Tips to Maximize Search Results with Careers 2.0

Whether you just signed up for a new subscription or if you’re a regular user of our candidate database, it’s important to make sure you conduct the best searches possible to find the type of talent you’re looking to recruit for your team. Below are a few helpful tips that should help you maximize your search results. And don’t forget: Our candidate database is growing at a rate of 10% each month, so if you don’t find the candidate you’re looking for today, be sure to check back again in a couple of weeks.

search results

Search for specific technologies, not job titles.

Identify a list of the key technologies or skills needed for that role and search for those. Keywords like “java,” “c#,” and “sql” are good examples. Don’t search for educational experience or professional experience—you’ll be able to read these details on each individual profile after you’ve already narrowed your search.

Cast a wide net.

When you conduct a search with multiple tags, the search defaults to search for candidates who are strong in “any” of the technologies you list. That being said, we recommend that you cast a net on the most common technologies first. Even if you need a developer for a niched skillset, if you search only for specialty technologies, your search won’t yield as many candidates. Instead, we encourage you to search for really good developers. A good developer will be able to pick up a new, specialty technology very quickly, so your best bet is to just find the most capable candidates possible.

Consider remote workers.

This option is becoming more and more popular among our community, so we encourage you to keep your options open when looking to hire a programmer. On our site, we’ve found that jobs that allow remote work receive twice as many applicants, so if candidates are more likely to apply for these jobs, they’ll be more interested to hear from you. There are 20,000 profiles in our database of candidates who strictly prefer telecommuting jobs, so if you dismiss this group entirely, you may rule out some very qualified programmers for your team.

Search among the active and passive candidate pool.

Of the candidates in our database, only about 20% are actively looking for a job at any given time. Since the technical hiring market is the most competitive field worldwide, most good programmers already have a job, so it’s in your best interest to search among the passive candidate pool as well. The term “passive” doesn’t mean that these candidates aren’t looking for a new job—it just means they are currently employed. But most of these candidates are still open for new opportunities. Find the individual who’s right for the role and explain how your job could advance their career more than their current position.

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