Leri Buiglishvili

Currently a student. Senior Software Developer
JSC VTB Bank (Georgia)
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I got my first computer at age 14. I was very excited looking at the completely new, unfamiliar world and I thought it would be even more exciting if I could contribute to the creation of that world. So I decided to find out what was behind the magic. After some research I found some HTML tutorial. At the end of the day I was playing with frames (they were cool back in those days) and I was the happiest kid in the world.

The next step was searching various tutorials on youtube. And, in my opinion, it was quite large mistake because despite the fact that I gained some programming experience I also gained quite large number of bad practices.

At some point I realized what I was doing, so I started looking a good book to get started with real programming. Friend of mine suggested to learn C so I grabbed Ivor Horton's Beginning C and read it. After reading that book I knew where I was going. This was a huge level up.

Nowadays, programming has become my life and passion. I see how I improve my skills daily and nothing excites me like that. However, I have feeling that I am ready to make another level up.

This is my story so far...


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Senior Software Developer
JSC VTB Bank (Georgia)

October 2015 – Current

Architecture, design and implement back-end and mobile solutions.

Senior Software/Web Developer
Totalizator Maximum

August 2014 – January 2015

  • Integrating our system with third-party service providers.
  • Creating multi-player, turn based games.

Software Engineer
Ltd. Avantmotion support Georgia

January 2012 – July 2014

  • Currently creating instant messaging client for Android
  • Created and maintained servers for multiplayer games
  • Created and maintained libraries (in C#)
  • Integrated with payment systems:
    • Payment module for OpenCart
    • C# library for parsing response from payment service provider
  • Created and maintained shops with OpenCart
  • Optimized legacy php web-app:
    • Normalized data access layer by proper indexing
    • Re-factored bottleneck code
    • Added caching (memchached)

Senior Web Developer
Stand ART

February 2013 – October 2013

  • Created and maintained back-end for sites
  • Integrated with payment systems/gateways:
    • Provided Web Services for payment service providers
    • Implemented 2-steps (when user navigates to service provider's page) payment systems
  • Managed databases:
    • Created table schemas
    • Normalized existing database schemes
  • Deployed sites on server

Web developer

November 2011 – January 2012

  • Created and maintained back-end for small-to-medium sites
  • Managed databases:
    • Created table schemas for applications


B.S. Informational Technologies and Automated Management Systems
Georgian Technical University

2011 – 2015

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GitHub, Feb 2014 - Aug 2014

The PHP Interpreter

I am planning to contribute back to the one of the most popular languages. Working on url combining thing right now.

GitHub, Mar 2014 - Oct 2014

If you often type large texts on forums and/or blogs I am sure you came across to situation when you need to replace bunch of text.

I'm the author and maintainer of this project.

Apps & Software show all

Online casino

Integrated third-party games into the system.

Web shop that sells production manufactured by Apple.

  • Project management.
  • Modification of open source e-commerce platform for customer's needs.
  • Implementation of personalized theme for customer
  • Integration of installments

Extension finds and replaces text within text inputs. This is quite useful when you want fast renaming in config file on server's admin panel without much effort.

I am the only developer creating and maintaining this extension.

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Store Generic Classes in Settings - CodeProject


There are some situations where it's very useful to store an array of custom objects in settings. I had one today. I've tried using ArrayList but my custom objects were not saved. I thought it would…

Device recognition in ASP.NET MVC 4 - CodeProject


Nowadays mobiles and tablets are widely used for surfing on the web. So creating user-friendly applications for devices is a must. While playing around with my project I noticed that for tablets,…

Reading show all

Essential PHP Security

Essential PHP Security

Chris Shiflett

Beginning C: From Novice to Professional (Beginning: from Novice to Professional)

Beginning C

From Novice to Professional (Beginning

Ivor Horton

Despite the fact that I had some programming experience before reading this book, I can say that this was my first real programming book.

It has not only taught me basics of C but also gave me an idea where I was stepping in.

Head First Design Patterns

Head First Design Patterns

Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra, Elisabeth Robson

I can't really say that this book was awesome and gave me some valuable knowledge on the topic.

Why do I mention it then? Because after reading this book, I knew what to look for to improve my software architecture skills.


Visual Studio 2012, PhpStorm, Eclipse