Case Study: Invarion

Invarion searches the globe for the perfect senior developer—and hires 2 instead


After losing a valued senior developer, Invarion had high expectations for the candidate who would fill his shoes. Despite listing the opening on several websites, they found that job search engines limited their reach by narrowing to a specific location. Since Invarion’s employees are spread across five countries, it didn’t make sense to only search for candidates in one small area. They needed their listing to attract candidates across a wide geographic range while still not compromising on quality.


Invarion posted a 30-day job listing and selected the “remote work” option, which opened their job to the pool of more than 20 million programmers who visit Stack Overflow every month. They used all 5 keyword tags to strengthen their presence in search results. In the job description, Invarion clearly explained that this job was based “anywhere in the world”—a real selling point for programmers.


  • Doubled the typical number of overall views and applicants by expanding search to remote workers worldwide
  • Received more than 2,000 candidate views of their listing
  • Moved 90% of applicants forward in the hiring process
  • Saved time during the initial review stages since they didn’t have to wade through hundreds of irrelevant resumes
  • Attracted such high caliber of applicants that they decided to hire 2 employees instead of 1


Invarion is a 10-year-old software company involved with temporary traffic management planning in more than 27 countries. Within their remote workforce, they work hard to create an enjoyable environment and employ smart recruitment tactics. For instance, they don’t only look for developers who have significant experience in Invarion’s primary programming language—they just look for developers who prove they can get up to speed quickly.

Invarion attracted twice as many applicants as a normal job post because they offered telecommuting. Invarion attracted twice as many applicants as a normal job post because they offered telecommuting.

I’d rather post a job where active developers are helping each other find solutions than some random jobs website. The overall quality of applicants was higher than our experience elsewhere, and we’ll likely only post future positions on Stack Overflow Careers 2.0.

—Adam Versteegen, CTO at Invarion

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