Philip McGarvey

Currently a student. Programmer
SUNY Brockport
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SUNY Brockport

August 2011 – Current

Programmer intern
University of Rochester

May 2011 – August 2011

My job was to refactor an administrative application created by a former secretary in the Biology Department, which was mission-critical to the department's operation and website.

The code was entirely unknown to anyone currently there. After figuring out the structure of the code, which was a big module copy-pasted thirteen times and modified in each case for a specific purpose. Essentially, it provided CRUD operations, sometimes with complex logic, on a database.

I built a php module that provided a simple, declarative interface for connecting the database to an html form generator to do all of the basic operations automatically. I then ported the modules one by one from the existing application to my new system. I kept both applications connected together so the entire thing worked as one while it was being "rewritten". The new code automatically provided "luxuries" such as consistent date/time inputs, searching/sorting, report exports to various formats, and javascript to make normal use more streamlined.

After thorough testing with the generous staff, my code was deployed to the production server. The users were very pleased. My reward was seeing the code base reduced by 15kloc, to be much cleaner, less redundant, and well documented in its structure and purpose.

Help Desk technician
SUNY Brockport

May 2010 – May 2011

My basic job was to sit at the help desk, answer the phone, and solve anyone's tech problems on campus. I would try to solve the problem without opening a ticket for higher tier support. Sometimes this involved taking the initiative and going to the problem location to help out. When this was impossible, my support tickets were well received due to detailed, precise descriptions of the problems and the solutions already attempted.

My goal was to be the best, really solve the problems and to treat customers with respect and genuine interest. It paid off.


Major in Computer Science, minor in Mathematics
College at Brockport, SUNY

2009 – 2013

GPA 3.96, Computer Science Department Award 2011

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To make Scourge of War - Gettysburg more fun and easier to play online.

Sole developer, unofficial community leader


Org is a competitive real-time-strategy game of exploration. It supports multiplayer and singleplayer with AI. You start on a continent with the other players and try to spread your network of roads and settlements across it, exploring new regions and grabbing up the resources before the other players do.

Sole developer, leader

An auto updater for desktop software. This is used in all of my personal projects as well as by Simple to use, reliable, and fast.

Sole developer


Visual Studio, Notepad++