- Hours)

This was a great intro to Android development. Somewhat simplistic, which made it fantastically easy to get into writing some code for the devices.

Once up and running, I would expect the student to apply some research of their own in order to clean up their coding style, particularly reading the likes of Mark Murphy / CommonsWare.

I have left this book on my list as a recommendation to students looking to get into Android development. I keep a copy close at hand for the junior developers I mentor.

Articles & Blogs

Cobi #4 in Forbes Africa Tech Startups

A great achievement for the company - number 4 in Africa


ZX Spectrum (killer 48K RAM upgrade)

Eclipse (despite its many downfalls)


I have been writing code for most of my life, and at this stage I am extremely happy to have chosen mobile software development as my speciality. We all walk around every day with powerful computers in our pockets.

This is what keeps me coming back each day -- the potential in mobile technology is boundless.