Pothi Kalimuthu

WordPress Performance Optimization Consultant
Last seen on Stack Overflow on Nov 4, 2015

I'm passionate about WordPress performance optimization and follow the best practices of Google's PageSpeed. If you have a VPS or a dedicated server, I can deploy (and tweak) Nginx, Varnish, APC, mod_pagespeed or whatever it takes to speed up your WordPress powered site.

My core competencies lie in proving failover hosting solutions for WordPress powered sites and in providing latency based hosting solutions for visitors from all geographical areas.

To see what I could do for your site, contact me now!


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WordPress Performance Optimization Consultant

March 2008 – Current

I'm a freelance WordPress / Web performance optimization consultant. My responsibilities, that I set myself, include day to day management of servers, keeping servers monitored all the time, keeping servers tweaked on a weekly basis and make sure everything is secure in general.

While WordPress is a great application and provides a number of abilities to scale, most servers that are in use today aren't ready to scale up a WordPress site. So, I don't usually use the traditional Apache for any servers (even though I have a lot of respect for it). If it is required, I use a very minimal version of Apache 2.4 with event mpm.

In most cases, I just use Nginx that is very efficient in handling static files in general. Where Nginx or Apache 2.4 is used as a web server, I almost always deploy a caching layer too, with the help of Varnish. Finally, for page optimization, there is mod_pagespeed. A combination of all the above, and following other best practices, can literally make any WordPress site to be faster than ever.

Chief Coordinating Faculty
Institute of Language Management Pvt Ltd

May 2004 – November 2007

I was the Chief Coordinating Faculty managing a team of 10 Faculties. My primary responsibility includes teaching students to speak fluently and correctly in English!

We used different techniques and tools to achieve the same. It was a fun environment where I learned a lot that helped me in my future career as a WordPress hosting specialist where I've been dealing with live sites and live environment.


Madurai Kamaraj University

1997 – 2000

While I have achieved none in my college, and dropped out earlier than required, I found my passion in my college years.

I was and still am passionate about Linux, Unix, scripting, and automation.

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GitHub, Jul 2012 - Feb 2015; followed by 58 people; forked 12 times

WordPress specific Nginx configuration tweaks

Built the code from scratch!

GitHub, Aug 2012 - Nov 2013; followed by 9 people

WordPress related Varnish configuration and tweaks

Apache is the most popular web server for over a decade. Yet, it is resource hungry server. However, things have changed since version 2.4 that introduced event mpm.

This project lists some of the better ways to get the maximum out of already fast web server. This also provides a way to integrate mod_pagespeed with Apache 2.4.

GitHub, Jul 2012 - May 2013; forked 3 times

Better Apache httpd performance

While Apache is the most popular general purpose web server, it is also the most resource hungry web server. However, things have changed a lot, since version 2.4 that introduced event mpm.

This github repo provides a set of configurations to tweak the server and a way to integrate mod_pagespeed with Apache 2.4.

Bitbucket, Jun 2012

Exploring WordPress configuration options to speedup a site!

While this seems a little project, it is an area that is missed by lot. WordPress providers hundreds of options to improve the performance of a site. In this project, I have identified certain areas that may fit most WordPress sites!

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Efficient 301 Redirects - Using Nginx & Apache!

Traditionally, web sites use either www or non-www version to display their content to the visitors. Sub-domains are also becoming popular in recent times.

Nginx Rewrite Rules for WordPress Administration over SSL - TinyWP.in

Nginx rewrites are tricky, but not hard to learn. Here I show you how you could write a rewrite rule to administer WP over SSL via Nginx!

Gandi.net Simple Hosting Review - (not so) Tiny WordPress Notes

Gandi.net provides Varnish cache for the masses on their "Simple Hosting" platform, that too just for $5 per month. Just wow!!!

Early Spam Comment Removal - (not so) Tiny WordPress Notes

No one likes spam. Akismet has been doing a great job in keeping WordPress blogs clean from spam comments. Thousands of spam comments per hour can increase

Get The Best Out Of "Google XML Sitemaps" Plugin - (not so) Tiny WordPress Notes

Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress is probably one of the popular plugins in WordPress plugins repository. At the time of this writing, it has been downloaded over 8 million times! It is not a small feat by any means. However, if it is used incorrectly, it can drag your site’s performance considerably.

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In this guest post. Frederick Townes explains how to optimize WordPress performance.


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