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Case Study: NthGen Software

NthGen spends just $1,050 to expand their development team in Canada by 50%


After their client base rapidly expanded, NthGen Software needed to increase the size of their current development team by 50%. In particular, they were looking for a new iOS engineer, a front-end developer, and a senior software engineer. But with a tight-knit group of 6, they knew it would be tricky to find both talented and capable candidates who would also mix well with their current culture. Since they required candidates to work in-house, NthGen needed a hiring solution that would maximize their exposure among a qualified Canadian audience to help them find the best developers possible.


NthGen posted 3 standard job listings on Stack Overflow Careers for 30 days each, maximizing their company’s brand exposure among the active candidate pool. To find local candidates, they specified “Toronto” in every listing and used our “target listings” feature to focus on applicants based in North America. They also used keyword tags for each listing so developers could easily find their ad in search results. Finally, to attract like-minded candidates, NthGen used their listing to paint a very clear picture about their company culture, which includes 27” iMacs and all-you-can-drink espresso for everyone.


  • Attracted a combined total of more than 1,200 views to their job listings
  • Received 76 total applications for 3 unique roles
  • Hired 2 people for their front-end developer role instead of just 1 due to the high quality of applicants
  • Filled 2 of the 3 positions within 30 days—and hired 3 candidates total!
  • Spent only $1,050 for 3 job listings, saving hundreds of dollars they would have spent posting their open positions on other job boards


NthGen Software is an enterprise solutions company located in Toronto that caters to many industries. Their current hallmark product,, aims to streamline the wholesale auto trade process. As they continue to expand, they are committed to finding passionate employees who are big on results. Despite their growing client base, they take great pride in taking care of their own team first and strive to offer the best benefits possible. For example, they pay 100% of their employees’ health care.

NthGen posted 3 jobs at once to maximize exposure when candidates searched the job board for their company name.


We hired 3 people through Stack Overflow Careers...all on the first day of interviews! And our sales rep was awesome. He was very attentive to our needs and kept in touch enough to feel like someone was looking out for our best interest without being bothersome.

—Jae Pak, Creative Director at NthGen Software

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