Rahul Jain

Senior Consultant at Thoughtworks, and Lead Consultant at Thoughtworks
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My love for programming began when I wrote a small game of Monopoly in Turbo Pascal as part of a school project in 1992. I haven't looked back ever since. I followed my passion by starting my career as a software engineer at one of the largest and most respected IT firms in India - Infosys. In the seven years that I spent there, I worked on several interesting projects in various roles for many US based Fortune 500 clients of my employer. This gave me an opportunity to learn the art of programming and software developer and helped me hone my skills.

I now work for a large European Investment bank in Singapore as a senior programmer and team lead working in the equities research domain. My team and I are mainly responsible for writing/enhancing/maintaining a plethora of java/j2ee based processes used for ingesting large volumes of financial market data (balance sheets, stock prices, earnings estimates etc.) into our systems. We also work on developing several downstream processes (applications, reporting frameworks, ETL tools etc.) that use this data. At the time of writing this, I am working on a web based dashboard to help our production support team monitor all production processes from a single platform. They can view a list of all batch processes, double click to view the logs and other data relevant to the process etc. The application also generates data quality check reports. The application is written in Java with Struts 2.0 and ExtJS as front end technologies.

Besides coding, my responsibilities include leading and implementing agile development practices at workplace. In the last 2 years, my efforts have led us to implement a formal release process, continuous integration (Hudson), issue tracking (Jira and Greenhopper), informal code reviews, and most importantly, refactoring legacy code and TDD. While we still can not afford to follow a formal Agile process, we do try and adopt as many agile best practices as we can by tailoring them to our needs.

I have good programming skills and have a clear understanding of basic concepts like algorithms, data structures, software design, OO concepts, and industry best practices. I also have excellent knowledge and exposure to many tools and frameworks used in the java world including, but not limited to, ORM tools (ibatis), Spring, Struts 2.0, testing frameworks (Junit, DBUnit, Jmock), IDEs (Eclipse, Netbeans). Armed with a good understanding of scripting languages, regular expressions, SQL and such, I consider myself a highly productive programmer.

I continuously upgrade my technical skills by regularly following programming related blogs, podcasts (stackoverflow, java-posse, software-engineering-radio etc.) and discussions on the Internet. I am also an avid reader and read at least one programming related book every month. The books from Pragmatic Bookshelf are some of my favorites. We have a StackExchange site at workplace for IT staff; I am an active participant on this site. I am also a member of the local Java users group in Singapore that meets once every month.

Outside work, I like to dabble with web development (HTML and CSS) and trying out new programming languages like Ruby, Groovy or Scala.

I am also very passionate about building the developers community within the organization and my active participation in the various events that we organize around this initiative. In 2011, I set up a booth in an internal conference to promote the developers community to the rest of the bank. I am also a core member of the group that facilitates trainings for our programmers within APAC region.

I am now looking to work in a more Agile environment where I can work with like-minded programming enthusiasts and learn from their experiences. Given suitable opportunities and environment, I can prove to be a very fast learner and a valuable asset to any team.



Senior Consultant

October 2012 – Current

Programmer Analyst
Credit Suisse, Singapore

July 2007 – September 2012

Project Lead
Infosys Technologies Ltd., Bangalore, India

January 2000 – June 2007

Worked on various projects, big and small, as a senior developer and later as a project lead. Handled multiple responsibilities including - Software development and programming - Design - Testing/Debugging - Performance testing - Onsite coordination at client site - Technical Leadership

Lead Consultant

October 2015 – Current


Bachelor of Technology
Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India

1995 – 1999

GPA 3.5 on a scale of 5.0

Developed a model in GWBasic to simulate ball mill grinding (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_mill) for final year project.

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)
Indian School of Mines

1995 – 1999

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Open Source

GitHub, Apr 2012 - Nov 2013

WebDriver-based acceptance test framework

Bug fixes and minor changes. Managing project releases in Jira and publishing release notes on the project blog. Updating documentation / user-manual to reflect any new features.


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Intellij Idea, vim


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Certified Scrum Developer

Sun Certified Java Developer

Blog: http://rahulj51.wordpress.com

Github Projects : https://github.com/rahulj51/SudokuSolver - A Sudoku solver written in Java to demonstrate test driven development


I am looking to work around people with whom I can learn and progress as a technical professional.