Case Study: hires 2 developers a year using an annual database subscription


After 2 years in business, developed a long-term hiring strategy and needed frontend and backend developers on a more regular basis. In the past, they had used Craig’s List, but sorting through hundreds of unqualified applications was tedious and time-consuming. They also worked with recruiters, but this process was expensive and didn’t always give them the opportunity to speak directly with candidates. needed a recruitment strategy that would not only provide top quality applicants, but also give them a more active role in their candidate interactions.

Solution: purchased a subscription to our candidate database, which let them search through more than 80,000 profiles for developers who met their technical requirements. Since programmers need to show work samples in order to create a profile, the quality eclipsed that which they had seen on other job boards. After screening profiles by key technology and location, sent personalized messages to the users whose background met their needs and conducted phone screens. The free, built-in applicant tracking system (ATS) helped them move each candidate through the recruitment process. After using this subscription for several months, renewed their subscription and now uses an annual subscription to the candidate database. Since the candidate database grows at a rate of 20% each month, can view new profiles every time they log into their account.


  • Hired 5 developers in 2 years
  • Saved hours of time since they didn’t need to screen hundreds of unqualified resumes
  • Bypassed recruiter middleman guaranteeing a better culture fit for those that they hired
  • Received responses from candidate messages nearly 70% of the time
  • Saved more than $20,000 a year in recruiter fees by paying only $5,000 for the annual candidate search subscription


Founded in 2008, hosts a comprehensive directory of independent, professional hotel reviews. On their engineering team, they look for individuals who have a strong product focus, which lets them continually expand upon their interface to give their users the best experience possible. The company is based in New York City. honed in on candidates by geo-targeting their search to NYC. honed in on candidates by geo-targeting their search to NYC.

We’ve been using Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 for more than 2 years. The best thing is that the resume search really allows you to hone in on different candidates for different roles. You can look specifically for the kind of people you want—it makes the recruitment process faster and more powerful.

Eytan Seidman, Cofounder at

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